Mike Church Show 0411516-Segment 2

Written by on 04/15/2016

Mandeville, LA – Todd McClure calls in to make a pitch for the MCS audience to start a charity for a friend of his who has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Mike and callerBob from the DXRAG-Queen City of Charlotte NC discuss mike’s “Orthodoxy is Ascendant” explanation for why LGBTQRSTLNE “community” is campaigning for perverts, pedophiles, peeping Tom’s and voyeurs to access bathrooms they don’t belong in. The Traditional Latin Mass’s history, beauty and inexplicable longevity is also discussed.  Kurt Wallace previews this week’s Flow with radio legend Brian Wilson.
Segment 4 – Continuation of Segment3 and includes this week’s review and Mike’s conversation with caller Rich from Western Maryland who seconds the motion of Ascendant Orthodoxy. John Williams’ “Finale” from The Empire Strikes Back score, finishes the week, as always!

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