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Mike Church Show-The SCOTUS Has THE Case, Moore VS Harper, That Could Save A Part Of The Union

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Mike Church Show-The SCOTUS Has THE Case, Moore VS Harper, That Could Save A Part Of The Union

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Moore vs Harper 

  • In Moore v. Harper, the Supreme Court will decide whether the North Caro­lina Supreme Court has the power to strike down the legis­lature’s illeg­ally gerry­mandered congres­sional map for viol­at­ing the North Caro­lina Consti­tu­tion. The legis­lat­ors have argued that a debunked inter­pret­a­tion of the U.S. Consti­tu­tion — known as the “inde­pend­ent state legis­lature theory” — renders the state courts and state consti­tu­tion power­less in matters relat­ing to federal elec­tions.

Gerrymandering = In representative democracies, gerrymandering is the political manipulation of electoral district boundaries with the intent of creating undue advantage for a party, group, or socio-economic class within the constituency. The manipulation may consist of “cracking” or “packing”.

  • It was Patrick Henry that did this first unsuccessfully by trying to stop Madison from being elected to the Congress.
  • Dividing Congressional Districts in geographical way is a massively dumb idea.
  • Moore vs Harper
  • WHY DID THE COURT (SCOTUS) TAKE THE CASE? The Supreme Court has not explained why it decided to take the case, although that’s not unusual. However, some justice’s state­ments at earlier points in the case shed some light. When the Supreme Court denied emer­gency relief to the gerry­man­der­ers in March, three justices — Justices Samuel Alito, Clar­ence Thomas, and Neil Gorsuch — voiced support for the theory, as they had previ­ously done in other dissent­ing opin­ions in 2020 elec­tions cases. A fourth justice — Brett Kavanaugh — voted to leave the court-approved map in place for the 2022 elec­tions, but he said that he saw “serious arguments” on both sides.
  • They wanted these people sworn in to do their solemn duty.
  • There wasn’t some nameless paper voting.
  • It was a momentous decision and the STATE signed off on it.
  • Not just a bunch of random people that wondered in to vote for FREE stuff.
  • The courts do not get to draw the congressional districts. 
  • If the court sides w/ Moore and they use the same as they did w/ Dobbs, this is a counter-revolution. 
  • It will rollback Obergefell and many many others. 
  • If THIS SCOTUS sides w/ Moore, the left will truly lose it!
  • You think Florida is on a roll now, if Moore wins DeSantis will run with this!
  • Brown v Board of Education none of those matter but they refer to the states, states must admit minorities to the voting process.
  • It doesn’t say you FAVOR one over the other just that you have to admit them in.
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HEADLINE: FBI seizes My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s phone via The Post Millennial 

  • Lindell said that they began asking him questions about Colorado and Dominion voting machines, and eventually told him that they had “some bad news.”
  • All this guy has done is try to find out what happened to the voting in the 2020 election which has now been made illegal by this Regime.
  • What business is it of the FBI of what Mike Lindell says about an event that happened in 2020 and it was all public record?
  • They projected what Lindell would do. 
  • They told him NOT to tell everyone they took his phone and the first thing he did was tell everyone. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: BabylonBee SkitEx-Californians having trouble adjusting to life in Texas

AUDIO/VIDEO: FULL BabylonBee Ex-Californians Move To Texas 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Peter Doocy on FOXBiden will celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act just a few hours after he said inflation was flat.




