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Mike Church Show-Biden Declares “Obey My CoronaHoax Rules, Citizen! or Lose Independence Day Barbecues”

Written by on 03/12/2021

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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  • Joe Biden public address 
  • Jen Psaki still refuses to admit there is a crisis at the border
17m AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden – “If we all do this, if we do all this together, there is a good chance by July 4th, you and your family can have a family BBQ. Now that doesn’t mean a large gathering just a small gathering. This will mark our independence from the virus.”

  • This Regime leader basically just told the American people do as I say and I may allow you to do what you’d like later.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden – “National unity” this isn’t just how politicians vote, unity  is what we do as fellow Americans b/c if we don’t stay vigilant and the conditions don’t change then we may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track.”

  • Which restriction, according to you Mr. Biden, worked so well we will go back to?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden – “We are fundamentally a people who want to be w/ others. To talk, to laugh, to hug, to hold one another. But this virus has kept us apart.”


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HEADLINE: Florida League of the South 

  • The Florida League of the South is a Southern nationalist organization whose ultimate goal is a free and independent Florida republic. While political independence ranks highly among our goals, we are also a religious and social movement, advocating a return to a more traditional, conservative Christian-oriented Southern culture. 
  • Most organizations founder because they lack self-definition and a definite goal. To reach our goal, we intend to create the climate for a free Florida among our people by 1) de-legitimizing the American Empire at every opportunity; 2) by proving our willingness to be servant-leaders to the Southern people; and 3) by making The Florida League of the South a strong, viable organization that will lead us to Florida’s independence. 
  • The South’s political ideals and principles are rooted in the Jeffersonian tradition as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Namely, that our unalienable rights are a gift from God, not privileges that are granted or denied by any governmental authority; that a truly free people has the right and power to determine its own form of government; that governmental power should reside as close to the people as possible and that competing governmental bodies should have meaningful checks on one another’s use of power. Another certainty is that the American Empire that now occupies the South believes in none of the aforementioned ideals and principles. To be truly free and self- governing, Florida and the South must throw off the yoke of imperial oppression.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden – Redesigning body armor to fit women better, pregnancy airman suits and changing rules to accommodate female hair styles.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson – women fighting in our military feminizes the military. The bottom line is this is a mockery of our military.

Why are we asking WOMEN to be on the frontlines of war?

Maggie O’Connell – What these women are doing by going to the front line is getting good men killed. These military men will end up dying to protect these women. Plain and simple.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn – Batman
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Bee Gees Super Medely
AUDIO/VIDEO: Maggie VandenBerghe w/ Steve Bannon War Room – the death of the republic

You cannont cancel the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

2h40m Free Farm Friday – 

SPECIAL GUEST – Brian K from Texas

  • John Deere tractors that send information to the cloud.
  • It stores how many times the tractor door opens!

SPECIAL GUEST – Farmer Mundy in New Jersey 

  • Raised beds and ground cover.


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