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Mike Church Show-Will Anyone In The Biden Crime Family Pay For What Congress Has Revealed?

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The Biden Crime Family

  • Anytime you want to find out what a politician is up to what is the first thing that happens?
  • They subpoena the bank records.
  • That is exactly what they did to Donald Trump but they found nothing.

GOP Oversight Committee Twitter Feed – We have now established a network of over 20 companies formed by the Bidens and their associates. Most of these companies were LLCs and formed when Joe Biden was Vice President. 

  • Based on the financial records we have obtained via bank subpoenas, we can now confidently trace at least $10 million in total from foreign nationals’ and their related companies going to the Biden family, their business associates, and their companies. 
  • What does the Trump companies do?
  • They are in construction and real-estate. 
  • What does the Biden’s company do?
  • The payments are clearly from China.
  • When following these payments there are direct links to Hunter Biden, James & Sara Biden, Hallie Biden and an unknown Biden. 
  • This is a money laundering circle here.
  • WireLogic – 
  • The committee hasn’t explained why this is illegal. 
  • What Burisma is doing is this….they sell oil, gas, coal etc under Ukrainian law they are supposed to pay excise taxes on the sales of the natural resources.
  • That tax is to be collected in the country where the resource is SOLD.
  • If the Ukrainians have a deal w/ a country say Latvia, where they don’t collect this tax, how do you sell it to that company and not have to collect the tax?
  • Latvia doesn’t tax Ukrainian tax on the goods so the sale of resource is collected by a bank in the UK then it sends back to Burisma.
  • In exchange for this deal that is only made possible by the US Dept contacts, they get a kick-back. 
  • Biden’s son gets put on the Board of Directors of these companies. 
  • THEN the money is funneled to the Biden family itself.
  • The Ukrainians avoid being taxed and they pay the Biden family for that.
1h04m AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep James Comer GOP Oversight Committee BriefingThe whistleblower’s allegations are consistent w/ our independent findings. I trust this whistleblower. A subpoena is warranted. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep James Comer GOP Oversight Committee BriefingBiden has claimed since 2020 his family received no money from China. They have received millions from China, the WH refuses to correct his statements and is using the government to run interference. 

  • The scheme is this, you continue to build the system whereby the top 5% continue to gain more economic wealth from the bottom 95%.
  • Sooner or later there is either a revolt or death.
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  HEADLINE: Suspect in Natalee Holloway disappearance faces extradition to US on fraud charges by Regina Garcia Cano and Franklin Briceno 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep James Comer GOP Oversight Committee BriefingEach subpoena from the banks gave us a clear picture of how the Biden’s enriched themselves. The Biden Family, their associates and their companies received over $10million from foreign nationals and their companies. 











Commander John Sharpe

The Guild State

  • We don’t have anything to relate to it now days.
  • Labor Unions were a weak attempt allowed by Communist to make men think they had a voice in the compensation of their labor and working conditions.
  • Producers are labor and capitol combined – 
  • Can laborers combine to fight for better wages?
  • You don’t have a guild that can be called up to protect the actual workers any longer.
  • How well does a capitalist entity work when there is no labor to produce their widget?
  • Gibbons – 
  • We know even General Washington made his troops take a vaccination.
  • Just leave that to one side while we discuss this.
  • The law does say whatever is being mandated hast to be fully recommended by the FDA.
  • The COVID vaccine did NOT fall into this category.
  • There is an allowance for a Presidential waiver say if Canada is going to invade and it is determined we needed to do a draft and call up every single male we have to fight.
  • Then and only then would something like the Presidential waiver be used.
  • The FDA however in this instance would you say they are qualified for this?
  • We aren’t surrounded by geniuses in the DOD.
  • The FDA was criticized when it went authorized to fully licensed they cut corners.
  • When someone on our team says isn’t it stupid the FDA didn’t do it’s job….
  • Protecting us from the forceable injection of poison, I don’t mind the government stopping in at that point.
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2h33m HEADLINE: Ochsner to lay off 770 employees across Louisiana, Mississippi as health care costs soar by Stephanie Riegel 

  • Ochsner Health, the state’s largest hospital system and one of its largest private employers, plans to lay off 770 employees across its 42 hospitals and more than 200 urgent care and health centers in Louisiana and Mississippi.
  • The cuts, which are expected to save the system between $125 million and $150 million a year, come amid skyrocketing health care costs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and on the heels of Ochsner’s first unprofitable year in more than a decade.
  • Experts say Ochsner won’t be the last to make cuts as soaring labor and drug costs, coupled with meager growth in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates, push hospital systems to slash jobs and expenses.
  • Though Ochsner’s revenues grew to $6.4 billion in 2022 from $5.9 billion in 2021, it lost $96 million last year and its expenses exceeded revenues by 1.5%.


















