Mike Church Show-The Sad Truth Behind The Catholic Campaign For Transgender Development with Michael Hichborn

today04/18/2023 119

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Michael Hichborn 

Founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow the Institute on Twitter – @LepantoInst

  • We are on the cusp of ushering him in.
  • Who is ‘him’?
  • Should we carry on w/ the technology? Is this nothing more than an algorithm tree w/ a logic model? What are the dangers here? 
  • Application & Spiritual danger
  • QUESTION: What is AI used for?
  • ANSWER: Making things automatic.
  • Power Grid example – 
  • The Ouija board was invented w/ a patent.
  • We discussed this a few times on the MCS before.
  • The patent clerk – he never shared his given name to anyone. 
  • He said if this board can give me my real name, I will give you the patent.
  • It also works because it was in a sense programed to tap into the spiritual world and based on the desire of the person to tap into that world to obtain occult knowledge.
  • Either it was programed to come to that conclusion or it is or has some demonic influence. 
  • Whether it is a demonic source or a stupid programmer that has programmed it to act like a terminator thing. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: 60 Minutes Scott Pelley Boston Robotics the robots are teaching themselves to play soccer. 

  • This program is a learning/functioning program.
  • The Queen City – Charlotte North Carolina – Drag Queen City
  • Exorcism TV series 

Written by: Justin Redman