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Mike Church Show-Ottawa Goes Full On Nazi Against Patriotic Truckers-This Will End In Tears

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Mike Church Show-Ottawa Goes Full On Nazi Against Patriotic Truckers-This Will End In Tears

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  • Another Epstein ‘friend’ is found DEAD by hanging in a French prison.
  • Ottawa cop vs trucker
49m HEADLINE: Jean-Luc Brunel, held on suspicion of supplying girls to Epstein, found hanged by Kim Willsher

  • So basically he knew the Clinton’s and got ‘Epsteined’.
  • Are we the only people that think this isn’t a coincidence? 

HEADLINE: Jeffrey Epstein’s pimp Jean-Luc Brunel ‘hangs himself alone in Paris jail with no CCTV’: Ghislaine Maxwell’s family ‘shocked and scared for her’ as man who procured 1,000 women for paedophile financier dies days after Andrew deal by Peter Allen and Emer Scully

  • The reason Epstein did this was primarily to control things.
  • These men would go there, get fed a 16 or 15 year old and then they were photographed.
  • Certain things need to be done they are then told they were photographed. 
  • Prince Andrew – just settled his lawsuit against the young lady out of court.
  • Virginia Roberts Giuffre – 

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Sci-Fi has been a vehicle for getting what is really going to happen to the publics eyes before they bring it to the fore front.

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1h24m AUDIO/VIDEO: Ottawa Police Chief‘If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look into identifying you and follow up w/ financial sanctions & criminal charges. This investigation will go on for months to come.’

  • Enough of these so called ‘Emergency Acts’.
  • This is simply a fancy title for tyranny!
  • This whole #BackTheBlue thing is over.
  • There are a LOT more of us then there are of THEM!

AUDIO/VIDEO: In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, – officers now feel like they can walk up to random women and assault them.

1h43m HEADLINE: Reality Honks Back by N.S. Lyons 

  • The Physicals and The Victuals – 
  • There is a virtual force acting in the physical world.
  • You don’t get on a horse and go into a situation like that without knowing your horse will act 1. as a shield and 2. as a weapon
  • You can’t mount up on a massive horse and NOT know that.
  • This was 100% intentional. 
  • QUESTION: Why are so many women getting into politics?
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  HEADLINE: Decree of Pope Francis concerning the FSSP by FFSP







BACK TO Reality Honks Back – 

  • Solid bolder dropped in front of parliament. 
  • The truckers called their bluff on who runs the world.
  • We are peaceful people and we allow the grift, threat and insults to continue. 
  • FROM THE ARTICLE: The reaction of the Virtual ruling class – represented by the absolutely archetypal modern progressive male, Justin Trudeau – to this challenge has been extremely telling, and rather predictable.
  • Facebook and Twitter of course also quickly shut down the accounts and groups set up by protestors to communicate (often with hundreds of thousands of members), not only in Canada but in countries across the world. They cited the need to prevent the spread of “misinformation.”
  • FROM THE ARTICLE: If all this seemed awfully synchronized, that’s the whole point. Systematic information control, or what the Chinese Communist Party refers to as “public opinion management,” is now the entire strategic response of the Virtual class to every political problem.
  • Don’t give them the chance.
  • We have to build our own digital world if we think were need it.
3h23m HEADLINE: A Social Credit System Arrives in Canada by David Sacks via Bari Weiss Substack 

  • Justin Trudeau just created a caste of economic untouchables. Can we stop this dystopian policy from taking hold in America? 
  • Every time they say ‘we are going to take X’ that should become our rally cry.
  • Okay you are going to withhold MY money in the bank, I won’t use your banks anymore.
  • HABIT got us in this predicament.
  • The Demons have been at this game a long time.
  • QUESTION: How do we stop this?
  • WE CAN HAVE CRUSADER COINS minted if we wanted.
  • Federal Reserve Act – 
  • QUESTION: What item is DIRECT TAX and you can’t get away from it?
  • You live in the modern world now, you have to transport yourself from A to B.
  • Even if you are on a farm and ‘self-sufficient’ you have a tractor or a lawnmower. 
  • How many of you own a phone? Even if it is an old flip phone, there are taxes on that cellular bill.
  • Property Tax – another DIRECT tax
  HEADLINE: Pushing ‘College For All’ Makes Americans Poorer. Here’s What We Need Instead by Oren Cass

  1. A surplus of worthless degrees
  2. When free trade couldn’t deliver

Imbalance – From 2000 to 2019, the number of college graduates in the labor force increased by more than 20 million. But over the same period, only 10 million new jobs appeared in occupations for which at least a college degree is the typical education needed for entry (“BA jobs”). Bachelor’s degree holders accounted for 97 percent of net workforce growth, but 41 percent of net job growth required a high school degree or less. 

  • This imbalance might be tolerable if all segments of the labor market were thriving. But in fact, only those workers who do secure BA jobs have experienced significant gains. As of 2019, BA jobs still accounted for just 27 percent of the labor market, but they managed to capture 75 percent of the total 2000–19 increase in wages paid economy-wide.
  HEADLINE: Should We Celebrate Presidents’ Day, or Washington’s Birthday? by Gleaves Whitney
  HEADLINE: Jesus Christ, Savior of the World & General Contractor by David Deavel 
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