Mike Church Show-DC CANNOT Become A State & If Democrats Make It One, Then Secession Is Guaranteed

Written by on 04/23/2021

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34m HEADLINE: House Approves Legislation That Would Make DC a State by 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Bishop Bullwinkle Hell to Da Naw, Naw, Naw 

  • Where will this district come from?
  • The 10 mile square can be…
  • Why did they say 10 mile square?
  • 1. We have to have a place we are putting this government we are promoting or putting forth.
  • QUESTION: Why did they choose to make it a DISTRICT?
  • ANSWER: So it would be completely independent and non-partisan. 
  • Article 1 Section 8 – that is what you would be amending.
  • It is has NEVER been amended!
  • BOOK ‘The Political Crisis of the 1850’s’ by Michael F. Holt
  • They were trying to stop and prevent the SAME things we are currently trying to stop.
  • We will not win though.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Mom talking to school board about removing mask mandates for lower elementary children at school. 
HEADLINE: Covid’s IFR just keeps DROPPING by Kit Knightly 

  • The most recent IFR info of #COIVD is 0.15% which is once again about the same as a NORMAL flu season. If you are still roaming around w/ a mask, please tell us why you didn’t during previous flu seasons.
  • This is with the CDC cooking the books on the numbers.
  • This percentage is about the same as an AVERAGE flu season.
1h42m HEADLINE: The Failure Of Imperial College Modeling Is Far Worse than We Knew by Phillip Magness via The American Institute for Economic Research

  • The more we learn about what happened last year, we realize just how off base they were.
  • There is no more 15 days to flatten the curve it is now 2 years etc.
  • The majority of the people have had enough of this nonsense.
  • They are out there talking about Michigan going into it’s FOURTH lockdown.
1h59m HEADLINE: A Battle Plan for Defeating the Secularist State Religion by Edwin Benson

The left’s worldview—secularism—is a religion. Secularists treat the state like Christians treat God.

  • Most Christians accept the “wall of separation” without quibble. That sentiment has led to a wave of self-censorship in which religious people avoid making religious arguments in the public square—or school.
  • As a result, secular zealots challenged prayer in school, crosses and manger scenes. “The only language now permissible in the public square… is the supposedly neutral language of empiricism, science, and secularity.”

AUDIO/VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Wg7bjwEXp7Y

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BeeGees Super Medley
HEADLINE: Priest’s analysis of Vatican documents: It’s ‘mortally sinful to take or facilitate’ coronavirus vaccine by Patrick Delaney











Farmer Brian K from Texas

Chickens – chicken coops

  • Should be planning season for pretty much everyone now but there are a few places really North that can’t.
  • Tips on how to start even in their own backyards to start regenerative gardening – WHAT TO AVOID!
  • Avoid chemical use
  • I use tin or cardboard or black plastic to kill the grass, that is a great way to start.
  • Microbes associated w/ the trees and woods etc – everything works together better from a LOCAL source.
  • So cheese for example the different cheeses have different names b/c the bacteria that is local changes the flavor of the cheese.
  • North Dakota – Dirt to Soil One Family’s Journey into Regenerative Agriculture book by Gabe Brown
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts – short film
  • You don’t need to water it all the time like that – the water is there, you can’t see it but the water is already there b/c of the organic matter.
  • 5 Processes 
  • 1. Reduce the surface (less tilling)
  • 2. Cover the ground
  • 3. Continuous living root
  • 4. Plant and animal diversity
 HEADLINE: Priest’s analysis of Vatican documents: It’s ‘mortally sinful to take or facilitate’ coronavirus vaccine by Patrick Delaney

  1. There is no available morally untainted therapeutic intervention that neutralizes the proposed health threat.
  2. There must exist a proportionate cause for using an abortion tainted therapeutic intervention based on the risks involved.
  3. There must exist an actual grave threat to your health or that of others if you were to refrain from taking the proposed abortion-tainted therapeutic intervention.
  4. One must oppose the fact that the therapeutic intervention is abortion-tainted. 
  • In order for such an abortion-tainted vaccine to be morally acceptable, all four conditions must be met, and if even one of these criteria is missing, Fr. Elias confirms that use of such an abortion-tainted experimental biological agent is gravely sinful.
HEADLINE: How American Small Businesses Are Being Coerced To Help Build The Oligarchy by Christopher Beford 

****First, small businesses are captive to the government. Second, small businesses are captive to their most neurotic customers. ****

HEADLINE: Amazon’s Automated Checkout Is Coming to Full-Size Supermarkets by Matt Day
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