HEADLINE: Core Producer Prices Hotter-Than-Expected In August As Services Cost Rise via ZeroHedge 

HEADLINE: Futures Try To Rebound From Biggest Market Rout In Over Two Years via ZeroHedge 

  • So if you are looking to buy a home, you better lock in the % rate NOW, TODAY because this will go up again for a second time in the not too distant future.
  • Paul Volkert – Feb 1981 appointed by Ronald Reagan – he told Reagan he had to raise it by 300 points. It would get worse for a while then stay the course and it will get better. 
  • QUESTION: Here is the question ——- DID IT WORK?
  • Savings accounts grew, you could take the capitol combined w/ funds available etc
  • Even though Biden appoints the Federal Reserve chairman he can’t and doesn’t tell them what to do.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi’s Speech at Inflation Reduction Act CelebrationWhat a beautifully named for all that it does, it cuts cost for kitchen table items.
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi’s Speech at Inflation Reduction Act CelebrationYour extraordinary leadership has made his glorious day possible. (no one claps) I…Um that’s an applause line.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden at Inflation Reduction Act CelebrationFrom the time I got to the Senate some 720 years ago…that’s how long we’ve been fighting.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden at Inflation Reduction Act CelebrationFor this fiscal year 1 trillion 500 billion reduction in the deficit so I don’t want to hear it anymore, we spend but we pay.
















HEADLINE:  The Exaltation of the Holy Cross (629) by the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

HEADLINE: What’s in That Prayer? The Exaltation of the Holy Cross by Brother Andre Marie 

There is power associated with relics.

Father Richard Heilman has a piece of the True Cross – 

  • There is a church in Rome that has a prominent place in that book – The Church (Basilica) of Jerusalem 
  • The Everlasting Man by GK Chesterton now available in the Founders Tradin Post

HEADLINE: Taking the Measure of Relics of the True Cross by Thomas Craughwell 

HEADLINE: Count Dracula and the Holy Cross by KV Turley 

  • The father painted the first icon of his son.
  • The serpent – 
  • Everyone who looks on it will be healed.
  • Jesus later says ‘I will be lifted up’ – stating if you a believer do that you will be saved.
  • The parable of the Vineyard – where Our Lord talks about sending people in to collect and they kill them then the master says I will send my son surely they won’t kill him. They kill him b/c they think they can inherit it all. Then of course the master then sends his army to slaughter them all.
  • We have to operate willingly b/c we have free will.
  • If you really want to sue, sue the guy that printed it b/c he would be compelled to say who the author is.
  • That is the fastest way to find out who wrote the hit piece. 
  • #HungoverWoodstockBabies 
  • He has been assaulted in person – he had flaming homosexuals were jumping up and down on his car as he was trying to drive away – Joe Doyle

HEADLINE: Reflections on the Second Elizabethan Age by Joe Doyle 

ReConquest Episode 343: How Grace is Divided

  AUDIO/VIDEO: CNN – Showing Biden’s IRA Celebrationhas to mention it is hard to celebrate b/c the split screen shows the Dow is taking a total beating.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson – The FBI has just raided the guy who sells pillows on this channel, not b/c the pillows are bad but b/c they don’t like who he voted for.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Josh Hawley at Twitter hearing yesterdaythere are 4,000 Twitter employees that can access personal user data & could potentially dox individuals. 

  HEADLINE: Twitter Was Notified at Least 1 Chinese Spy Was on Company’s Payroll, Whistleblower Testifies by Cathy He 
  HEADLINE: Boston Marathon creates new division for ‘non-binary’ runners by Iam Miles Cheong 

  • The requirements for non-binary runners matches the qualifying times women in the marathon are subject to. Essentially, biological males who identify as non-binary will be subject to lower requirements than those who enlist as male runners.
  HEADLINE: The Regime’s ‘Operation MAGA Fascist’ Gains Ground by Julie Kelly

  • “Americans who dare doubt the results, a popular political sport for Democrats over the past four years, are now vilified as ‘insurrectionists’ and plenty of our fellow countrymen want it punished accordingly.”
  • Nearly 900 Americans face criminal charges for mostly nonviolent participation in the Capitol protest; lives have been destroyed, even ended, as a result of this cruel, vengeful prosecution recently rebranded the “Capitol Siege” investigation by Graves’ office. The weapons used in the first war on terror—secret surveillance, invasive investigation, armed raids, torture, and political prisons to name a few tactics—have been aimed at Trump supporters across the country in a show of force and intimidation.
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