Mike Church Show- CHEMICAGEDDON: The Dioxin Cloud From East Palestine Will Poison Crops In 4 States.

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41m Palestine Ohio

Upward NewsNew image taken above East Palestine shows the disastrous ecological impact on the atmosphere following the ‘controlled burn’ of deadly toxins in the Ohio train derailment.

UAE Exotic Falconry & Finance Distribution Map from NOAA 

  • The left is claiming that Trump did some deregulation on the brakes and that caused this. 
  • The brakes had NOTHING to do w/ what happened w/ this train.
  • It was a bearing issue not a brake issue. 
  • You don’t manufacture dioxin.
  • By definition when you burn something you are changing the FORM of it.
  • EPA why didn’t they know what happened when you heat or explode these chemicals?
  • Hydroelectric Dams – the people below the dam have a trust in the people building them right?
  • The same thing w/ bridges, you trust the people that built that bridge did it safely.
  • We trusted the Democratic process that it would appoint the right people in the right positions to ensure something like this wouldn’t happen.
  BREAKING NEWS: Massive 5 acre fire has broken out a warehouse storing plastic plant pots in Kissimmee, Florida. Hazmat teams are monitoring air quality due to the large amount of smoke coming from the burning plastics. 

  • Yesterday there was a ‘small chemical fire’ at the Port of Catoosa Oklahoma too!
  • The Tulsa Port of Catoosa is the head of navigation of the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System, a 445-mile waterway that links the Verdigris and Arkansas Rivers, the Arkansas Post Canal, the White River, and the Mississippi River. 


HEADLINE: It’s Getting Harder To Live Without A Smartphone, And That’s A Massive Problem by Victoria Marshall  

  • Thanks to societal changes made during the pandemic-induced lockdowns of 2020, many temporary adjustments — QR code menus, digital boarding passes — have become permanent.
  HEADLINE: ‘Isn’t Fear News?’ by Nic Rowan 

  • What qualifications does Pete Buttigieg have to hold this position?
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1h28m Railroad Strike

  • Norfolk Southern was going to go on strike in December. 
  • Congress and President Biden stepped in and stopped the strike.

HEADLINE: As holidays near, a nationwide rail strike is still on the table. Here’s the latest by Andrea Hsu 

  • These workers travel with the train and work 14 hour days.
  • They have 12 unions total in the Railway system.
  • The Biden Regime and Congress got w/ the 2 largest unions, made a deal w/ them and they in turn went to the other 10 and said YOU WILL FALL IN LINE and take this deal.
  • The Union workers themselves did not want this deal.
  • If the Mike Church Show can do a little bit of digging here and find out all this strike information, what are people that claim to be journalist, why can’t they report on this or make the correlation b/w the strike and this event?
1h47m HEADLINE: ‘Isn’t Fear News?’ by Nic Rowan 

  • The residents are saying there is a funny smell in the air.
  • EPA tells them it’s okay it is just the smell of dead fish and Chlorine, it isn’t harmful.
  • Phillip K Dick – he primarily wrote short stories. Total Recall, Minority Report to name a few.
  • His work, some it has become prophecy. 
  • Stephen King wrote a book called The Stand in 1978 they recently made it into a TV series.
  • Some of this is projection but projected for our benefit.

BACK to Nic Rowan

  • Where is the CDC on this Ohio incident?
  • If dioxins are in the water, what happens when you introduce H2O to vinyl chloride?
  • Eventually, after little is done to help them, their fear will devolve into a dull acceptance so paralyzing that it feels almost pointless to say anything at all. (It should come as no shock that many of the lead pipes in Flint, Michigan, still have not been replaced. 
  • The fundamental issues will not be addressed. The train tracks will continue to rust and the roads will continue to crumble. It will probably happen again and again until eventually it goes unreported. 
  HEADLINE: East Palestine Pete & The DEI Chernobyl by Rod Dreher 

Policy Statement from Association of American Railroads: “Efforts to require at least two-person crews, including via regulation, lack a safety justification; ignore the decades of safe and successful use of single-person crews [emphasis the reader’s — RD] at some U.S. freight railroads and in passenger and freight rail systems throughout the world; upend meaningful collective bargaining, and undermine the rail industry’s ability to compete against less climate-friendly forms of transportation.”

