Mike Church Show-Biden vs Desantis Feud Is The Lexington And Concord Moment Of Our Time

Written by on 08/12/2021

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  AUDIO/VIDEO: The Hill – Governor Ron DeSantis – we will fight this vociferously, we have a right to run our state as we see fit w/o the Federal government attempting to step in and do what they think is right. 













HEADLINE: Unmasking Masks by Dr. Peter Weiss 

  • Goes through the process the hospital uses to fit surgeons and nurses w/ N95 masks.
  • They put you in a bubble w/ your mask and pump gas w/ either a citrus smell to it. 
  • If you can smell the citrus, then the mask doesn’t fit and they change the shape/size accordingly.
  • This article describes the process and the size of particles each masks prevent.
  • This is the ultimate in diabolical virtue signaling. 
  • Surgeons wear surgical masks for 2 reasons. (they aren’t worn for VIRAL protection)
  • No blood or fluids from the patient enter into our mouths
  • We don’t want our saliva etc to enter an open wound
  • Less than 5 microns, and COVID is much smaller than that.
  • Droplets – if people support the droplet COVID transmittal, then the social distancing should be 18-27 feet not the 6ft they are telling us to do.
  • We have seen schools change the distancing to only 3ft per the CDC.
  • So is the CDC intentionally telling people wrong distances?
  • Chance of infection for a healthy child – 
  • Death by despair – suicide and drugs – those deaths will outweigh the ones by COVID.

HEADLINE: California becomes first state to order ALL teachers to get vaccinated against COVID or undergo weekly testing amid push to finally reopen classrooms by Gina Martinez 

  • These cloth masks work about as well as an x-ray technician wearing a cooking apron. 
  • There are risks of passing out w/ long usage of N95 masks.
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  Alex Berenson Twitter Thread – Israel, with a nearly entirely vaccinated adult population, now expects this coronavirus wave to be the worst yet – up to 2,500 serious cases compared to 1,200 in January.  Note: the article doesn’t mention vaccines once. It’s like they never even happened.

SOURCE: Health officials predict thousands of seriously ill COVID patients within month by TOI Staff

  AUDIO/VIDEO: CDC Director Rochelle cooking the numbers by saying this is an unvaccinated issue – Dr Byram Bridle University of Guelph Professor

  • Now to this end, they have to lie to keep us afraid.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Braveheart HOLD scene


Doocy – Joe Biden was on campaign trail telling people don’t trust Trump w/ COVID

Psaki – I would note that at the time, Trump was suggesting people inject version of poison into their veins.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Williamson County TN – school board meeting 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Man that is double jabbed tells unvaccinated people to stand their ground.

   HEADLINE: Bombshell: FDA Knew All Along There Would Be Many COVID Cases Among The Fully Vaccinated—And Buried That Knowledge by Jon Rappoport
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Arnold Schwarzenegger – You can’t just think about your freedom, no screw your freedom with freedoms comes obligations and responsibilities.

  • The Terminator – screw your freedoms!
  • Remember when MONO ran rampant in schools?
  • Remember when pink eye was a big issue?
  • Both of those illnesses you had to stay out of school b/c it was highly contagious. 
2h13m HEADLINE: Bombshell: FDA Knew All Along There Would Be Many COVID Cases Among The Fully Vaccinated—And Buried That Knowledge by Jon Rappoport

  • The document, posted on the FDA website, is titled, “Vaccines and Related Biological Products; Advisory Committee Meeting; FDA Briefing Document Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.” 
  • A key quote is buried on page 42: “Among 3410 total cases of suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 in the overall study population, 1594 occurred in the vaccine group vs. 1816 in the placebo group [who received a saltwater shot].”
  • BREAKING – Alex Berenson The hill.com Story: A woman’s fully vaccinated father died from COVID-19. Doctors said the condition of the father could have been worse if he was not vaccinated at all. 
  • WAIT…ummm he DIED, how could it have been worse than death???




 HEADLINE: Robots are the new farmhands by Joann Muller 

  • Why it matters: Farmers one day will be able to manage their fields from their kitchen table, using a smartphone or tablet to drive machinery, inspect plants and irrigate or treat crops with fertilizer or insecticides.
  • What to watch: Despite the overall shortage of skilled farm labor, the BLS expects jobs for agricultural equipment operators to jump 11% between 2019 and 2029 — much faster than the average for all occupations.
  • Regenerative farming LOWERS water demand.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson – Going Off On Ugly Brutalist Architecture & The Importance Of Aesthetics In Speech In Hungary
  HEADLINE: 85 Things You Can Do To Help The United States Shake Wide Awake by Joy Pullmann

  1. Run for office 
  2. Recruit someone excellent to run for office, and a group of friends to help that person win
  3. Primary a woke or sleeping incumbent
  4. Start a neighborhood group – present yourself under an umbrella that welcomes all other responsible member of your community who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and who are willing to stand up
  5. Cook some of your own meals
  6. Grow some of your own food
  7. Shop at your local farmer’s market
  8. Shop local for other stuff too
  9. Cut bale and send the cable payment to something useful like your local church ora fund to help kids escape public schools
  10. Work out
  11. Play board games with your kids interested of letting them watch some screen
  12. Organize a mass protest against school masking
  13. Start a local online news blog that uses open-records request to obtain curriculum from the local schools
  14. Don’t send your kids to schools that medically and socially abuse them
  15. Volunteer to coach local kids sports
  16. Go to church every week
  17. Go to church midweek too 

And the list goes on and on……

3h29m HEADLINE: Abp. Viganò Invites Bishops and Priests to Fast, Recite Leo XIII’s Exorcism Prayer on Vigil of the Assumption by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano
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