Mike Church Show -A Response To PayPal’s Anti-Christian Bigotry In Carolina

Written by on 04/14/2016

Mandeville, LASegment 1, should Veritas Radio network, Mike Church dot com and the Founders Pass bail out on PayPal after their anti-Catholic and anti-Christian bigotry towards the state of NC? Of course the answer is yes but the details in this segment must be heard (FREE preview below)

Segment 2– continuation of Segment 1 topic with phone calls.

Segment 3 – Mike wants to explore WHY the peeping Toms, perverts and the B of LGBTQ, the prideful boast of adultery or fornication compounded with Sodomy, are ascendant!? Come to find out Modesty ain’t “old hat” and with an assist from the Kolbe Center for Creation Mike explains. MUST listening for Catholic/Christians defending the Apostolic teaching of Morality!

Segment 4 – Show close with Mike’s explanation that vthe reason Springsteen, PayPal, Apple et al are so much in the remaining moral people of ‘Muricah’s face is because Orthodoxy in religion is on the move and Mammon knows it!

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