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The Mike Church Show-The Heroism Of The Nashville MPD Shows The Cowardice OF Uvalde TX PD

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Officer Rex Engelbert

Officer Michael Collazo

  • Now these aren’t the only two heroes of this story. 
  • There were at least 8 other men that RAN towards the gunfire. 
  • Two American heroes in the active shooter at the Tennessee Christian school.
  • They cleared these rooms so fast, there was no ducking, there was no waiting on back-up and there was no cowardice.
  • 1m31seconds in – The KingDude Substack – you hear 4 distant gun blasts.
  • This is when they RUN, they RUN upstairs toward the sound of lethal gunfire!
  • QUESTION: What kind of a man does that?
  • Take a look at the Tennessee cops body cam footage.
  • Then take a look at the school video from Uvalde.
  • Those officers where hunkered down, they waited for more backup.
  • The officers in Tennessee did NONE of that.

HEADLINE: Trans activists slam ‘radical religious schools’ in response to Nashville mass shooting in which three 9-year-olds were killed by Aneeta Bhole 

  • I’ve never seen the MSM make excuses for the shooter of children in a school.
  • Let’s take a look at the ages of the dead.
  • All children were aged 9.
  • The adults there were killed were 60, 61, 61
  • 999, 666 – there are no coincidences.

HEADLINE: Nashville Police Refuse To Release Trans School Shooter’s Manifesto by Kate Anderson 

  • What do the facts say in this instance?
  • They know exactly what that manifesto says, they know it will shine a terrible light on the transgender community and they don’t want the backlash that will undoubtedly happen.
  • The police spokesperson did not say for certain whether or not the manifesto would be released in the future after the investigation was closed and restated that due to the ongoing nature of the situation, there was no intention by law enforcement to release the documents.

HEADLINE: Nashville Heroes Expose The Lies Of Uvalde Cowards by 

  • I bring this up because the Uvalde police department is still floating rickety justifications for its cowardice and ineptitude. 
  • Why, that’s politically convenient, isn’t it? A semi-automatic AR-15, according to the Tribune, drove the decision to wait for Border Patrol SWAT teams to engage the shooter. Not only did the Uvalde officers have a number of their own “assault rifles” and the training to go along with them, but they also possessed shields and other tools to help them. As far as we can tell, some of the Nashville police stormed the school with handguns. 
  • One of the teachers who was shot called her husband, who then tried to get in and save her. He was tackled. Marshals Service deputies drove 70 miles to confront the shooter, and the local cops were still standing around. It wasn’t until off-duty Border Patrol, one who had borrowed a shotgun from his barber, walked past Uvalde police standing in the hallway to enter the classroom that the shooter was neutralized.
  HEADLINE: Hero schoolgirl, 9, who died trying to pull fire alarm to stop trans shooter opening fire on her friends – as family say they are ‘completely broken’ by her death by Emma James and Vanessa Serna 
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: House Majority Leader Steve Scalise on Tennessee shooting asked if he would now be willing to ban assault weaponsThe first thing in any kind of tragedy I do is pray, Let’s get all the facts on this before we make any rash decisions. 
  HEADLINE: Fixed It For You: Here’s What The Vilest Headlines About The Nashville School Shooting Should Have Said by Kylee Griswold 

  • Reuters: ‘Former Christian school student kills 3 children, 3 staff in Nashville shooting.’
  • Fixed Headline: “Transgender Killer Murders 3 Christian School Children, 3 Staff In Possible Hate Crime.”
  • MSNBC: ‘6 are dead in Nashville. Let’s revisit how much the Tennessee GOP loves guns.’
  • Fixed Headline: “Nashville Shooter Killed Innocent Children After Deeming Other Target Too Secure.”
  • HuffPost: ‘Gun-Loving GOP Congressman From Nashville Torched For Response To School Shooting’
  • Fixed Headline: *Crickets.* There’s no story here. Nuke this headline and gotcha attempt from low orbit.
  • Newsweek: ‘Drag shows and gender-affirming care for minors were banned in Tennessee this month, while assault weapons remain legal.’ 
  • Fixed Headline: ‘Tennessee Moved To Protect Minors From Same Gender-Bending Interventions Embraced By Radical Trans Killer.’
  • USA Today: ‘Police on Monday afternoon said that the shooter was a transgender man. Officials had initially misidentified the gender of the shooter.’
  • Fixed Headline: *Delete the tweet.* Police and initial reports were correct: The shooter was female. Period.
1h41m HEADLINE: Joe BidenI’m a 2nd Amendment guy, everybody thinks somehow that the 2nd Am is absolute! You’re not allowed to go out and own an automatic weapon, you’re not allowed to own a machine gun, you’re not allowed to own a flamethrower! 

