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Mike Church Show-Fauci’s Back! This Means The Russians Are Winning And Biden’s On The Ejection Seat.

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Mike Church Show-Fauci’s Back! This Means The Russians Are Winning And Biden’s On The Ejection Seat.

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  • Hunter Biden laptop is finally making its debut
  • PRC – Peoples Republic of China – strong connections w/ China
  • AZOV – neo-Nazi aspect of Ukraine
  • Dr Fauci rises again warning of more lockdowns and indoor mask wearing
20m AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr Fauci on a new variant of COVID‘We should be prepared and flexible enough to pivot towards going back, at least temporarily to a more rigid type of restrictions such as requiring masks indoors.’
50m TKD reads from this Twitter Thread: 

Russians With Attitude @RWApodcast

  • Many of you are wondering what the Russian government actually means when they say “Denazification”. I don’t speak for the Kremlin, but I’ll try to explain what this term means for “normal people” in Donbass & South-East Ukraine. 
  • Much has been said about the “Cult of Victory” in modern Russia — the celebration of the Soviet victory in WW2 & its role in public memory, and state ideology. We’ve said this before, but for normal people this is basically secular ancestor worship. 
  • Untold millions of Russians died in WW2, or the “Great Patriotic War”, as we call it. Every family in Russia and Ukraine has someone who fought and died. There are memorial actions like the “Immortal Regiment”, where families honor their ancestors who went through the hell of WW2. 
  • The St. George ribbon used to be a WW2 memorial thing (similar to the Remembrance Poppy); in 2014 it became a symbol of resistance to the Maidan government’s plans to ban the Russian language & banish the Soviet army from public remembrance. Donbass soldiers started wearing it. 
  • To put things into perspective, the Red Army lost 250,000 men during the liberation of Donbass in 1943. The land there is drenched in blood — the fighting was heavy, the anti-German guerrilla was strong & the German retaliation was horrifying.
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  HEADLINE: Kadyrov Goes to Mariupol to Oversee “Operation Satanic Faggot Extermination” by Andrew Anglin 

They also have a website now –

1h23m SPECIAL GUESTS – Kennedy Hall

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HEADLINE: Consecration of Russia and Ukraine: Report and Analysis by Matt Gaspers 

  • There are people that have interpreted this in some different way.
  • Jesus I don’t believe would be offended if the Pope added another country to the consecration would invalidate it.
  • Consecrate the world w/ special mention to Russia – Sister Lucia 
  • People have used her for over 100 conspiracy theories – she is a pious nun that was blessed to see Our Lady.
  • She isn’t infallible though, she is human not divine. 
  • “Don’t go punching the bullies in the nuts when they stop punching!” – Kennedy Hall


HEADLINE: Poltava: It is already clear when the main offensive in Ukraine will begin by Shoah 

  • If the Russians wanted to take over Kiev, they would have already taken it over.
  • This is a FACT.
  • The rules of engagement the Russians are using are obviously DON’T target civilians and don’t do total destruction. 
  HEADLINE: Here isn’t The News by Frank Wright 

  • The LOL/NOTLOL gap continues to widen.
  • A proxy war is one fought by other people on your behalf. In this case it is one suffered by people in Ukraine for the sake of the foreign policy faction of the United States Government. The new Syria, Libya, Iraq is to be created in Europe to please them at the expense of your way of life, and perhaps also of your life itself. 

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  HEADLINE: Report: Clinton Linked to Satanic Rituals Involving Kidnapped Children and Marina Abramovic by Eric Levitz 

HEADLINE: Spirit Cooking with Marina Abramović: The First Cut Is the Deepest by Mark Vallen



 AUDIO/VIDEO: Nigel Farage European Parliament Strasbourg, September 2014Situation in Ukraine and state of play of EU-Russia relations. 

Now we all know Nigel doesn’t like Putin but he thinks we can trade with him.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson and Nigel Farage (Putin and Russia)‘We should have tried to make Vladimir Putin somebody we could do business w/. Not somebody we provoked & gave casus belli – a reason for war – that he could sell to his own people.’

  • Free Press has produced nothing but war and misery! 
  • QUESTION: Who else in media will explain these things like we do here?
  • This modern time, we are the worst humans collectively, since Christ came into the world.
  • We can’t se beyond 30 seconds ago.

BREAKING NEWS: JUST IN – Putin: “Unfriendly countries” must pay for Russian gas in rubles from April 1. RUSSIA will halt gas contracts if buyers don’t pay in rubles.

   AUDIO/VIDEO: Co-CEO Jeremy D Boreing – announces Daily Wire’s next big project to counter woke Hollywood: Today I’m proud to tell you that we will be launching Daily Wire Kids.

HEADLINE: BREAKING: Daily Wire launches kids programming to rival Disney by Post Millennial 

SERIOUS QUESTION: Why do you need KID media?

  • How much longer do you think this will work? 
2h57m AUDIO/VIDEO: Klaus Schwab at World Economic Forum‘We do know the global energy system, food systems and supply chains will be deeply affected.’

Global realignment

  1. Ukraine
  2. China
  3. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar 

Thirdworldisation – The policy for which no one voted of flooding these countries with third world immigrants is resulting in what has been described as ‘Thirdworldisation’. Remarkably, importing foreigners en masse changes things. You may have noticed increasing vibrancy in your own neighbourhood.



AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing Director of Communications Kate Bedingfield‘It is increasingly clear that Putin’s war has been a strategic blunder..’

NOTE SHE SAID ‘WE BELIEVE’ not we have evidence or proof of any kind.

  HEADLINE: Is Russia the REAL target of Western sanctions? by Kit Knightly
3h47m HEADLINE: Kadyrov Goes to Mariupol to Oversee “Operation Satanic Faggot Extermination” by Andrew Anglin 

  • The people in Mariupol are happy the Russians have come in and saved them from the Neo-Nazi group AZOV.
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