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Mike Church Show-Post Upon These Rocks Congress, “We Are Winning & Their Desperation Shows It!”

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Mike Church Show-Post Upon These Rocks Congress, “We Are Winning & Their Desperation Shows It!”

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Crusader Congress Recap
HEADLINE: Philadelphia Police Department faces manning crisis as officers opt for retirement and force struggles to attract recruits by Michael Lee 

  • They claim this is due to COVID and their lack of recruiting during the pandemic but we all know what the issue is.
  • The main issue is the changing attitude towards police officers.
  • They also need to realize the change THEY have made to their policies.
  • They aren’t peace officers anymore.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Fatima, the Ultimate Mystery 





 HEADLINE: India’s “COVID outbreak” & the need for scientific integrity – not sensationalism by Colin Todhunter 

  • How many of you have seen the video of the sons carting their dead mother off in the street?
  • That was a video from 2020, she died of a gas leak in her apartment. 

#1 Question asked by the Crusader Congress Members – Does Schaffer have a job?

  • We need to stop the sensationalization of headlines and start reporting the FACTS.
  • Heritage Breeds

RESEARCH PAPER: How the Unscientific Interpretation of RT-PCR & Rapid Antigen Test Results is Causing Misleading Spikes in Case & Deaths 

  • The infection fatality rate is even lower, with serosurvey results showing them to be between 0.05 per cent to 0.1 per cent.
 Crusader Congress Sponsor run by our very own Ave Maria from the chatroom, Leah’s Legacy

1h47m  AUDIO/VIDEO: Latino woman gets pulled over by cop, calls the police officer a murderer etc

  • How many states have laws on driving w/o a license? 
  • Why was this woman calling him a murderer right off the bat? 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Michigan Republicansrelease video mocking Gov Whitmer and staff after reported vacations during pandemic.

 HEADLINE: Oligarchy, and Remedies by Angelo Codevilla

In the Crusader Congress – we called roll and each person reported present w/ their KINGDOM names.

QUESTION: Why was this important? 

ANSWER: You couldn’t represent your state but you were there to represent YOUR Kingdom 

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Crusader Congress – Debate Over Names of New Republics

Workshops 5 motions made on the floor but only 2 passed.





HEADLINE: CNN: Biden Admin Considering Using Private Firms To Conduct Warrantless Surveillance Of U.S. Citizens by Ryan Saavedra 

TWITTER: CNN FactChecker Daniel Dale – This president says some inaccurate stuff. Not ideal. But there’s no pretending that this era is remotely similar to the last president’s staggering daily avalanche of extreme wrongness. 

  • Maybe Melinda Gates wants to divorce Bill so they can ‘divide and conquer’?
  • What if the country of Icelandia, Tim & Jennifer Williams, decide to withdraw all remaining support of the state government?

Bryan Dean Wright Twitter – Joe Biden wants to “partner” with the private sector to conduct surveillance because the Govt can’t do it without a warrant or ongoing investigation.

  • They used FB and Twitter and Gab to arrest people that went to the Capitol on January 6th.
  • This is already being done folks.
2h36m  HEADLINE: Catholic Sister: Pro-Lifers Must be ‘Battle Ready’ to Defend the Family by National Catholic Register 

Sister Byrne – “This battle we face is not a battle between Republicans and the Democrats, it’s not conservatives or liberals, or left versus right. “This is a battle between the devil, who is real, and Our Lord.”

 HEADLINE: 19,916 ‘eye disorders’ including blindness following COVID vaccine reported in Europe by Celeste McGovern 

  • You don’t have the COVID but you are BLIND?
  • Yeah that seems like a great trade off.
2h52m  BACK TO HEADLINE:  Oligarchy, and Remedies by Angelo Codevilla

  • Conservatives’ congenital mistake is to try conserving something that no longer exists by supporting institutions that now belong to a regime so alien to republican life that it treats attempts at citizenship as crimes against the regime.
  • How many of you want to guess which side these clowns are on?
  • General Interest or their own?
  • First, stop pretending. Begin by rejecting—in heart and mind entirely, and publicly as prudence may dictate—the authority of the oligarchs who now control what used to be our republican institutions. Realize that you enjoy the rights God gave you only to the extent that your fellow ex-citizens recognize them, and that your only hope of continuing enjoyment lies in leaguing with them, on turning your back on the oligarchy and on effectively living republican lives with similarly minded people.
  • So why are they doing this?
  • They are part of the oligarchy.
  • They are in on all things at all levels.
  • Because there are more than enough sheep to go along they don’t need us!


AUDIO: Dr. Zelenko on OAN 

HEADLINE: Vaccinated People Shedding And Spreading Genetic Disaster To Unvaccinated Women? by Jon Rappoport 

  • They are intent on killing as many as people as possible. 
  • They are now shedding their vaccine proteins to those they come into contact with.
  • This ultimately becomes a civil rights issue.
  • They have taken the entire world order of Christendom and turned it upside down.
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