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  TKD Offers Apology 

  • Listener got upset w/ happenings in the chatroom and being called a name.
  • We will not tolerate that type of behavior and it will not be allowed to occur in our chatroom or on our radio waves. 
  • This is a radio station and we will have our hosts not in the chatroom while on air LIVE.
  • Radio requires a little bit of work, you have to actively listen.
  • You can have TV or video playing in the background and not really pay attention.
  HEADLINE: Experts warn against the #OneChipChallenge allegedly sending kids to the hospital by Adriana Diaz 


HEADLINE: U.S. beer shortage looms with gap in carbon dioxide supply by John Frank 

HEADLINE: A long hot summer ahead for the US CO2 market by Molly Burgess 

  • The tightening comes amidst an apparent contamination in the raw gas, meaning CO2 firms operating in liquefaction and purification are faced with a contaminated product and cannot fully operate at this time.  
  • Ammonia production is a key sourcing route for CO2 production. In fact, ammonia plants have traditionally been one a large sources of food-grade CO2 and while in the past decade other sources of CO2 have been invested in, including those raw gas streams from chemical operations and bioethanol plants, ammonia remains one of the largest sources.
  • Almost everything we consume is carbonated.
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1h27m HEADLINE: Implementing American Creation by Saurabh Sharma

  • I coined a slogan for you people today – Keep Doing What’s Working and Start Doing What Needs to Work
  • FROM THE ARTICLE: There is only what we can create. With the few tools, many people, and political vision we have, we need a posture of American creation implemented as quickly as possible or risk losing a truly great country and consigning millions of decent people to illegitimate rule. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: DRONE footage – The Next Chapter: Drone in Westminster Abbey 


Special Guest Suzanne Sherman 

Red Hot Chili Prepper

HEADLINE: Ford Cruise Control Deactivation Switch Recalls and History

  • Don’t ever park your RV by your house.
  • You could lose both your house and the RV. 
  • In Madisonville I see an RV parked UNDER the house b/c it floods there and so homes are up really high.
  • This is NOT safe at all and I didn’t even know about this being a fire hazard.
  • I lost a decade of firewood which was one of the most horrible thing.
  • I had about 500lbs of grains and rices but this is why you spread all your ‘food storage’ in case something like this fire happens.
  • Planning is key to successful prepping. 
  • We were w/in a minute of losing the house.
  • We are WAY out here in Utah so the response time is very long and slow.

MUST HAVES for your Prepper Pantry

  • Freeze Drying Meat – 
  • Return to Federalism – book
  • The process that settled the TX case w/ anti-censorship is problematic.
  • There is no 1st amendment issue in this case.
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  House Judiciary GOP Twitter: New whistleblower information reveals that the FBI is moving agents off of child sexual abuse investigations to instead pursue political investigations. The whistleblower recounted being told that “child sexual abuse investigations were no longer an FBI priority.” 

  • A Federal Election should be an absolute BORE to you!
  • It should be of almost NO consequence to you and I.
  • They have NO authority to wreck our lives like they currently do.
  • Remember WE KILL BECAUSE WE CAN – Laurie Calhoun’s book – 
  • The FBI is GONE!
  • You need to just get rid of it!



  • My only beef with this section is make Wharton TX great again, make Longville LA great again.
  • Start where you have impact.
  • We are taught BIG is good from an early age.
  • The thing he is getting right is the left-wing, the government will starve to death.
  • We have the numbers, we have the advantage and we should just withdraw and let them each other.
  • We own land – 















Special Guest Michael Hichborn 

Founder of the Lepanto Institute

Website – 

Follow the Institute on Twitter – @LepantoInst

  • I was learning Political Philosophy, it is NOT what they are teaching now in Polly Sci.

HEADLINE: Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL) by Michael Hichborn 

Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL) is a long-time grantee of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), most recently obtaining a grant in the grants list (FY 2020-2021) for $30,000.  Since 2010, CTUL has received $345,000 from the CCHD.

  • They have Marxist running their Church there in El Salvador.
  • They don’t have private property either.
  • This all started – the Lepanto Institute – 8 years ago, but we have chronicled the largest conspiracy to destroy the Church.
  • Synod = A synod is a council of a Christian denomination, usually convened to decide an issue of doctrine, administration or application. The word synod comes from the Greek: σύνοδος [ˈsinoðos] meaning “assembly” or “meeting” and is analogous with the Latin word concilium meaning “council”.
  • There is a source for the Divinity and the Holy Trinity.
  • The Church is not the human element. 
  • When She teaches outside of this…it doesn’t happen b/c it is in error.
  • It does address the traditional faith but it does so not in terms of the TLM, it puts it in the framework of ‘well the youth need to be administered to’. PAGE 9
  • Young people want the church to speak out on things that matter to them…then they list the following – Race, Climate Change etc.
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