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Mike Church Show-The Sheer Volume Of Propaganda Being Thrown At Us Proves The Regime Is At War With Us

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Mike Church Show-The Sheer Volume Of Propaganda Being Thrown At Us Proves The Regime Is At War With Us

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Trevor Noah to journalist at the WH Correspondents Dinner‘Since you’ve come into office, things are really looking up. Gas is up, rent is up, food is up, everything!’

  • That is what they think of you.
  • You are a punchline.
  • You are here for their comic relief. 


HEADLINE: Rachel Levine says pediatricians all agree on importance of ‘gender-affirming care’ for children by Jon Brown 

  • This is how deranged even FOX news is.
  • Sometimes they play a good game though.
  • Why is this news outlet calling an obvious man a female in this article?
  • Why even feed into the transgender frenzy?
  • This is the same language they used during COVID.
  • ‘There isn’t one single doctor that disagrees w/ mask wearing for safety.’
  • This guy claims that the use of two sexes is causing the transgender children to commit suicide.
  • So the LANGUAGE is wrong thus causing them to kill themselves. 
  • So it’s our fault.




HEADLINE: Freedom of Speech in Wartime by Frank Wright

People w/ the I Stand With Ukraine – what about the American people that are suffering? 

  • Do they not count?
  • We have mothers that can’t find formula for their babies.
  • We have people that can’t afford food to feed their families.
  • They can’t put gas in their cars.
  • In other words everything these elites said would hurt the Russians has only hurt America and other countries.
  • NATO is doing this!
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1h19m BACK to Frank Wright Substack – 

FROM THE ARTICLE: The peace dividend was supposed to be the benefit of the new era of cooperation and friendship which was to replace the Cold War. It was to be derived precisely from the elimination of enormous military budgets, inflated by the arms race between NATO and the Soviet Union. The money was supposed instead to spent on improving your life at home.

  • Why do we have, in the free America, a Ministry of Disinformation?
  • This is straight out of Harry Potter!
  • Harry Potter is FICTION!!!!

AUDIO: Pfizer commercial for Ivermectin/Hydroxycholroquin pills (oral treatments for COVID-19)

HEADLINE: Pfizer is running TV ads recommending people take ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak, and fluvoxamine if they get COVID by Steve Kirsch 

Whatever resources you still have that they need, they will take from you.

CONCLUSION: The Regime is real, and it favours these means of dominating its populations whilst maintaining an appearance of moral legitimacy. Refusing open repression in favour of limits on speech, it governs by coercion through relentless and intrusive propaganda. Its policing favours the insane and the unstable. Its memes appeal to those whose minds it has already broken.

The Regime is absolutely corrupt and has no legitimacy – moral, political or otherwise. It is literally bankrupt. Our birthright has not been sold for a mess of pottage – it has been squandered in a mess which may soon get much, much worse.

   AUDIO/VIDEO: The Culture Secretary Nadine Dorriesadmits that a totally opaque disinformation unit in government works day in day out to extrajudicially remove lawful speech the government doesn’t like from the internet, the unit should be shut down now!

HEADLINE: Biden Establishes a Ministry of Truth by Roger Koppl and Abigail Devereaux 

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Libs of TikTokDiscovery+ just announced a new show called ‘GENERATION DRAG’ which follows 5 teen drag queens to document their drag journey as they find their identities. 

  • Why is it always the MOTHERS that instigate and lead on this?
  • The destruction of the family has always been the primary objective. 
1h51m BOOK – Introductory Note – 

  • If there is no family there is no state.
  • The primary unit in the family is the mother.
  • You completely corrupt her, there will be NO FAMILY remaining. 

FROM THE CHATROOM: Funny how Russian parents don’t have to worry about Discovery and Disney pedos grooming their kids.

FROM THE CHATROOM: When you remove the Momma Bear, the cubs become easy prey.


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  • When the state wages war against it’s own future, it has no future.
  • It is time to leave this union.
  • A state that allows it’s youth to transition from one sex to another – has no future!
  • There is no going back.
2h28m  HEADLINE: The Great Reset: Cyber-attacks on America’s Food Supply Have Started by Emerald Robinson

  • When will the MSM address the elephant in the room?
  • These food processing ‘accidents’ can’t be just coincidental.
  • Is this a controlled demolition of our food supply?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Klaus Schwab – founder of the World Economic Forum, previously predicted a cyber attack that will bring the entire world to a couple halt. He said the Cyber Pandemic will make COVID look like a small disturbance in comparison. 






AUDIO/VIDEO: USAID administrator Samantha Powerfertilizer shortages are real, the lack of fertilizer supply from Russia is leading countries to develop ‘natural solutions’ like manure. Never let a crisis go to waste, but we need financial support from Congress to meet emergency needs. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: President Trump at Nebraska Rally‘Our biggest threat remains the sick, sinister and evil people from w/in our country. They’re a bigger threat than the outside threat w/ Russia & Ukraine. You must never forget this nation does not belong to them, it belongs to you.’

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden to journalist at the WH Correspondents Dinner‘Why are we still doing this? Well everyone in attendance is double vaxxed and boosted, yes even all the journalists from Fox News.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Emerald Robinson – Kevin McCarthy’s Days in DC – HELL TOUPEE FOR KEVIN MCCARTHY

AUDIO/VIDEO: Nancy PelosiPeople think that the president of the US has the power for debt forgiveness, he does not he can only delay payments. Congress however does have that power.

  • I disagree w/ her here. The President can say Congress passed this act ‘x’ but I’m vetoing that clause or this bill or act. This has gone on since George Washington.
  • Congress appropriates the money the Executive does NOT have to spend it.
  • The Executive executes the law.
  • Cabinets – that is why they exist!
  • The states that are the most liberal are walking talking debts. NONE of them are paying their debts…NONE of them.


HEADLINE: ‘Transhood’ Documentary Shows Why Kids Are Incapable Of Making Irreversible Medical Decisions by Eddie Scary 

From the Show: Avery, the 7-year-old, is very obviously used by his weird mother as a prop for her political activism. Avery is prostituted out on the cover of National Geographic, like an animal.

  • We have already told you all of this several times over here on this channel. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: HighWire w/ Del Bigtree and Catherine Austin Fitts

time stamp 2:03:32


  • Avery hates all of it!
  • This is ensure the extinction of the family.
  • This is ensuring that young girls never become mothers.
  • The question you need to ask yourself is what are you ready, right now to do about it?
  HEADLINE: New Zealand Borders Open to International Visitors After Almost 800 Days by Rebecca Zhu

  • The COVID doom is over, the 1st wave of it is over.
   HEADLINE: Clash of Christianities: Why Europe Cannot Understand Russia by Pepe Escobar 
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