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Mike Church Show-FTX/SFB Scandal Is Tied To The Big Tech PedoGrooming I’ve Been Warning About

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Mike Church Show-FTX/SFB Scandal Is Tied To The Big Tech PedoGrooming I’ve Been Warning About

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38m HEADLINE: A Grand Unified Theory of the FTX Disaster by Matthew Crawford 

“No matter what political reasons are given for the war, the underlying reason is always economic.” -A. J. P. Taylor

  • These guys are supposed to be our ‘future’.
  • If THIS is the future, we are totally screwed.
  • Sam Bankman-Fried CEO, FTX
  • Office Spaces Movie – remember when they tried to shave off 1/10th of a percent and totally screwed it up?
  • FTX so there is a research piece written by Matthew Crawford will take you 90+ minutes to read this whole thing.
  • I’m not all sure an astroid would be enough, we may need a full fledged comet at this point.After all, it’s only human extinction on the line. 
  • How about that for an intro!
  McMillions – McDonald’s Monopoly Game 

AUDIO/VIDEO: McMillions Limited Documentary Series Trailer 

  • McDonald’s had to fire the company and printer b/c they had to attempt to keep their reputation! 


Gabriele Galimberti Photography 

Website –

Anthony Epstein – 

  • Little Saint James Island
  • Both of the FTX people run pedo-sex rings.
  • They have pedo/groomer logos.
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HEADLINE: A Grand Unified Theory of the FTX Disaster by Matthew Crawford 

QUESTION: What was the end result?

  • Legislatively speaking Dodd-Frank, that’s what happened.
  • Usury was cemented into Federal Law.
  • The poor were the victims by Dodd-Frank.
  • This is the set-up for all of this.
  • To get another Dodd-Frank or digital currency you have to have it come out of the House of Representatives.
  • I think they overshot their Dem win in the House.
  • QUESTION: When did this story break?
  • ANSWER: November 8th
  • They KNEW before the midterm elections that this was happening, that the bankruptcy was inevitable. 
  • MSM held this story until the DAY of voting.

HEADLINE: Sam Bankman-Fried still speaking at events and the community is furious by Brayden Lindrea 

  • Why are these people still speaking at this event?

FBI in McDonald’s show, every single one of them used the phrase “Deprive them of their Liberties”.

  • If you’re not familiar with EA, you can read through the material on the website before realizing that it’s just one more Geek Cult that young intellectuals of arrested development who yearn for a return to deep dorm room conversation by providing them with a largely pre-baked socially acceptable set of virtue signals that conveniently span a full narcissistic mask. And, like most cults, it seeks out that for which its target audience aspires while simultaneously demeaning the journey: “Hey, feckless white boy, this is the path to socializing with pretty women.”
  • Caroline Ellison – Is this a fully mature CEO of a multi-billion dollar quant something or other crypto-Ponzi centerpiece, or the sexualized twelve-year-old daughter of one of the world’s most powerful university professors? 
  • There is a strange paradox among the whiz-kids-turned-finance-power-players muddying the story of FTX-A, and it needs to be untangled. Were these kids sloppy-stupid while organizing these Ponzi-like entities that would blow up under such a wide array of circumstances?
  • That something seems incongruous about this story reveals a disturbing reality: the real security behind this whole operation was either a set of completing damning shared secrets, mafia security, or both.
  • So in other words they were relying on heavies. 
  HEADLINE: Big Media Implodes: The Intercept And Other Media Engulfed By Scandal: FTX Was Giving Millions To Outlets Including The Intercept, ProPublica, VOX. Semafor, Vanity Fair, And More by Celia Farber 
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  HEADLINE: ‘Downstate’ is a play about pedophiles. It’s also brilliant. by Peter Marks

  • Take a deep breath and try to ruminate calmly on the position playwright Bruce Norris takes in his scintillating new play, “Downstate”: that the punishments inflicted on some pedophiles are so harsh and unrelenting as to be inhumane.
  • Yes, the punishments are harsh and they should be harsh. 
  • These people are perverts and want to harm children.
  HEADLINE: Kim Kardashian is torched for refusing to cut ties with Balenciaga over BDSM child photo scandal as furious fans label her response insincere after she stages impromptu fashion shoot in skimpy hotpants by Adam S Ley and James Gordon 

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr Fauci on Meet the PressChina’s approach to COVID lockdown has been rather draconian and without a seeming purpose, when you have hospitals overrun you had to do something to flatten the curve etc for a temporary period of time.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Klaus Schwab saysChina is a “role model for many countries” and proclaims a “systemic transformation of the world” on Chinese state television.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Democrat Senator Chris Murphy on CNNWe have to have a conversation about whether we can continue to fund those states that have declared themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuaries.

  • Let me tell you what’s happening here – 
  • The BidenRegime knows they are out of money.
  • They have all this debt on the balance sheet, they aren’t giving him anymore money.
  • We can save a couple hundred billion dollars a year if you cut off funding to these pesky red states.
  • The Federal Reserve is its own separate entity. 
  • They have their own board of governors.
  • The revenue coming in will BARELY cover the interest on the current debt. 
  • Look at Sam Bankman-Fried – do they look like they are capable of this task?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Canadian retailer Simons ad for assisted suicide. 

  • This looks like a weekend retreat not an ad to kill yourself. 


BACK to FTX Article –

Who Lost Money in FTX?

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan – US$95 million

Temasek – $320 million

I’ll try to repeat it in a simple way, then move on:

  • Coming to grips with the vastness of the West’s pedophilia problem was a gradual series of eye-opening events for me. During childhood, I was fortunate not to be around dangerous pedophiles myself—at least not that I was aware might have been there. Among friends in my community, pedophilia was merely an edgy joke about something that seemed so rare as to be nonexistent. But shortly after I went to work as a bond trader on Wall Street, I found myself sitting at a desk next to a freshly minted Princeton graduate named Paul “Should I Double-Bag It?” Ellis who bragged effusively about his sex tourism in Southeast Asia. Shockingly, office leadership seemed more concerned about the lawsuit risk (there was one woman in the 17-person unit) associated with his loud blathering about sex with prepubescent girls than what this meant about his character. Or perhaps it’s good to be a Princeton graduate in a room almost half-filled with Princeton graduates?
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