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Mike Church Show- Membah The Toilet Paper Hoarders? The Idiots Are Back But This Time Its Gasoline!

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    Mike Church Show- Membah The Toilet Paper Hoarders? The Idiots Are Back But This Time Its Gasoline! LoneRhody

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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29m FEAR – 

  • The government has realized that FEAR is a great way to force people to do what you want them to do.
  • They stop questioning if there is a true reason for ‘x’.

QUESTION: Why are people so afraid to die?

HEADLINE: “Gas Run Has Begun” – Fuel Stations Run Dry Amid Hacked Pipeline by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge

  • Get off your little #PansyPotty and start getting the oil that can be retrieved by using fracking.

QUESTION: How soon do you have to use gas after you put it into your little red container?

  • The point is you can’t store gasoline indefinitely.
  • The chemical make up of it allows for evaporation and deterioration.
  • Have you ever had to ‘walk’ somewhere?
HEADLINE: Nearly Half of Female Soldiers Still Failing New Army Fitness Test, While Males Pass Easily by Steve Beynon 

  • What happens when we have women in the military and on the front lines?
  • What can’t they do when they are in ACTIVE duty?


Back to Gas Shortage Stories – 

  • Steams to turn turbines to generate electricity.
  • There is nothing equal to it.
  • The only thing you will have is spent fuel rods. You will have to find a way to dispose of them.
  • This is the best, simplest and cleanest way to generate power.
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Joe Biden Natural Gas and Energy Crisis – 




HEADLINE: Biden HHS Passes Anti-Science Rule Change To Redefine Sex by Tristan Justice

9 Ways of Being Accessory to Another’s Sin

  1. By Counsel
  2. By Command
  3. By Consent
  4. By Provocation
  5. By Praise or Flattery
  6. By Concealment
  7. By Partaking
  8. By Silence
  9. By Defense of the Ill Done
  • See how they change things that are considered an abomination by putting one of these people in a position of power, they IMMEDIATELY make their sin okay by a law.
  • This is a Catholic President and a Catholic HHS Secretary doing this.
  • They have skipped the lawmaking process.
  • They just went straight to their final solution.
1h41m  HEADLINE: U.S. state AGs urge Facebook to cancel plans for Instagram for younger kids by David Shepardson

  • We can’t prevent a major pipeline from being hacked but we think we can protect children from pedos on an app?
  • Here is the fatal mistake, you can’t fix evil.
  • If something was created out of a diabolical or secular process, you can’t undo it. 
 HEADLINE: The Ecclesiology of Liberalism by Peter J. Leithart 

  • Christians must LIVE church, not coming and going as we please when a church fails to meet our needs.
  • In other words you guard the gender and livelihoods of your children with your LIFE.
HEADLINE: Catholic Schools Are Losing Students at Record Rates, and Hundreds Are Closing by Ian Lovett 

  • Parents all send their children to Catholic schools b/c they don’t want to send them to public schools…NOT b/c of the CATHOLIC aspect but b/c they just don’t want their kids going to the normal public school. 
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 HEADLINE: After the pandemic comes the drought: Dramatic pictures reveals California’s water emergency after one of warmest, driest springs on record by Rachael Bunyan 

  • California has done everything it could to remove any mention of God in anything the state does.
  • Is this a coincidence that it hasn’t rained in forever? They are under severe water shortage alerts.

HEADLINE: Welcome To The Socialist Paradise Of California by Michael Snyder via The Most Important News

  • They just removed 180 POUNDS of FECES from ONE homeless camp in Echo Lake Park in Los Angeles. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: I Am the Night – Chris Pine 2019

3h04m  SPECIAL GUEST – Michael Hichborn 

Founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow the Lepanto Institute @LepantoInst

  • Canadian pastor that was arrested after holding services on Saturday.
  • Every-time Communism comes in, they arrest anyone that disagrees, they put them in a kangaroo court and parade them in front of society b/c they didn’t follow the ‘rules’.
  • It goes against anyone that loves Freedom and the Faith.
  • Bishop McElroy
  • Canon 915 – exists to prevent scandal to the laity
  • Publicly appear that they are worthy communicants.

HEADLINE: Bishop McElroy erroneously defends giving Communion to pro-abortion politicians by Michael Hichborn

  • Why is a Catholic education so expensive?
  • It has been turned over to JOBS instead of Charity.
  • It used to be FREE and Nuns and Brothers taught for FREE.
  • They weren’t the average married American teachers that need 401k’s and retirement etc.
  • One of the corporal works of charity into an industry!

AUDIO/VIDEO: One Easy Way to Help Save the Church – Brother Navarro Ob.S.A. 


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Written by: LoneRhody

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