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Mike Church Show-Big Tech Nazis Graduate From MAGA Purges To Anarcho-Basement Dweller Purges. We’re Next!

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    Mike Church Show-Big Tech Nazis Graduate From MAGA Purges To Anarcho-Basement Dweller Purges. We’re Next! LoneRhody

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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Gregory Carpenter AKA Junkbond at 7:20

Mississippi State Rep. Dana Criswell at 8:30

Jared Michaelie LIVE! From Nicaragua – The Cigar Guys at 9:15

38m HEADLINE: Reddit group that drove GameStop shares 1,700% higher and cost Wall Street short-sellers billions briefly goes PRIVATE and messaging platform Discord BANS their server for ‘hate speech’ in the wake of SEC and White House ‘monitoring’ by Keith Griffith

  • So they forced, artificially, GameStop/AMC stocks to increase DRASTICALLY.
  • 9% stake purchased on the GameStop board

HEADLINE: Organized Small Investors Plan to Crush Hedge Funds by Buying CameStop Stock by Petr Svab

LIVE – RICHARD BARRETT host of The Barrett Brief

  • At 4:15am this morning said short sellers lost 23.6 BILLION on GameStop
  • This is usury on steroids w/ a dose of 3 mile island radiation.
  • Shorting refers to buying a stock – 
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7:15am cst

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   HEADLINE: Montana ACLU Threatens To Go After State’s Federal Funding Over Barring Men From Women’s Sports by Tristan Justice

  • The feminists have put themselves into a corner.
  • They can’t come out to save women b/c they joined the LBGTQ+ camp.
  • So they can’t go against the trannies to save the actual biological women.
  • Abigail Shrier Tweet: The ACLU of Montana is claiming trans girls ARE girls, and they’re using the Biden EO to threaten Montana with a $484 M loss in federal funding if they do not allow biological males into girls’ sports.
















Special Guest Gregory Carpenter aka Junkbond

Protonmail accounts –  as long as your email address stays w/in the protonmail system, you are pretty secure but if someone emails you from an un-secure system, it will make yours un-secure at that point.

  • Google and Gmail accounts – 
  • Communications Herding = the process of moving people form ONE platform to another.
  • QUESTION: Why would you do this?
  • 32 Executive Orders since Biden has been in office
  • 32 States of Emergency that also enact 10 Executive Orders
  • Within 6 months of issuance of an EO or national emergency declared by Congress
  • Since 1977 we have been under a STATE OF EMERGENCY. 
  • 95% of the Federal Government are Democrats
  • Trump was fighting Democrats and portions of the Republican party, there was no way he was going to win again.
  • QUESTION: Why did we keep hearing “You just wait, big news coming out in 2 days!”? Was the whole thing a reverse deception?
  • ANSWER: Yes
  • FEMA Camps
  • Executive Order 11000 – Federal Supervision dividing up families if the government deems it necessary.
  • QUESTION FROM CHATROOM: Is CDC a government entity or a conglomerate of private drug companies?
  • ANSWER: The Fauci Crime Family – they actually received citing on at least 2 dozen cases for ethics violations. They operate and function in these high security labs. They served on the board of pharmaceutical companies or on the boards of the actual vaccine manufacturer. 
  • The CDC has never controlled a single solitary disease.
  • Remember the TV show Fraiser, his brother was a germaphobe.
  • You are gonna’ look at the MSM behave – Ricky Vaughn Lawsuit – make what Mike does illegal. If what you say makes someone change their vote.
  • They are going to use what they do best. 
  • They are projecting their fault onto you.
  • Where are all the Google servers located?
  • CHINA – where can the USA collect….CHINA
  • Because Google has their mail servers overseas, guess what you are right in line for them to collect your information!
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 Special Guest Mississippi State Representative Dana Criswell

Rep Criswell Website:

  • President Donald Trump – he said the things that most of us are saying in our living rooms.
  • They don’t like us to say those things out in the open.
  • He wasn’t perfect but we all have faults we are human.
  • Sanctuaries for the 2nd amendment rights – 27 counties in Mississippi passed this.
  • I never presented the resolution but I just wanted to help people to learn to get involved.
  • If you listen to Joe and Kamala they definitely intended to attack our rights.
  • This is our first shot against the bow to tell them to ‘expect a fight’.
  • A resolution doesn’t have a force of law.
  • The strategy here is, we want our government to make this stand NOW so when a REAL fight does come, the citizens can hold this resolution up and say remember…you promised you were going to do X.

HEADLINE: Declare Mississippi a Bill of Rights Sanctuary State by Rep Dana Criswell

  • The problem we have as Conservatives is we generally want to be left alone.
  • We don’t want to constantly fight government.
  • Our tendency is to see the battle, go fight it and then go home.
  • I understand that tendency, we want to remain that way b/c that isn’t what the left does.
  • They LOVE government! They eat, sleep and breathe politics/government. 
  • We have citizens that can join the Freedom Caucus – we also have political leaders. You have to pass a test to get in as a politician. 
  • We don’t care what position you hold in life, you want to be a member, take the test and become a member.
  Crusader Stadium: been saying that for a few weeks now, we wanna be left alone, this is another reason we lose with government, the other side doesn’t want to leave you alone.

  • Human Scale 
  • Agents ordering agents ordering agents.
  • The Liberals job is making more government.
  • It is futile to believe there is a compromise to be met.
  • They have reached a critical mass in power, they think they will get away with it.
   AUDIO/VIDEO: John Kerry briefing – 

QUESTION: what message would be to oil & gas workers who “see an end to their livelihoods”?

KERRY: “What President Biden wants to do is make sure that folks have better choices…that they can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels.”

AUDIO/VIDEO: Average American – help me out here Big Guy, how is sending money to foreign countries helping out American citizens or doing things in my best interest? 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jen Psaki WH Press Secretary – when asked about AMC, GameStop & Blockbuster : “the 1st FEMALE treasury secretary is monitoring the situation”.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jen Psaki WH Press Secretary – ‘Circle Back’ Montage

3h33m  Special Guest Jared Ingrisano

The Cigar Guys 

Mombacho Website

  • Last year before COVID hit there were pictures of Joe Biden before the election.
  • American politics are being discussed all over the place not just in America.
  • FDA came to it’s senses after the last lawsuit.
  • There is a new level of freedom b/c they are backing down from the vape aspect.
  • Towards the end of the year, cigars had its biggest boom.
  • A lake breeze constantly so it remains somewhat tolerable.
  • 120 years before Reagan – William Walker, military commander from Nebraska.
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Written by: LoneRhody

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