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Mike Church Show-We Could Use A Homo And Heretic Slapping Bishop Like Saint Nicholas Today!

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Mike Church Show-We Could Use A Homo And Heretic Slapping Bishop Like Saint Nicholas Today!

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HEADLINE: Catholic student center in Nebraska receives shooting threat, signed ‘Jane’s Revenge’ by Joe Bukuras 

  • “If our right to abortion in Bellevue is taken away due to the attempt to pass an abortion ban and it gets passed[,] we will shoot up your Newman center with our new AR-74 rifles. Sincerely, Jane’s Revenge.”  
  • The note was addressed to Father Dan Andrews, pastor of the St. John Paul II Newman Center. 
  • “The Biden administration is laying the groundwork for deadly violence against pro-lifers while they support violence against those in the womb. They must act.” 
  • May I make the point, it is a written version of this show called a Substack.
  • Part I the United States is a Union, NOT a Sovereign Nation.
  • Part II 
  • If there ever was a ‘nation’ in the strict sense of the word, it is gone.
  • It has been replaced by a collection of competing factions. 
  • Divergent Series FACTIONS: 
  • Dauntless – brave
  • Amity – kind
  • Erudite – intelligent
  • Abnegation – selfless
  • Candor – honest
  • If you are going to have a representative republic, you need to get your terms right.
  • We are splitting up into factions here in America today.
  • You have the libertarian faction, the conservative faction, the liberal faction, the fiscal faction etc
  • I think this is what Donald Trump was hinting at in his Truth Social message.
  • You wanna’ dance, let’s dance.
  HEADLINE: Balenciaga drops $25M lawsuit against producers of disturbing campaign by Adriana Diaz and Tracy Swartz 
  Casey Anthony Documentary on Peacock 

  • After watching this documentary and after seeing several other documentaries I now have the thoughts that Casey didn’t kill her child her father did.
  • Her father molested her for years and she was groomed and conditioned to basically do whatever he asked and demanded of her.
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Casey Anthony Documentary on Peacock 

  • I think the Orlando police department put blinders on and all they could see was her as the killer.
  • They didn’t even look into her father because he was a former police officer and he knew how to sway or push an investigation. 
  • Had I not seen Friend of the Family it would have been difficult to see the connection b/w the two girls behaviors.
  • I came away thinking this poor child.
  • Casey is a victim and was a victim all her life.
  • Casey Anthony is rotting in jail and Orlando had a grand jury and they called her father George to testify.
  • He was the states MAIN witness! 
  • You will never know what he said to that Grand Jury b/c all things are sealed in a Grand Jury trial.
  • You think of what they did to her and how they treated her.
  • The police department was 100% duped by George Anthony.

Apple TV show SERVANT

Servant = Premise. A wealthy Philadelphia couple, Dorothy and Sean Turner, experience a fracture in their marriage after the death of their thirteen-week-old son, Jericho. The couple undergo transitory object therapy using a lifelike reborn doll after Dorothy experiences a full psychotic break.

  • This stuff sadly happens all the time in America.
  • The American justice system is completely corrupt and we all know it.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker CarlsonThanks to the Twitter Files revealed on Friday night, we know the 1st Amendment has been violated more profoundly than at any time in our lives.

Incorporation Doctrine – 

  • Note the 1st Amendment says CONGRESS shall make no law!
  • I’m telling you we will never get to secession w/o getting rid of the incorporation doctrine.
  • The states can do everything the Federal Government can do.

HEADLINE: The Future Of The First Amendment Hinges On The 303 Creative Case Before The Supreme Court by David Harsanyi 

  • The 1st amendment has nothing to do with this.
  • Unless the Federal government forced her to do something then the 1st amendment doesn’t apply. 
  • First off, if leftists insist on framing the speech debate as a binary choice between compulsion and discrimination … then yes, free expression, explicitly laid out in the Constitution, should trump the right of a stranger to walk into a store and demand the owner say something he does not believe. Using Sotomayor’s identitarian calculus, a shopkeeper would never be able to refuse the demands of any customer who happened to be gay.  
  • If we want a diverse and open society — and I’m highly skeptical that’s the goal of Cole or Sotomayor — one side of the cultural divide can’t be empowered to crush the economic lives of anyone who dissents. There are thousands of businesses that will bake the cake or create the website. Public-accommodation laws were meant to stop discrimination against minorities, not compel minorities to promote the political and theological positions of the majority.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen John Kennedy – I don’t eat kale. You know why? Because kale tastes to me like I’d rather be fat!


Reporter – With respect to misinformation, these files were released and decisions were made to censor people, does the WH think these decisions were good?

Karine Jean-Pierre – Look we see this as a coincidence that Elon would so haphazardly release this information. This is old news and they aren’t addressing the rise in hate and anger on their platform.

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2h26m HEADLINE: France Bans Certain Domestic Flights Where There’s a Train Route Available— Here’s What You Need to Know by Alison Fox 

  • If you are going to Europe you are probably going to land in France.
  • Train from Paris to Nates or Chartres or Clermont-Ferrand.
  • They can’t do this in Germany b/c they don’t have the electricity to do this.
  • Amtrak 
  • What stands in their way?
  Saint Nicholas 

HEADLINE: Whatever Happened to Saint Nicholas? by Father Dwight Longenecker 

HEADLINE: St. Nicholas: Hidden Patron of America by Daniel Dougherty 

HEADLINE: Why I Love St. Nicholas by Charles Coulombe 

FROM Father Dwight Longenecker: Eleven years later publisher William B. Gilley brought out Sante Claus, The Children’s Friend. Now the gift-giving saint arrived from the North in a sleigh with flying reindeer. This image along with a cute, didactic poem sealed Bishop Nicholas’ fate. Not only was Sante Claus in a sleigh with reindeer, but he arrived on Christmas Eve—not December sixth, and he arrived with a ghastly new idea: He now “had a list and was checking it twice.” He was “gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.” Put in the language of the 1821 poem, he had a ”long, black birchen rod… directs a Parent’s hand to use when virtue’s path his sons refuse.” His gifts were respectable and safe: “pretty doll… peg-top, or a ball; no crackers, cannons, squibs, or rockets to blow their eyes up, or their pockets. No drums to stun their Mother’s ear, nor swords to make their sisters fear; but pretty books to store their mind with knowledge of each various kind.”

  • Luther and the Protestants have a problem with this one because the kids and adults just won’t go along with this one. 
  • His feast is observed in so many different ways by so many different peoples in testimony to the love they bear him. His reputation as a gift-giver comes from his saving three daughters of a ruined merchant from a life of infamy by flinging three bags of gold into their home on three successive nights; he is resorted to as a wonderworker both by his having revived dead boys and because of the miraculous manna that has flowed from his bones since his death — and continues to work miraculous cures.
3h15m Life of Washington (written by Mike Church)

Washington Irving – 

  • We can take solace in that the Bishop may have planted enough in his mind to make a perfect confession at his time of death.
  • We can have hope and pray.
  • God is so merciful so we don’t know what He did w/ Irvings soul.
  • Daughters of the American Revolution that run Mount Vernon will tell you it was an urban legend.
  • He did attend a few Catholic Masses and that he knew several Priests. 
  • Ladies Association of Mount Vernon is very adamant about them not knowing with 100% certainly that he did or didn’t convert on his death bed.
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