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Mike Church Show-While Pelosi’s FBI Hunts #MAGA Moms Down From Jan 6th, Muslim Madmen Plot Mass Murder.

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    Mike Church Show-While Pelosi’s FBI Hunts #MAGA Moms Down From Jan 6th, Muslim Madmen Plot Mass Murder. LoneRhody

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25m Colorado Shooter – 

  • Why is the FBI wasting time on facial recognition to hunt down MAGA people that were at the Capitol January 6th and NOT focusing on actual terrorist?
  • Why wasn’t this guy on a watch list? 

HEADLINE: FBI searches the Syrian-born Boulder gunman’s $800K family home: More Facebook posts surface of the 21-year-old’s rants about Trump, Islamophobia and phone hacking – while police report shows he ‘beat up a school bully who called him a terrorist’ by Valerie Edwards, Jennifer Smith, Emily Crane and Ruth Styles

  • Why couldn’t FB do anything about his posts praising other terrorist?
  • FB found Mike Church’s post using the term ‘faggot’. 
Matt Gaspers Twitter – #CatholicTwitter, please pray for the repose of the soul of #EricTalley, a @boulderpolice officer killed in the line of duty during the #KingScoopers #BoulderCO shooting today. Officer Talley (age 51) was a faithful Catholic and attended the TLM. Requiescat in pace. 

Here is his FULL Muslim name which no one is willing to print in their headlines – Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa

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 HEADLINE: Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador blames migrant crisis on Biden by Emily Jacobs 
 TODAY in HISTORY  –  Arnaud Jean-Georges Beltrame was a lieutenant colonel in the French Gendarmerie nationale and deputy commander of the Departmental Gendarmerie’s Aude unit, who was murdered by a terrorist at Trèbes after having exchanged himself for a hostage. He was a recent Catholic convert. Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him.





  • Is it all Biden’s fault?
  • Is it all Kamala Harri’s fault?

HEADLINE: Everything Is Broken by Alana Newhouse

MAIN TAKEAWAY – Seduced by convenience, we end up paying for the flattening of our own lives. It is not an accident that progressive ideas spread faster on the internet. The internet is a car that runs on flatness; progressive politics—unlike either conservatism or liberalism—are flatness.

Military – promoting diversity, this isn’t what a military does.

WE have to do something  before we have a full blown Russia here in the USA.

  • We are teetering with the idea but we aren’t there just yet. There is still time to turn this train around.





Grace Olmstead Newsletter – Granola

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  • It will be monthly. I think the incessant updates we’ve gotten used to in the internet era can impede real thoughtfulness and consideration. Important stuff regularly gets sidelined or forgotten in the rush of the 24/7 news cycle. This newsletter will strive to cultivate a long-term perspective on a handful of stories, issues, and ideas that we tend to forget or sideline in the rush. 
  • It will focus on farms, community, home, food, and books. These are topics that really matter to me, topics that I have absolutely loved discussing with many of you. They’re topics that often get ignored because they are not all that flashy. But they speak to important dilemmas that need attention—and help us cultivate the true, the good, and the beautiful in our personal lives. (They’re also bipartisan in a lot of ways, and so I hope they can give us opportunities to explore common ground in a very polarized time!)  
  • It will (hopefully!) cultivate community. My goal for this newsletter is to build a larger conversation. To that end, I’m hoping to have “guest hosts” who share their own thoughts, favorite articles/essays, and current reads/recipes. I will share an artisan, farmer, or thinker in each newsletter who readers might like to follow and learn more about. And I am also hoping people will share their thoughts and feedback on the articles I share below, as well as share stories they’ve been reading.
  • This is very similar to what we are doing on Friday – Free Farm Friday



SPECIAL GUEST – Christopher Laurence

  • Is this cultural or is a form of idolatry? 
  • The Pagan worship of Statism. 
  • The elevation of evil as good and not the true evil it is.
  • I think we do better by just claiming it.
  • Are you using your talent to reflect the good, true and beautiful? 
  • New documentary out about it – PBS
  • SI QUA VIRTUS – Crusade Channel


  • Hollywood has said to move out of the small towns and into the big cities.
  • They depict all small towns as having idiots in them.
  • They also depict all DADS as bumbling idiots.
  • This is all done on purpose.
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HEADLINE: UK To Make Vaccines Mandatory For Health Workers by Steve Watson via Summit News 


 SPECIAL GUEST – Brother Andre Marie 

Follow Brother Andre Marie on Gab and Twitter – @Brothere_Andre

Host of the ReConquest show aired only on The Crusade Channel.

Doug Bersaw – Board of Selectmen – Town of Richmond

HEADLINE: Richmond Planning Board member quits over too many peers not wearing masks by Damien Fisher 

From the article – Bersaw is a member of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary community, a right-wing religious group censured by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester for some of their views. 

  • These people have NO integrity and do not care about the actual FACTS or TRUTH. 
  • They care about the narrative they want to push.
  • They craft narratives.
  • St Gabriel – HEADLINE: St. Gabriel by the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 
  • 15ht or 16th Century go to to see the line. 
  • The Hierarchy of the Catholic Church (Current and historical information about its bishops and dioceses)
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Written by: LoneRhody

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