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Whitney Webb explains the End Game for the Electrical Vehicle Movement If you ask Bill Gates, they say ALL of the world’s reserves of lithium, cobalt & nickel must be completely mined if we even want to get close to electrical vehicle revolution.

QUESTION: Notice she said DISTRICTS – what else had districts?

ANSWER: The Hunger Games

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  HEADLINE: Virginia Donors Demand $3.6 Billion From University for Removing Ancestor’s Name by Darlene McCormick Sanchez

  • The Williams family now wants the Virginia university to give back donations they’ve made throughout the years, with interest, in the amount of $3.6 billion.
  • It’s only right, Smith said, for the university to turn over its $3.3 billion endowment to Williams’s descendants. The remaining $300 million owed should be secured with a note using the campus buildings as collateral, he wrote.
  • It is nice to see people finally fight back against the Woke Mob.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: SouthPark Meghan and Harry Are Finished 
2h43m HEADLINE: Unwanted Pregnancy Is Not ‘Involuntary Servitude’ by James J. Heaney 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Yuval Noah Harari MontageCOVID is critical b/c this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize total biometrics surveillance. 

  • This is disordered thinking. He uses the phrase “Divine Power” all while denying God and His Divinity. The disordered person always steals #Catholic terms/traditions and turns it into something ugly and evil.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tulsi Gabbard on absence of those in power in East Palestine OHThey’re no there, and they’re not paying attention to them b/c they don’t care. They only care about spending your tax dollars. They still haven’t done anything about Jackson MS.

  HEADLINE: Airborne Hazards and Burn Pit Exposures via US Department of Veterans Affairs 
  HEADLINE: U.S. Bishops Silent After FBI Claims Conservative Catholics Are ‘White Supremacists’ by Evita Duffy-Alfonso 

  • What has the Catholic Church hierarchy had to say in the seven days since the slanderous leak? Nothing.
  • The U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops is a powerful organization, with a 2018 budget of more than $200 million, much of it from federal grants and contracts. It also has not cowered from inserting itself into heated national political discussions in the past. 
  • Latin Mass-attending Catholics tend to be traditional in their values as well as the liturgy. These are the devout Catholics who represent everything the Vatican has tried distancing itself from as it panders to left-wing globalists.
3h07m AUDIO/VIDEO: Governor Ron DeSantisIntroducing a Digital Bill of Rights to protect Floridians from Big Tech harms & Big Tech overreaches.

  • Most states have obscenity laws on their books.
  • Just extend that to online.
  • If we find out your company transmitted pornography w/o verifying age, we will pursue a suit against you for Carnal Knowledge of a Minor.
  Do You Carry Your Cellphone Around With You Everywhere?

Barley Oaks a small tavern in Old Mandeville, LA – you had to use your cellphone to scan the QR code on the bar to get their menu. They didn’t even have a paper menu to hand to you.

  • How many times have you been to a restaurant and the family sitting next to you sits at a table and all take out their cellphones and never speak to each other? 
3h31m Back to Victoria Marshall Smartphone Article – 

  • Luddite club by a group of Gen Z high schoolers in Brooklyn. These beatnik teens have traded their smartphones for flip phones, swearing off social media altogether. They’ve seen the harmful effects smartphone use has had on their peers and they want out. They want to experience life untethered. 
  • If only we could convince more Westerners to form Luddite clubs of their own, solely for their own good.
  HEADLINE: Unwanted Pregnancy Is Not ‘Involuntary Servitude’

  • Do you know what a debt slave is?
  • They had debtors prison in England that Maggie and TKD toured.
  HEADLINE: The Federal Government Is Tracking the Unvaccinated by Joseph Mercola MD 

  • As recently discovered and reported by Dr. Robert Malone, the U.S. government has secretly been tracking those who didn’t get the COVID jab, or are only partially jabbed, through a previously unknown surveillance program designed by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  HEADLINE: Suspect in LSU student Madison Brooks’ alleged rape arrested again, accused of third sex crime by Chris Eberhart 

  • This girls family lives right here in the town of Covington, LA.
  • One of the guys was a serial rapist. 
  • He raped a girl that was 12 when he was 16 years old.
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