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Mike Church Show-The Demonic Left’s Gunnmint Is Now Actually Killing It’s Own Citizens

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Mike Church Show-The Demonic Left’s Gunnmint Is Now Actually Killing It’s Own Citizens

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The Hyde Amendment 

The Hyde Amendment and Coverage for Abortion Services – Since the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, abortion has been squarely in the middle of political debates at the national and state levels. Soon after the Court’s ruling, Congress enacted the Hyde Amendment, which blocks federal funds from being used to pay for abortion outside of the exceptions for rape, incest, or if the pregnancy is determined to endanger the woman’s life, resulting in dramatically limited coverage of abortion under Medicaid and other federal programs.1 Since it was first enacted over 40 years ago, the amendment has been sponsored and supported by legislators who oppose abortion and, in particular, object to the federal government’s use of taxpayer money for abortion services. The policy is not a permanent law, but rather has been attached as a temporary “rider” to the Congressional appropriations bill for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and has been renewed annually by Congress. While abortion policy has been a hotly contested issue in most presidential elections, the Hyde Amendment was not the focus of these debates until the 2016 election. While campaigning during the 2020 presidential election, President Joseph R. Biden called for the removal of the Hyde Amendment from congressional appropriations bills.2 While the president may have a position opposing the Hyde Amendment, any change to the policy would require approval by Congress. This brief details the federal programs that are affected by the Hyde Amendment and laws and regulations that have a similar goal, provides estimates on the share of women insured by Medicaid affected by the law, reviews the impact of the law on their access to abortion services, and discusses the potential effect if the law were to be repealed.

  • This is a NEW evil here. 
  • We talk here about secession but I think we may beyond secession at this point.

HEADLINE: Biden’s HHS Launches Abortion Access Website Following Far-Left Backlash by Eric Lendrum 

  • Did I not tell you last week that Merrick Garland would ultimately be called upon to wage legal battles in every state that life was protected in?
  • Mississippi and 9 other states pulled the trigger on NO abortion.
  • The government is now going to facility in the killing of citizens of sanctuary states.
  • QUESTION: What has Dobbs changed exactly?

AUDIO/VIDEO:  HHS Sec Becerra asked if it’s legal to assist in providing transportation for out of state abortions – I would tell you but uh, you’re recording so I won’t tell you.

  • If this isn’t a call to action, what is?
  July 4th Busiest Travel Weekend 

  • Workforce participation went down yet again and Delta Airlines is issuing waivers now so if you planned to travel this weekend, maybe you should change those plans.
   HEADLINE: The end of Covid-19 vaccine safety science in America by Toby Rogers 
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  HEADLINE: Biden Won’t Be Bragging About This Year’s July Fourth Cookout Prices Which Rose 17 Percent by Jordan Boyd 



Host of the Kennedy Profession

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  • QUESTION: Who are the villains in the Fatima story?
  • ANSWER: The Free Masons
  • Then we have the overturning of Roe v Wade.
  • His take has always been what does this mean when the rule of law is lost? 
  • This is what happened when Roe v Wade was overturned.
  • Obergefell v Hodges 
  • If you kill the beginning of life, you have no middle or end.
  • Loophole for abortion in Canada – it is deemed solely as a medical condition/procedure. 
  • Legislatures convene – establish life begins at conception, when the life begins the essence of the human is there, therefore the rights for the ____ citizen is there.
  • That makes it illegal to kill the citizen that is gestating. 
   HEADLINE: The Daily Wire, Which Now Boasts 890,000 Paid Subscribers, Signs Jordan Peterson To Its New DailyWire+ 
  HEADLINE: Beyond Bumper-Sticker Theology by Jerome German 

  • Positivism, of course, is scientifically untenable. Rejecting anything vaguely resembling the supernatural, it rests firmly upon the infinite universe hypothesis, which rests upon nothing at all and fails to rise to the level of a theory. A simple scientific reality is that all physical systems, left undirected, return to chaos. An infinity of return to chaos ends in infinite chaos, leaving no explanation whatsoever for order in the universe. 

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   AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden in Spain NATOBiden makes it clear that he wants to “codify Roe v. Wade in the law.” And if the filibuster gets in the way, they will make an exception.

As a Federal piece of jurisprudence Roe was blown away.

You can’t codify Roe into law, it no longer exists! 

AUDIO/VIDEO: In 2005, Joe Biden said eliminating the filibuster – would be an “arrogance of power” and a “fundamental power grab by the majority party.”


  • How about abolishing usury?



 HEADLINE: Snowballs Of Soft Totalitarianism by Rod Dreher

  • Our substance is we are made Imago Dei human.
  • All men are created to love God.
  • Who became a source of comfort for Thomas Paine?
  • The nuns in the cell next-door b/c they prayed the rosary every single day.
  • The hero of common sense wound up in a jail cell from the revolution that he helped start…true story.
  HEADLINE: ‘God, What Have I Done?’: Man Suing Health Care Provider Over Trans Surgery, Says ‘Avalanche’ of De-Transitioners Coming by Tre Goins-Phillips 
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