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What Really Happened In Ireland’s Abortion Vote For Abortion with Paul MacAree

today04/13/2023 45

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Paul MacAree

  • Your President Joe Biden is in town and he has basically shutdown my little hometown of Knock.
  • He will be here until Friday and he was in Belfast at University of Ulster.
  • He claims he has Irish decedents.
  • Why do all American Presidents want to claim to be Irish?
  • He went out of his way to display his Irish roots in Belfast the other day.
  • Just look at Saint Patrick’s Day!
  • How many people claim to be Irish?
  • Donald Trump has tons of investments here in Ireland.
  • President Obama when you get the record of these folks, they don’t believe you.
  • Rosary beads in one hand but promote abortion up until birth.
  • That isn’t Catholic.
  • The Mothers Award – Gene Kelly

Written by: Justin Redman