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The Stations of The Cross

Mandeville, La -  by James Matthew Wilson, On The Mike Church Show A Dramatic Reading.   [purchase_link id="50238" style="button" color="green" text="Non Member Download" direct="true"]   The Stations of the Cross by James Matthew Wilson, with artwork by Daniel Mitsui A fourteen-part cycle published serially with accompanying iconography. I. Jesus Is Condemned I tried to think for half an hour About the face of earthly powers That would condemn a god […]

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The Mike Church Show

Where Are The Virile Roman Men When ‘Muricah Needs Them!?

Mandeville, LA - Mike renews his clarion call for any Real Men of our era to take up arms - the Rosary - and rally with our brothers to the cause of ending legal protections for mortal sins as Real Men MUST. Listen to Mike's Arthurian call in hr 1. Dr Kevin Wacasey of talks non-insured health care costs and Michael Hichborn rounds out today's show that ends with […]

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The Mike Church Show Episode 345: Why “Conservatives” Keep Choosing Bread & Circuses

Mandeville, LA – Why “The Right Fails”: It Chooses Bread & Circuses Over Intellect Every Time – I have friends and family members who swoon over Tomi Lahren and others over Milo Yiannapoulas for their “telling it like it is” and over how “awesome” they “take it to the man” and the like and this is all well and good for bread and circuses but what does it provide for the intellect? 0.0 […]

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The Mike Church Show Episode 344: It Was 25 Years Ago Today, The Mike Church Show Began To Play

Mandeville, LA – Another Friday In Paris, Another Act of Muslim Orthodoxy…Oh Look, Squirrel! – For the 6th time in 3 yearsthe capitol of France, Paris, has been savagely attacked by Orthodox Muslims resulting in murder and mayhem but don’t worry citizen, it’s a religion of peace of charity, blah blah blah. The SUN covered the rampaging Jihadi thus: Last night, police are said to have found guns and ammunition when they raided a house […]


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The Mike Church Show Episode 343: The Unethical Rise And Then Fall of Bill O’Reilley

Mandeville, LA – The Problem With O’Reilley’s Reign Isn’t Money It’s The Death Of Ethics – The “RSTLNE” answer to why Fox News finally decided that Bill O’Reilley had to go is that his upkeep became too expensive i.e. Fox was no longer making money from him. The boilerplate media reaction to Fox axing O’Reilley is crystallized in Jeff Spross’s essay at The Week: Fox News dumped Bill O’Reilly over money. It’s that simple. […]

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The Mike Church Show Episode 342: The Gates Of Hell Have Not Prevailed-AGAIN

Mandeville, LA – Easter Reminder: The Gates Of Hell Have Not Prevailed-AGAIN – Joseph Pearce shows you why he is a regular contributor to this site and the Mike Church Show in “The Son Has Risen In The West”. Pearce reminds us that by the very fact that another Easter has come and gone is God’s proof for us that “the gates of Hell” have not prevailed on “the West” nor the rest of […]

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The Mike Church Show

The Mike Church Show Episode 275: Obama’s Reign Is Ending In Tears, Exactly As Wise Men Predicted

Mandeville, LA – On the eve of President Obama’s Inauguration, Telegraph UK writer Gerald Warner penned the memorable essay “The Emperor Has No Clothes-It Will All End In Tears”. Compare Warner’s prediction to actual reality for an eye opener on what history is going to say about the Obama years. – MC “This will end in tears. The Obama hysteria is not merely embarrassing to witness, it is itself contributory to […]