  • Literally all 3 of these things can be owned by any citizen w/ a clean record.
  • TKD has a flame thrower!
  HEADLINE: Several barges, one carrying 1,400 tons of methanol, loose on Ohio River in Louisville by Sarah Magin 

  • One barge was reportedly carrying 1,400 tons of methanol and is partially submerged at the McAlpine Dam. The other barges were carrying soy and corn.
  • Three barges are pinned against the lower damn site and all other barges were recovered by other vessels in the area.
1h50m HEADLINE: Staffer for Rand Paul stabbed in D.C. in apparently random attack by Emily Davies 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul on his staffer getting stabbedThis was broad daylight he had just picked up some food. The person that did this shouldn’t see the outside of a jail. 

  HEADLINE: Woke Disney Begins Mass Layoffs with TV Production, Acquisition Employees by Paul Bois 

  • The woke corporation Disney has begun layoffs focused across television production and acquisitions as the company’s freefall in the marketplace continues.
1h58m AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator John Kennedy asks AG Garland on opening investigation for the targeting of ChristiansA motive hasn’t been identified and the FBI is there looking into the situation.
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  Trans Day of Vengeance 

  • It is still scheduled for this Saturday.
  • They are peddle to the medal and are not postponing the event.
  • This violence against Christians must stop.
2h36m QUESTION: How do we know what a hero is?

TKD reading from —— The Weight of Belief by Josef Pieper 

Heroism and Fortitude – Essay

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Brother Andre Marie

Host of ReConquest aired only on the Crusade Channel

Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

ReConquest Tonight – Episode 369: Types and Shadows of Our Lord’s Resurrection

Cardinal Virtues:

Prudence – it is very much undervalued.

  • People don’t typically know what the virtue even means.
  • Without prudence you can’t be virtuous. 
  • Jesus when He went to see Lazarus, when He is about to go close to Jerusalem,  St Thomas says to Our Lord, the Jews just sought to kill you do you want to go back?
  • There was a clear cognizance that they were going to go after His life.
  • The virtues perfect the man, the gifts perfect the virtues. 
  • Father Willie Doyle – WWI – Fiorella Nash is currently writing a children’s book 
  • Ireland – April 13th – Thursday Priest that was on the SS Titanic – they have opened a Cause for Canonization, he had 21 opportunities to get off the ship before it sank. He refused each one and heard confessions until the ship sank.

HEADLINE: News Update: Statement of Archbishop Jerome Listecki on Father James Connell by Brother Andre Marie

HEADLINE: Pelosi attacks Abp. Cordileone over opposition to abortion, same-sex ‘marriage,’ calls for women priests by Evan Stambaugh 

  • The numbers game is played by Saint Augustine in scripture.
  • The arguments and confessions in time.
  • The man waiting at the well for 38 years – that is an amazing numerology rant.
  • Saint Johns Gospel – John 2
  • Office of Matens for that reason – 
3h47m AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul on Fauci and COVIDI’m 100% confident that Fauci lied to us and they were doing dangerous research there. It all adds together, the lab is in walking distance of where all the coronaviruses are housed. This virus is the product of something that was being developed. There is a massive coverup going on and the leader is Fauci.

  • So he is remaining employed by the government so he isn’t sued.
  • He said he retired but he still is under contract/employment of the government for protection.
  • What if Donald Trump wins and he fires Dr. Fauci immediately?
  • His DOJ would be able to sue Dr. Fauci for everything he lied about.
3h54m HEADLINE: IRS Went to Home of Twitter Files Journalist Matt Taibbi on Same Day as Congressional Testimony by Eric Lendrum 

  • The agent did not enter Taibbi’s New Jersey home on March 9th, but left a note for Taibbi instructing him to call the IRS four days later; when Taibbi called the agency, he was informed that identity theft concerns had led to the rejection of both his 2018 and 2021 tax returns.
  • Taibbi told Jordan and the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government about the incident, providing proof that there previously had been no problem with his 2018 tax returns.
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