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111 Years Ago Today, This Historic Priest Went Down On The Titanic with Paul MacAree

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  • The Titanic was built mostly by the Protestants in Scotland.
  • They say it was build by an Irishman and sunk by a British man.
  • Queenstown – 20 minutes from here.
  • There were over 2,000 passengers on the Titanic.
  • The biggest cruise ship built up to that point.
  • It was called the UNSINKABLE ship.
  • There were 9 ministers of faith.
  • 4 of them were Priests the others were from Presbyterian and Baptist.
  • Father Thomas Byles –
  • He said Mass for the 3rd steerage passengers on the 14th of April, Sunday.
  • And just after midnight the Titanic hit the iceberg.
  • Twice Father Byles was offered to get in the lifeboats and both times he refused.
  • He was going DOWN into steerage to get onto the deck.
  • They have a Priest as the ship is going down saying Psalm 23 and praying the rosary…this was Father Byles.
  • He was doing General Absolution – used in times of war.
  • There were howls and screams of people when people hit the water.
  • Father Byles was with them – when he hit the water it was like 1,000 knives hitting you all at once.
  • They couldn’t go back in the lifeboats b/c the panic would sink the lifeboats as well.
  • They waited 20 minutes and 2/3 of all the passengers died on the Titanic.
  • Father Francis Browne – he survived the Titanic to go to the trenches.

HEADLINE: 11 Never-Before-Seen Photos Of The Titanic Taken By Father Frank Browne SJ by John Titor


Written by: Justin Redman