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Mike Church Show-The Mother Of Our Lord Will Lead Christian Men To Victory Over Evil

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Mike Church Show-The Mother Of Our Lord Will Lead Christian Men To Victory Over Evil

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  Ukraine and Russia

  • The United States is the best at picking the ‘winners and losers’ in most wars.
  • We know who WE want in power and those that WE want are pro whatever we want them to be for.
32m Nancy Pelosi and the Respect Marriage Act

  • Does she think putting to homos together is more beautiful than the Immaculate Conception of Mary?
  • I can’t imagine a regular human doing this much less a ‘devout’ Catholic doing this TODAY of all days!
  • We have Catholics that don’t even know or realize today is a Holy Day of Obligation.
  • One simply cannot reconcile the two things here w/ Nancy.

HEADLINE: The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (17 B.C.) by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 

  HEADLINE: New Zealand government tries to seize guardianship of baby after parents demand unvaccinated blood for surgery by Jon Brown 
36m HEADLINE: America’s Education System Is So Bad, Even Leftists Are Homeschooling Their Kids by Auguste Meyrat 
  HEADLINE: Texas Bans TikTok From Government Devices, Joining Several Other GOP-Led States by Mimi Nguyen Ly 
  HEADLINE: With FBI Supervisor’s Admission Of Feds’ Synergy With Big Tech, The ‘Private Company’ Defense Is Dead by Jordan Boyd 
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  HEADLINE: In Moore v. Harper, SCOTUS Could Decide Who Gets The Final Say In A 2024 Election Dispute by John You and Robert Delahunty 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker CarlsonIt is pretty clear that Zelensky has no interest in freedom & democracy. He is a dangerous authoritarian who has used $100B in US tax dollars to erect a one-party police state in Ukraine.
1h42m BREAKING NEWS – Brittney Griner released by Russia in 1-for-1 prisoner swap for arms dealer Viktor Bout by Andres Triay, Pat Milton and Margaret Brennan 

  • Why would they release an arms dealer for this WNBA player?
  • None of this makes sense.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Justin TrudeauUnfortunately we’re seeing a rise in polarization and hatred and intolerance. It is unacceptable that these narratives are growing.

  • How is it these people, can say they see these things but never prove these people exist? 



HEADLINE: The Pentagon Marches Off to Climate War by The Editorial Board via the Wallstreet Journal 

  • We have a REAL war and it is with the Chinese.
  • They want us to become Communist and they don’t want to compete w/ us in there hemisphere for commerce. 
  • It isn’t a well kept secret we throw millions to Chinese to build things for us. 
  • In other words, this is a back door for the Administration to force businesses across the economy to report and reduce their CO2 emissions. It goes even further than the Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposed rule requiring publicly traded companies to report Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing 

Karine Jean-Pierre – Republicans in Congress have decided that they’d rather fight against the health & wellbeing of our troops than protecting them.


Reporter – Will the DOJ and Georgias new election law, w/ record turnout drop their lawsuit?

Karine Jean-Pierre – What I can say, not into specifics but there was suppression, we saw that throughout the Georgia election. Even with that the American people came out.

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2h27m AUDIO/VIDEO: Project Veritas exposes Joe Bruno Dean of Students at Francis W Parker in ChicagoHe is bragging about passing around butt plugs and dildos. 

  • The administration came out in support of this curriculum and have basically doubled down.
  • They want to be called Butt Plug U apparently. 
  • These kids are 14-18 and this administration doesn’t see anything wrong w/ them being handed butt plugs, dildos and lube.
  HEADLINE: The Centrality of Womanhood by Jerome German 

  • Woman is the hub of the family and, therefore, the hub of humanity. Destroying that hub grinds civilization to a halt—and along with it, all that is humane. 
  • What is a woman? seems to be the question of the moment. It’s a preschool-level question, to be sure. And like every other subject of grave importance, the nothing-can-be-known-for-sure crowd will admit to no objective truth even for that which is obvious to a four-year-old. 


HEADLINE: Conservatives’ Women Problem by Carrie Gress 

  • There has been a lot of chatter since the midterms about how women voted, breaking significantly toward the Democratic Party. Although the issue isn’t new, it has become the elephant in the electoral room. Conservatives can tackle it by understanding the roots that buttress women’s votes instead of hoping it will go away on its own.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Dylan Mulvaney (guy pretending to be a girl)Carries around Tampons just in case anyone needs one. I know I don’t use them b/c I don’t have a uterus. 

  • Tampax doesn’t care where or how it gets its money.
  • This is THE problem.
  • They don’t even care if someone is purchasing their products w/ funds they made from shaving the forearm of a child to form a fake penis.
  BACK to Carrie Gress – 

  • As a culture, we need to re-embrace what it means to be a woman—with all the beautiful and vital relationships that come from being a wife and mother. This isn’t just a matter of preference, but truly for us and for future generations, a matter of life or death.


HEADLINE: It Doesn’t Stop in the Womb by Michael Warren Davis 

  • The Times’s position is perfectly clear. Giselle should have been allowed to kill her daughters in the womb. She would be better off. Frankly, her daughters would probably be better off, too. 
  • Once you accept the principle that some babies are simply better off dead, then you must eventually conclude that some children and grown-ups are better off dead, too. If one human life is disposable, then every human life is disposable.   
  • Someday, those girls will grow up. They will get laptops and smartphones. They will search their name, as we all do at some point. And they will find that the New York Times ran an 8,000-word article on why they should have been killed in their mother’s womb. They will know that millions of American progressives looked at their beautiful little faces and wished that they were dead. I hope they will find this article, too, somehow, and know that they are wanted, and valued, and loved.
3h24m HEADLINE: Texas Bans TikTok From Government Devices, Joining Several Other GOP-Led States by Mimi Nguyen Ly 
  HEADLINE: Indiana sues TikTok, citing safety and security concerns by Arleigh Rodgers

  • Republican Attorney General Todd Rokita claimed in a complaint filed Wednesday that while the social video app says it is safe for users 13 years and older, the app contains “salacious and inappropriate content” available to young users “for unlimited periods of time, day and night, in an effort to line TikTok’s pockets with billions of dollars from U.S. consumers.” 
  • Let me just point one thing out about this – 
  BREAKING AUDIO/VIDEO: “While his legal reasoning is twisted and unsound, we must take Justice Thomas at his word and the hateful movement behind him at their word.” – Nancy Pelosi 
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