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Mike Church Show-The Battle Is Joined! The Stacy Slobrams Gang Swings Kansas To The Cult Of Death

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  HEADLINE RUNDOWN – Kansas is now a kill at will state Abortion and Roe v Wade Wisdom Wednesday
  HEADLINE: Kansas voters reject constitutional amendment granting lawmakers ability to regulate abortion by Kyle Morris  If they can do this in Kansas, Louisiana and Texas you are not safe. They have a template now to restore and increase the slaughter of the innocent. This is an unmitigated disaster. The constitutional amendment, backed by a campaign named Value Them Both, would have givenelected representatives the ability to pass legislation regulating abortion in Kansas, which was restricted after the state’s Supreme Court previously found the 1859 Kansas Constitution grants a “natural right” to abortion. At the time the AP called the race, voters had rejected the amendment by more than 20 percentage points.
51m     HEADLINE: Is America Raising a Generation of Idiots? by Anthony Esolen  The principle of the idiot is self-sufficiency, self-ownership. The motive force is self-will. You do not consider the common good. You want what you want, and that’s it. Notice that farming, viticulture, building, and political assembly all require a going-out of yourself, a deferral of gratification, a far-sighted plan for good things beyond the needs of the day and beyond the desires of the individual. The principle of the idiot is self-sufficiency, self-ownership. The motive force is self-will.  If we accept that unmarried men and women should be able to live together without social disapproval, the effects upon the family, long-range, will be calamitous. The child in the womb is a human life, innocent, and his mother and father are responsible for his existence, and should at least do him no harm until he is born. The idiot is irreligious—I am not saying that all irreligious people are idiots—because the self-enclosure that characterizes idiocy is too narrow, too small-minded, to admit what might strike the soul with awe. Zeus protects beggars and strangers, but the Cyclops doesn’t care about that, and makes bold to say so. QUESTION: What is Church’s Maximum 64? ANSWER: When a person or entity enters a public state they are by affirmation either religious or irreligious. 
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing  Doocy – You guys gave a whole country to a bunch of people that are on the FBI Most Wanted list. What did you think was going to happen? John Kirby – I take issue w/ the premise that we gave a whole country to terrorist groups. AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing Doocy – There are inconsistencies in whether or not the WH has always known Al-Qaeda was still in Afghanistan. John Kirby – In a major way, Al-Qaeda was not playing a major role. AUDIO/VIDEO: “Someone has been caused anxiety based on your social media post. And that is why you’re being arrested.” British policing, 2022. 
  1h53m   Special Guest Marc Morano Founder of Climate Depot  WEBSITE: HEADLINE: You are the pollution they want to eliminate! Study: Human ‘Pee a Problem Pollutant in the U.S.’ – ‘Can contribute to warming’ by Climate Depot This bill would have NO IMPACT on global emissions. Even if you do support this bill and do everything this bill claims, it won’t do a dent to anything. A billion here a billion there pretty soon we are talking real money here. People that eat too much protein or meat –  HEADLINE: Eating Too Much Protein Makes Pee a Problem Pollutant in the U.S. by Sasha Warren  Protein-packed diets add excess nitrogen to the environment through urine, rivaling pollution from agricultural fertilizers. Is oil a renewable resource?  Did the stone age die b/c there were no more stones? Where are we getting the electricity to charge the electric cars? They come from coal and oil that’s where. This is all a Magic Show. It is either tyranny or liberty – nothing else.
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  HEADLINE: Catholic Readers Respond To TLM Post by Rod Dreher  The Pope was sent the program with its lineup of notorious homosexualists — and of course he loved it.  One is from a TLM devotee who has lost her faith; the other is from an extremely courageous Catholic parish priest who is dealing with evil the likes of which most people cannot imagine. In the face of what I just read from those two readers, the comment I highlighted above is extremely glib. HEADLINE: The Liturgy Wars Have Become Doctrinal Wars by Eric Sammons 
  3h11m  Special Guest Brother Andre Marie Host of ReConquest aired only on the Crusade Channel. Follow Brother Andre on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre Contraception –  Pope Francis – comments on contraception and traditional Latin Mass Humanae Vitae –  The conclusions that were supposed to be sent to the Pope from that got leaked out and people really thought that the Pope was going to change the Churches stance on contraception.  Black Mark Against Fulton Sheen –  Back to Latin Mass: But know that dogma, morality, is always on a path of development, but always developing in the same direction…I think this is very clear: a Church that does not develop its thinking in an ecclesial sense, is a Church that is going backward. This is today’s problem, and of many who call themselves traditional. No, no, they are not traditional, they are people looking to the past, going backward, without roots – it has always been done that way, that’s how it was done last century. And looking backward is a sin because it does not progress with the Church. Tradition, instead, someone said (I think I said it in one of the speeches), tradition is the living faith of those who have died. Instead, for those people who are looking backward, who call themselves traditionalists, it is the dead faith of the living. Tradition is truly the root, the inspiration by which to go forward in the Church, and this is always vertical. And looking backward is going backward, it is always closed. HEADLINE: Life, Causality, and the Catholic-Protestant Divide by Brother Andre Marie HEADLINE: Saint Lydia (First Century) by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart  There are notable people that are exceptions to the Jesuit order. But besides though few, the Jesuits are in deep trouble. HEADLINE: What is Development of Doctrine? by Brother Andre Marie HEADLINE: The Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart  Scientism – everything cannot all be science Scientism begins w/ a denial of the first cause and says everything is secondary causality.  HEADLINE: The Dangers of Scientism (December, 1946) by Br Francis Maluf 
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