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Mike Church Show-CDC Has Become A Tyrannical Lawmaking Body That Must Be Abolished

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    Mike Church Show-CDC Has Become A Tyrannical Lawmaking Body That Must Be Abolished LoneRhody

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33m HEADLINE: First-Grader in Southwestern Minnesota Dies of COVID-19 by the Associated Press 

  • These people can no longer be trusted w/ any measure of power b/c they abuse whatever they have.
  • They do nothing for the ‘common good’.
  • All of this or most of this would never have occurred if the common good was the number one factor.
  • We are basically living in “kingships” in each state b/c our Governors are acting as kings.
  • Can we do away w/ the delusion we live in any type of ‘democracy’ now?
  • 390 to slow the spread?
  • There is no shamdemic…
  • What happens when the SS check doesn’t come anymore?
  • This is a basic question the elderly should be asking of their government officials.
  • How come only state employees get to retire?
  • Where are the true leaders?
  • Where is Trump?
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COVID Twitter Thread – Winter Oak Press

Here are Ten Things We Have Learned During the COVID Coup:

  1. Our political system is hopelessly corrupt. Virtually all politicians are hopelessly corrupt. No political party can be trusted. They all can be, and have been, bought.
  2. Democracy is a sham. It has been a sham for a very long time. There will never be any real democracy when money and power amount to the same thing. 
  3. The system will stop at nothing to hold on to its power and, if possible, to increase its levels of control and exploitation. It has no scruples. No lie is too outrageous, no hypocrisy too nauseating, no human sacrifice too great. 
  4. So-called radical movements are usually nothing of the sort. From whatever direction they claim to attack the system, they are just pretending to do so and serve to channel discontent in directions which are harmless to the power clique and even useful to its agendas. 
  5. Any “dissident” voice you have ever heard of through corporate media is probably a fake. The system does not hand out free publicity to its actual enemies. 
  6. Most people in our society are cowards. They will jettison all the fine values and principles which they have been loudly boasting about all their lives merely to avoid the slightest chance of public criticism, inconvenience or even minor financial loss. 
  7. The mainstream media is nothing but a propaganda machine for the system and those journalists who work for it have sold their sorry souls, placing their (often minimal) writing skills entirely at the disposition of Power. 
  8. Police are not servants of the public but servants of a powerful and extremely wealthy minority which seeks to control and exploit the public for its own narrow and greedy interests. 
  9. Scientists cannot be trusted. They will use the hypnotic power of their white coats and  authoritative status for the benefit of whoever funds their work and lifestyle. He who pays the piper calls the tune. 
  10. Progress is a misleading illusion. The “progress” of increasing atomization and industrialization does not go hand in hand with a progress in the quality of human life, but in fact will “progressively” reduce it to the point of complete extinction.

DeSantis has extended the Emergency Powers Act

Lin Woods – no one is suing him so if he is so off his rocker, why isn’t anyone going after him legally?


  • These are basically former military going after the vile people selling children into sex rings.
  • Everything doesn’t have a dollar and cents solution to it.
  • Everyone is corrupted by the money.
  • So DeSantis isn’t perfect as he is extending the powers but that is because he still wants the money to give to the local businesses.
1h50m BACK to the Winter Oak Press 

  • It is only by Our Lady’s grace that we remain still on air.
  • This isn’t unique here – She always looks out for us.
HEADLINE: Never Be Forced into a Face Mask, a Vaccine, a Covid Test, or Any Other Public Health Mandate: How To Do That and Why by Allan Stevo

  1. Read the Policy
  2. Invoke the Exemption
  3. Respond to the Offer
HEADLINE: “It’s About To Get Much Worse”: Supply Chains Implode As “Price Doesn’t Even Matter Anymore” by Greg Miller of FrieghtWaves
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 BACK to Supply Chain Imploding – 

  • We discussed the story of housing bubble just the other day.
  • This is how you destroy a countries economy.











 SPECIAL GUEST David Simpson

Host of the True Money Show – every Wednesday afternoon only on The Crusade Channel

  • The bubble is here, the crash is coming.
  • Especially in the food supply and housing sectors.

QUESTION: Is it charitable for you to sell your house for the inflated appraisal knowing the buyer will be stuck?

QUESTION: Is that a usurious act?

ANSWER: to a degree of course, if you aren’t saying I am intentionally sticking this person with X then no. 

  • Do you sit still and get stolen from?
  • We started the Beer Party in 2008 and ever since then we have tried to gather like-minded people.
  • 54 chapters in several different states were founded.
  • The greatest flight in reality ever recorded!
  • KV Turley in London he was our tour guide
  • The inability to bring up religion.
  • You have to bring up the Kingship of Christ b/c w/o His rule, we can’t have a civil society.
  • BEER BEER Phase II

MUST READ BOOK –  Revolution and Counter-Revolution by Plinio Correa de Oliveira 

Dual-Citizenship – Thomas Jefferson

  • Last 5 years my experience has been – the same result when the ladies are involved – the FAITH.
  • Chesterton spoke about having conversations of the Church, its leaders etc.
  • NOT in a gossip way but just discussion of the things that matter to us w/ the faith in the forefront. 
  • Infiltrators – when the change happens it will be Our Lady’s Triumph
Caller Dr Tom from Arkansas – 


 AUDIO/VIDEO: New LSU women’s basketball coach – “Let me take this damn mask off, b/c I have a lot to say.”

AUDIO/VIDEO: PARODY SONG – ‘I’m a Pfizer girl, in a COVID world’ parody of the I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world song from 1997.

AUDIO/VIDEO: CDC Director Walensky – ‘those who are fully vaccinated to return to the activities they love doing inside while wearing a mask’

AUDIO/VIDEO: (Biden wears mask outside while walking to reporters to give new CDC ‘no masks outside’ change) 

Reporter – what message are you sending to people by walking out here w/ a mask?

Biden – ‘by watching me take it off and not put it back on until I get back inside’

HEADLINE: How Will The Killing Begin? by William Briggs
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Written by: LoneRhody

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