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Mike Church Show-There’s Something Happening Here… As Tradition Becomes a Boom-Town!

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    Mike Church Show-There’s Something Happening Here… As Tradition Becomes a Boom-Town! LoneRhody

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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26m Elian Gonzalez – 

  • Do you all remember Elian Gonzalez Saga?
  • Remember Janet Reno and the Border Patrol forceably removing the 6 year old from the home in an early morning raid?

HEADLINE: Why the Elián Gonzalez saga resonates 20 years later by Jess Swanson and Angel Garcia

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jen Psaki – Freudian slip? – “There are smugglers making their own pushes about how this is the time to come over.”

  • If the administration knows there are smugglers, why aren’t we stopping them?
HEADLINE: Envy and Resentment Drive Discrimination Against Asian Americans by Anne Hendershott 

  • These Asians that are being killed are being killed and beaten b/c of their success not inspire of it.

NEWSFLASH: the damage/violence being done is being done by African American people. 

  • NOLA South Vietnamese – that crime is done by African Americans here.
  • WHY? The South Vietnamese took over the shrimping industry. 
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Pantene LGBTQAI+ Commercial

  • This is straight up child abuse.
HEADLINE: Well-known veterinarian charged with child porn and ‘animal crushing’ had sex with dogs, feds say by T. Grant Benson




HEADLINE: What Is Cancel Culture? by Evan Gerstmann 


  • Photo from 1930’s of Grandma Pearl Peel wearing black face during her local drama production.


  • Cancel culture also represents the rejection of empirical data and academic freedom.
  • “A highly punitive approach to disagreement or perceived transgressions, based on strict fidelity to ideology (usually progressive) that elevates performative outrage over dialogue, factual inquiry, or respect for values such as free speech or fair process. It rejects the value of ideological diversity. It is often exercised by powerful corporations, editors, academic administrators, or unaccountable attackers operating through anonymous social media platforms. It rejects the distinction between offense and harm, between disagreement and discrimination, and between words and actions. It often reduces complex issues to a binary view such as one can only be “anti-racist” or “racist”. It rejects the importance of a person’s intent in making a statement and refuses to take into account how long ago a statement was made, the person’s age at the time they made it, or whether the statement in any way reflects a person’s current thinking.”
  • Nothing would break them in the Vendee.
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 HEADLINE: Profanity is Ignorance Made Audible
2h30m Special Guest Joy McConnell

Committees of Correspondence 

  • What is the purpose of this directory?

Business Directory section – 

Catholic Community – one Traditional Latin Mass in the state and they are even doing the face mask stuff. They have completely abandoned us.

  • The catch phrase here is “Masks A Must”
  • A Directory like Diners Drive-Ins and Dives
  • You will be able to click the state of your choosing, and get a list of non-mask friendly businesses.
  • The fall out has just begun.
2h50m  Special Guest Michael Hichborn

Founder of The Lepanto Institute 

Follow Michael Hichborn on Twitter: @LepantoInst

CCHD – PAC doesn’t actually appear to exsist.

  • We called and got “the number you have dialed is not in service”
  • We started looking for an address for PATH.
  • Democratic Nashville Democracy Committee 
  • CCHD broke it’s grant guidelines then to compound that the entity doesn’t even exists. 
  • How do we know CCHD isn’t giving money to other nefarious organizations?
  • By their own admission they are willing to break their own rules to circumvent who gets the money b/c they know the people in the pews don’t agree with these organizations.
  • This is the feeling of many Catholics, they feel abandoned by the Catholic Church.
  • Someone that has never been to a Catholic function, they will wonder why aren’t they talking to ME, why aren’t they facing ME?
3h33m  HEADLINE: Building Back Better, You Say? It’s All About Scale by James Howard Kunstler

  • Suburbia requires a sturdy middle class. That broad demographic is dissolving from the bottom up. They were losing ground even before the virus, but now the rot is advancing rapidly, with small businesses dying and livelihoods with them. It may not have hit you in your strata, but it’s coming for you. Mortgage forbearances can’t go on forever, though they have been extended again to later this spring. Then what? Is there ever a reckoning, or do we just go incrementally Soviet—turn foreclosed private housing into government-owned housing that you are suffered to live in more or less gratis, minus regular maintenance? How will your neighbors behave in houses they no longer care about? How will that affect the neighborhood?
  • People are realizing there is something seriously wrong out there and they don’t want to be apart of it anymore.
  • This isn’t right vs left anymore.
  • God will ultimately determine when it is time.
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Written by: LoneRhody

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