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Mike Church Show-Nebraska A.G.Report Completely Destroys Ethics Of Denying HCQ & Ivermectin

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    Mike Church Show-Nebraska A.G.Report Completely Destroys Ethics Of Denying HCQ & Ivermectin LoneRhody

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Nebraska Attorney General – Douglas J Peterson

Entire opinion Prescription of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine as Off-Label Medicines for the Prevention or Treatment of COVID-19 –

  • So finally a department of health person asked the Attorney General about these medicines.
  • Within the scope and law of Nebraska…..
  • He clearly states that this is what’s best for HIS state of Nebraska.
  • So Jen Psaki can go pound sand.
  • He is telling the Biden Regime – we can and will prescribe what works best for our citizens. 
  • Attorney General, Solicitor General and Assistant Attorney General all signed this document. 
  • In a legal investigation – 
  • If you are a regular listener, you’ve already known all of this.
  • But NOW there is a legal document stating Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine works. 
48m HEADLINE: ESPN Reporter Allison Williams Forced Out Of Job Over Vaxx Coercion: ‘I Cannot Put A Paycheck Over Principle’ by Jordan Davidson 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Allison Williams Instagram Video on her leaving ESPN 

Unfortunately I cannot get a paycheck over principle.” – Williams

  • This video was done in a very charitable way.
  • She basically said, I choose life.
  • She wants to have other children and she believes the shot may harm or hurt her ability to do so.
  • This is her choice!
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  HEADLINE: Lament For The Pickup Truck by Michael Warren Davis 
1h15m  HEADLINE: For Christians, Dying From COVID (Or Anything Else) Is A Good Thing by Joy Pullmann

SIDE BAR: Our Lady of Mount Carmel – 63 weeks we’ve only had 2 cases of hospitalization of illness and both instances the hospital tried to kill them but they are perfectly fine now.

  • God Decides When We Die, Not COVID
  • To Lis is Christ, to Die is Gain
  • The path to destruction is very, very popular.
  • Where is hope in crisis? 
  • It should be Jesus! In every single crisis we should seek and turn to Jesus.
  • Repent Now, Because we all could die any moment – she is 100% right.
  • We are taught we should try to remain in a state

HEADLINE: “The Green Knight”: A Christian Failure, A Pagan Masterpiece by Nathaniel Birzer 







 Special Guest Michael Warren Daivs

Sophia Institute Press 

Chesterton – we have a new edition of What’s Wrong With The World – we just put this back into print.

  • His most vibrant teaching of Catholic Social Teaching!
  • The pick-up truck – they used to be just something a farmer had.
  • CAFE standards – 
  • The original version of CAFE
  • From the Crusader Stadium Chatroom – As a response to the man made energy crisis of the 70s congress imposed CAFE, Corporate Average Fuel Economy, standards on both import and domestic auto manufactures. In general CAFE demands that the average fuel economy of all vehicles sold, not made, must average a predetermined MPG or the company is fined in excess of $2,000/unit. For most of the luxury imports this was simple, pass the cost off to their consumers who were more than willing to pay. For the domestics however this posed a very difficult situation due to the poor track record with smaller cars.
  • The original version of CAFE had two tiers one for passenger cars and a second for light trucks (pickup trucks and SUVs). This two tiered approach welcomed by the US auto makers marked the end of the large family sedan and station wagon counterpart. In the late 60’s and 70’s, these vehicles were extremely capable. They could seat 6 comfortably, up to 9 or 10 in the wagon, pull loads in excess of 5k pounds when properly equipped, hold large amounts of luggage, and fit in the average garage or parking space. With the demise of the family sedan, came the rise of the SUV and luxury pickup as direct replacements. The 1/2 ton pickup is now the family sedan and the SUV counterpart the wagon. Domestic and Import automakers dumped billions if R&D in the highly profitable luxury product lines. 
  • So here we are today. The collusion between big auto and government created a market distortion that generated the exact opposite of its original goal, getting people in smaller more economical vehicles. Imagine if some of the same R&D went into the family sedan. Maybe the pickup would have remained the necessary tool of the farmer and tradesman, not the status symbol of the not so manly typical American male.
  • The Oil Embargo 
  • The congress went to big automakers and said we understand you are having problems what can we do to help you?
  • Big Auto – kill the Japanese and Chinese built cars.
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   HEADLINE: Where Else Are We to Go, If Not to Rome? by Regis Martin 
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Mike Kane MP on the death of David Amess MPaddresses Parliament on the departure of David Amess MP sends him off in true Catholic form. 
   Special Guest Michael Hichborn 

Founder of the Lepanto Institute 

  • Caritas agency out in the Netherlands.
  • They are most definitely intertwined w/ Planned Parenthood.

HEADLINE: Where Else Are We to Go, If Not to Rome? by Regis Martin

  • If you have knowledge of a mine field on a beach you would put up fences saying don’t go there right?
  • If you saw children heading that way, you would try to stop them right?
  • If you didn’t in some cases you would be up for murder charges b/c you didn’t tell them about the mines.
  • If the Pope actually said that was spiritual murder.

One Holy Catholic Apostolic – UNIVERSAL

HEADLINE: Did Gavin Newsom Murder His Mother? by David Larson

  • So he went out and purchased the death pill for his mother.
  • He said it was hard to even be around her at the end.
  • So he killed his mother before the death pill was even legal in the state of California.
  • “We fed them to her” 
  • Who is the WE?
  • So in California you can’t prescribe HCQ or Ivermectin but you can get a prescription for the death pill.
  • Her last statement to her son on her death bed was “get out of politics”.

HEADLINE: Amazon copied products and rigged search results to promote its own brands, documents show by Aditya Kalra and Steve Stecklow 

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Written by: LoneRhody

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