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Mike Church Show-The Minutemen Of Oregon Vote To Secede From Demonic Antifa & Its Demon Spawn, Portland

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    Mike Church Show-The Minutemen Of Oregon Vote To Secede From Demonic Antifa & Its Demon Spawn, Portland LoneRhody

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HEADLINE: Voters Say No to Endless Emergency by The Editorial Board 

  • Mr. Wolf has rivaled New York’s Andrew Cuomo in proving again that absolute power corrupts even elected officials absolutely. The Keystone State Governor declared his initial 90-day virus emergency in March 2020. It’s still in effect, and the latest extension takes it through Thursday. emergency stayed.
  • Voters finally rode to the rescue Tuesday with a pair of state constitutional amendments that will restore a healthier separation of powers. One limits the Governor’s emergency declarations to 21 days, unless the Legislature extends them. That passed 53% to 47%, according to the latest tally.
  • Courts rejected repeated attempts to end the governor’s disaster declaration or lift his orders, and Democratic lawmakers largely stuck with Wolf, leaving rep w/o a large enough majority to override his actions. 
  • In other words Governor Wolf basically told every single citizen go BLANK yourself, I’LL tell you what is good for you!
  • QUESTION: What can the citizens of PA actually do to stop Governor Wolf at this point?
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HEADLINE: Oregon Counties Vote to Secede Into Idaho by 

  • Oregon will be the size of Richard Barrett’s home state of Rhode Island.
  • These people are doing what I have been telling you to do.
  • They are telling the evil people “we are withdrawing, good luck to you”.

CHAZ = Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

  • This could set the whole thing off folks.
Joe Biden Tweet – ‘Get Vaccinated’

  • Yup, that’s it, that’s the big one.
  • This is just more proof the truth is winning. 
  • They are losing the fear grip they once had.
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Secession and the Constitution – 
1h27m  HEADLINE: “Everything Is On Fire” by Egon von Greyerz via GoldSwitzerland

  • What ultimately happened to Saturn?
  • GM bought them b/c they saw them as competition and they killed it right after acquiring it.
  • In a REAL market economy you would have more than just 3 providers of cars.
  • Free Market Economy – 
  • Have several different types of cars w/ the words LE CAR on the side and call it a day.

HEADLINE: Third Largest US Chicken Producer Runs Out Of Chicken Wings by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge

1h39m  SPECIAL GUEST: Joseph Pearce

Author of Small Is Still Beautiful, Shakespeare On Love, The Quest for Shakespeare, Further Up Further In and many other titles.

  • The Rule of the Rich
  • What we have now we didn’t have before is this internet/technology.
  • We’ve got to keep the people under the jackboot or they will take our power away from us.
  • They are all working together to keep the people under control.

HEADLINE: Slavery That Was, and Is, and Is to Come by Joseph Pearce

  • National boundaries get in the way of what their ultimate goal is.
  • There will be no democratic anything if they have their way with it.
  • There are parallels with the Star Wars movies – 
  • It will be the same fight…the fight for FREEDOM.
  • Magna Carter    All Nations Under God
  • Common Law
  • Roe v Wade 
  • Abortion and Pro-Choice
  • The increase in farming and homesteading.
  • More and more people are brewing beer, planting gardens etc
  • THIS is the GOOD that comes out of Tyranny. 
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 This coming Free Farm Friday (tomorrow) –

  • The Cheese Lady will make her debut!
  • We will learn how to make cheese!


 AUDIO/VIDEO: 5 or 6 yr old addresses school board committee on why she doesn’t want to wear a mask.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Kamala Harris – ‘as we emerge from the pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to shape the Nations future, to transform how we live, work and how we vote.’

  • Even if you think you won an election, you can now be told you did not.
  • You also have NO recourse.
  • Stacey Abrams in Georgia – 
2h44m  BACK TO HEADLINE: Everything Is On Fire

EXAMPLE: HSBC stated that March saw the highest number of mortgages EVER issued. In Sweden properties sell for up to 40% above asking price in a frenzied bidding war and second hand leisure boats are in such demand that they cost virtually the same as a new boat. And if you want a new boat, there is none available until 2022. It also seems that people are desperate for company after the lockdowns as prices for puppies in the UK are up to 100% higher than last year.

  • I thought we had like 6.2% unemployment?
  • I thought the US labor force began to recede again?
  • I though 6 million small businesses closed their doors forever?
  • So where is all this money/success coming from?


AUDIO/VIDEO: “You will own nothing, and you will be happy” – Rex van Schalkwyk opening remarks

  • This slogan or phrase was taken from a Communist poster.


  • Getting back to being just good ole’ fashioned broke
HEADLINE: Shocker: Why Is This Substance in the Moderna COVID Vaccine? by Jon Rappoport 

Moderna COVID Vaccine contains: SM-120

From OSHA -“For research use only, not for human or veterinary use.”

DANGERS/SIDE EFFECTS:  “Suspected of causing cancer. Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child. Causes damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, the liver and the respiratory system through prolonged or repeated exposure. Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.”

  • Where do you suppose this pee is going that is infected w/ SM-120?
  • We had the same aquatic issue w/ birth control, we STILL have this same issue.
  • They want to inject this into 6 month olds!
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Written by: LoneRhody

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