Mike Church Show-The Devil And Bella Dodd And The Continuing Threat Of Communism To Muricah with Paul Kengor

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Special Guest Paul Kengor 

Author of the Devil and Karl Marx and the Devil and Bella Dodd

  • The way this book developed, my co-author had a manuscript for Bella Dodd and no one had done anything on her yet.
  • TAN books wanted a sequel to The Devil and Karl Marx.
  • When Karl Marx wrote about the Devil it was in a positive way.
  • The total opposite of Bella Dodd, it is a story of redemption!
  • Fulton Sheen helps bring about her conversion away from the devil and toward Catholicism. 
  • I’m always surprised at the level of political depravity the Communism party had waging war against the human race and God and the Holy Family.
  • Women in Russia were already have 3 abortions per 1 live birth. 
  • 1 abortion every 3 births here in America at the time. 
  • Joseph Stalin – banned abortion b/c he feared they weren’t going to have a country if those numbers kept up.
  • By the 1970’s according to Soviet Health Administration, they were averaging 7-8 million abortions PER YEAR!
  • The Communist are still doing this in China today!
  • She had 600 Communist party public school teachers march in 1936 in Macy’s Day parade.
  • She was an amazing organizer.
  • It’s enemy was the human race.

Written by: Justin Redman