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Mike Church Show-It’s The Mid-Point Of Advent And News Hath Died-Pick Your Own Darn Topic Today!

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Mike Church Show-It’s The Mid-Point Of Advent And News Hath Died-Pick Your Own Darn Topic Today!

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27m HEADLINE: Biden Invites ‘Story Hour’ Drag Queen Activist to Marriage Act Signing by Catholic Vote 

  • This has a woman’s fingerprint all over it.
  • This is a woman rubbing it in the faces of all Christians that don’t go along w/ the LGBTQ agenda.
  • Women do this type of thing.
  • The sodomites and lesbians haven’t tried to get ONE Catholic entity to do their biding. 
  • The woman that said no to their cake baking is a Protestant. 
  • Why aren’t they going after Catholic businesses?
  • Or is it that Mother Mary is protecting these Catholic businesses by placing them under her mantle?
  HEADLINE: Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of woman acknowledges they may have been said to have a different sex at birth 

  • So what is the purpose of definition now? 
  • If you can change the definition to suit the times…is it really a definition?
  • They have to use nominalism, the corruption of words.
  • So basically the Cambridge dictionary decided it’s no longer aligned w/ reality. 
  HEADLINE: Marriage Is The Form of Christian Politics by Marc Barnes 

  • Would you like to make an institution Christian? Then make it a marriage. 
  • Marriage makes virtue possible by making it necessary. One can indulge the illusion that virtue is “good behavior” when one is a child; make a kind merit-badge of it when one is a young man; fantasize about virtue as “growth in self-mastery” deep into one’s twenties; but the married man is not virtuous because he would like to be but because he has freely chosen a situation in which the lack of virtue means—hell! Instant hell. 
  • Be a selfish jerk at a Waffle House—no demon will rise from the ground to remind you of the ultimate end of your actions. Pejure yourself in a court of law—you’ll get away with it. But be a selfish jerk around the family table, and you’ll already feel the infernal heat; the shift of temperature; the sudden isolation of your being from itself, as your wife and children look on you with horror. 
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December 26 – January 6  

If one starts with the last title and takes the first letter of each one -Emmanuel, Rex, Oriens, Clavis, Radix, Adonai, Sapientia – the Latin words ero cras are formed, meaning, Tomorrow, I will come.

1h28m HEADLINE: The Benefits of a Commercialized Christmas by Casey Chalk 

  • Happy Honda Days
  • Chevy Sales Event
  • Lexus December to Remember
  QUESTION: What’s the first thing you know?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: ReporterDos this administration consider Viktor Bout a terrorist?

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan – Well he isn’t on the official terrorist list but he is a convicted criminal. 

  • So because he wasn’t officially classified as an official terrorist, there is nothing to worry about?
  • Did Sullivan just say that?
  • How is it possible that anyone could have contracted that transaction, filled the order and shipped to the most well guarded entity like the Taliban w/o the US government knowing?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Karine Jean-PierreThe Respect for Marriage Act will give peace of mind to millions of LGBTQ & interracial couples who will finally be guaranteed the rights & protections to which they are entitled to.

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  QUESTION: What’s the first thing you know?

ANSWER: The 1st thing you know is old Jed’s a millionaire. 



HEADLINE: J.D. Vance Is Coming for Your Porn–Watch Out by Cherie DeVille 

  • Our first question was why is a woman writing about how terrible it would be to remove porn.
  • Then we realized she is a porn ‘star’.
  • You will see so much of this in just general pop-up ads.
  • MindGeek – is the company responsible for PornHub.
  • There is nothing humorous about this.
  • There is a reason why this act is a mortal sin.
  • Grace is what cures men from porn addictions. 
  • Where are they going to get the grace from?
  • There are these things called ‘crimes of passion’.
  • This is where my thesis will come in handy.
  • QUESTION: How does the court get the right to say or rule for every family in the United States that anyone in the family, has the right to make, sell and consume pornography?
  • Under what authority?
  • Did God give them permission to do so?
  • Did God explicitly accept or endorse the state taking upon itself to claim such a destructive act good and acceptable for His people? 

HEADLINE: The Porn Industry’s Biggest Scandal Is Also an Unsolved Mystery by Katey Rich

  HEADLINE: Elon Musk crosses a line by Alex Berenson

  • Elon Musk yesterday basically blocked Alex.

Maggie explains how the Twitter spat unfolded yesterday.

To say the least, child pornography and child sexual abuse are highly charged topics (understatement alert). Musk has already seen the harm rashly accusing someone of pedophilia can cause. – Alex Berenson



HEADLINE: The ticking border time bomb: 1,000 migrants in the largest caravan in HISTORY crosses the Rio Grande into El Paso – with huge numbers being released onto the streets and just nine days until Title 42 ends by Katelyn Caralle 

  • National Guard of Texas would solve this issue in a few days if it were done correctly.
  • They wouldn’t cross if there was fear.
  • There is no fear thus millions cross each year.
  • Why do we allow this nonsense to continue?
  HEADLINE: Fed up and Under-Fed All at the Same Time by David Haggith 

  • The Fed is going to tighten an already tight labor market by making sure more of those workers who are already too-few in number are laid off in order to reduce production that was already lower this year than last year in order to lower prices that are too high because of production shortages.


HEADLINE: Marriage Is The Form of Christian Politics by Marc Barnes 

  • There is a way to answer the question “Hey Mike do you want to go out to the Boobie Bungalow?” 
  • You can tell them you respect your wife and don’t want to go see other naked women. 
  • That your wife is the one for you.
  • You can go hang out w/ your guy friends and do manly things like drink scotch and smoke cigars w/o naked women.
  • They destroyed the family by destroying or going after the women.
  • Taking them out of the home and putting them into the workplace.
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