Mike Church Show-‘Muricah’s Absent Father Crisis Is Responsible For The Uvalde Mass Murder

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Mike Church Show-‘Muricah’s Absent Father Crisis Is Responsible For The Uvalde Mass Murder

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33m HEADLINE: Texas school gunman ‘shot 10-year-old girl dead as she called 911’: Devastated relatives describe what they know of heartbreaking final moments of 19 children aged under 11 as they were murdered by loner gunman, 18, who told them ‘you’re going to die’ by 

  • There is no historical precedent as to what is happening now.
  • There are tons of children in the UK being killed b/c the government cannot say no to transgender people wanting to foster or adopt.
  • QUESTION: What is missing in all of these mass shooting cases?
  • BWCACatholic Twitter: $15,000 a year on average per child in public schools from taxpayers and we cannot protect our children? My wife will be getting no money from taxpayers to educate our children and yet I know she will be ready and able to protect our kids. Time to end government schools.
  • We cannot make this about gun policies.
  • We don’t need more gun controlled laws.
  • ALL schools are gun free zones but does any shooter care?
  • He bought this gun legally in Texas.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Glenn Greenwald‘This is naked exploitation of the dead bodies before anything is known about the people involved. Joe Biden has buried 2 children of his own so I truly thought he would use this moment to unite the nation.’
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1h26m  Abortion – this all stems from the society that doesn’t care about dismembering babies in utero and act as if this doens’t effect the way people value life.

  • We cannot pretend that abortion isn’t a root cause.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Denzel Washington discussing the media and journalism as it is today. – “Anything you practice you will get good at.”

  • Let us today pray for the repose of the souls of all that lost their lives yesterday. 
1h37m  Texas School Shooting 

  • You love the human soul in the hopes that it can become a Saint.
  • All of these young men want us to love their SIN!
  • They want us to love their violent ramblings.
  • PRIDE – all of this stems from pride.
  • Social media is a CANCER.
  • QUESTION: What else is missing in Ramos’ life?
  • QUESTION: What was missing in all the cases?
  • ANSWER: Father 
  • QUESTION: You know what else was missing in all of these young mens lives?
  • ANSWER: RELIGION – FAITH – The One True Father
  • The LGBTQ+ community – all the sins that exist in this community are pushed upon the children.
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Moderna CEO Stephane Bancal at the World Economic Forum – ‘I’m going through the process of throwing 30 million doses into a garbage because nobody wants them. We are trying to get the demand up in countries.’
1h51m HEADLINE: Embryo-Dumping Fertility Industry Is Panicked Over The Potential Overturn Of Roe V. Wade by Katie Breckenridge 

  • There is an entire civilization based on the Satanic premise that human life is not to be cherished until it can talk to you.
  • The way is and has been waged on children for YEARS!
  • QUESTION: Why are so many couples or women struggling with fertility?
  • ANSWER: If you take an orthonovum birth control pill regularly, it is going to alter your feminine physiology and what is not used by your body to prevent implantation, it gets urinated out. The sewage filtration system does not filtrate out ALL steroid products. Chlorine doesn’t kill steroids. So you have people drinking the filters water and boom, you have a cycle.
  • 64% of higher education admissions is WOMEN – we have told our girls to go out and get that degree and be the successful business woman that has it all.
  • WE did this to our daughters.

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HEADLINE: Henry Kissinger: Ukraine must give Russia territory by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard 

  • Dr Kissinger said the war must not be allowed to drag on for much longer, and came close to calling on the West to bully Ukraine into accepting negotiations on terms that fall very far short of its current war aims.
  • Remember these same representatives in the House and Senate are the same ones that voted to send a mess ton of guns and ammo to arm the citizens of Ukraine w/ no background checks necessary!
  • They also cheered on and voted to send $40 Billion to the country w/ NO guarantee of how that money will be spent.
  • No matter how you slice this thing, these people never win. They are always on the wrong side of every argument. 
   HEADLINE: Montana bars birth certificate changes, even with surgery by Matthew Brown 
  HEADLINE: Social Conservatives After Roe by Steven Larkin

  • The pro-life movement is about to find itself in the position of the dog that caught the car. It was easy to keep everyone on board by pointing to Roe and saying, “We’re against that.” 
  • Any conservative movement that doesn’t explain or acknowledge the history of the Catholic faith in building Christendom, you’ve missed the boat.
  • We can emulate that and you are just making up things, you are actually a progressive.
  • What are you actually conserving?

















 Special Guest Brother Andre Marie – host of the ReConquest show

Follow Brother Andre Marie on social media GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

  • What are you actually conserving?
  • The Aztecs would off the children of subjugated children.
  • Even the Romans found this practice to be abhorrent. 
  • If this guy, Ramos, was actually someone who was demonically possessed or obsessed he could have done it for that reason alone. 
  • He shot his grandmother to start his rampage. 
  • He had NO sense of belonging to any tribe.
  • He was Hispanic and decided to go shoot up a school of other Hispanics. 
  • Now lets move on to the Monkey Pox – 
  • This is only an issue for homosexual males engaging in homo-sex.

HEADLINE: “First Approved Marian Apparition in the US, Champion, Wisconsin”  

EPISODE 328 of ReConquest – “Why ‘No Salvation outside the Church’ Is Our Crusade”

  • Virtue isn’t an end it is a means to and end. 
  • Happiness is the ultimate goal but you must understand happiness is contemplated truth…HEAVEN. 

HEADLINE: Grandmother, 73, killed after losing arm during horrific carjacking by Yaron Steinbuch

This is a direct result of the sexual revolution.

HEADLINE: A Gay Man’s Manifesto via Sobran’s Blog 

  • Now let’s move onto Archbishop Salvatore’s letter to Nancy Pelosi – 
  • There are 13 other Bishops that have come out in support of this Archbishop’s letter.
  • I don’t think the Bishops should rush to excommunicate but to teach.
  • They need to teach very overtly and insistently in every possible venue and avenue they have access to. Not only in your sermons, but letters sent to Dioceses that are read before the homilies. 
  • When you allow your children to act bad publicly then you will definitely have issues w/ your children and sin.
  • Rogation Days – to pray, beseech to beg – 

HEADLINE: Rogation Days by Fish Eaters 

HEADLINE: Episode 87: Unexpected Apologetics: Sola Scriptura by Brother Andre Marie

HEADLINE: The Bible Only? by Brother Andre Marie 

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