Michael Krupa

LIVE from Poland

Gonzalo Lira has officially been arrested.

  • He is based in the city of Kharkiv which is still in the hands of the Ukrainian people.
  • They are trying to charge him w/ Russian collusion.
  • They state he has been getting information from Russia.
  • The one thing saving his life is he has a United States passport and he is originally Chilean. 
  • We need to all pray for him right now.

HEADLINE: ‘Red Pill’ Dating Coach Gonzalo Lira, Accused of Shilling for Putin, Is Arrested in Ukraine by Julia Davis 

  • Lira was charged under article 436-2 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code, parts 2 and 3, pertaining to wartime propaganda. He will remain in jail as the case moves forward, and an active investigation is still underway.
  • An SBU spokesperson said that after the start of the full-scale invasion, “the blogger was one of the first to support the Russian invaders and glorify their war crimes… Additionally, in his comments he disputed the details of Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities and mass murders of civilians.”
  • All the weapons being sent to Ukraine won’t make much difference in the grand scheme of things in this war against Russia.
  • Spring Offensive – 

HEADLINE: Kiev ‘needs more time’ before counteroffensive – Zelensky

  • The Ukrainians will never take back the ground lost at this point.
  • If you guys don’t show us results we have to end this b/c the American people are becoming weary.
  • Have the areas we call the Donbas, the ones that voted to join Russia, would they be allowed to join now?
  • Don’t forget what Putin said during his State of the Union, we cannot be in a position where the enemy is within firing range of any of our cities.
  • They have to push 150 kilometers West, further. 
  • You can’t negotiate w/ anyone in Kiev and Putin has finally realized that.
  • In my opinion it wasn’t an attempt on Putins life b/c he doesn’t sleep in the Senate building and that is where the drone hit.
  • It was an attempt to show strength then they ultimately denied doing.
  • 80% believed the Ukrainian people needed help now it is down to 30%
  • Poland is being swamped w/ Ukrainians and no one wants them here.
  • They can apply for citizenship in our country w/in a few months and it will forever change the demographic change of Poland.
  • We are now a bi-national entity and something much less Polish than we are now and that is a shame.
  • VotumTV on YouTube
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep James Comer GOP Oversight Committee BriefingHunter Biden capitalized from a Romanian National. They received over $1 million through 16 payments. This occurred while Biden was VP. The money stops flowing form the Romanian national soon after Joe Biden leave the VP. 

  • Inflation is out of control in Poland as Krupa just mentioned.
  • The average Polish persons life is becoming harder due to the influx of Ukrainians.
  • In every instance where things are as bad as they are there is controlled demolition.
  • This is happening in every other country except Russia and China.
3h23m HEADLINE: The US Appears to Be Over the Debt Limit Already. What’s Going On? by Mish Shedlock 

  • You can look at the revenue and the spending and see how out of balance this all is.
  • Who pays the difference?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump CNN Town Hall – Defaulting on Debt

Trump: We are spending like drunken sailers, we might as well do it now b/c it’s gonna’ happen. Our country is dying, our country is being destroyed by stupid people. 

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump CNN Town Hall – Abortion

Question: Would you sign a Federal Abortion Ban 

Trump: We now have a great negotiating ability, I am very happy to have been a part of that.

  • Everyone is asking why won’t he answer this question?
  • The Constitution doesn’t allow for this kind of power/authority.
  • This has to be done the RIGHT way.
  • How you get there matters!
  • Congress doesn’t have the authority to do a Federal/National ban on abortion.
  • The 14th Amendment – do you really want to open that up again?
  HEADLINE: Bud Light’s hangover from hell: Sales figures for America’s once-favorite beer reveal how EVERY region in U.S. has turned its back since the Dylan Mulvaney tie-up – as Anheuser-Busch stock is downgraded over ‘crisis’ by Emma James 
  HEADLINE: Wokeism Is Liberalism by Darrick Taylor 

  • I think the paleocons are basically correct and that the term “cultural Marxism” is a misnomer, though I don’t really have a problem with conservatives using it in polemics. Marxism has a resonance with people that Liberalism does not, and there is no reason to abandon the term if it is politically effective. But whereas this debate on the Right has focused thus far on ideas and philosophy, my reasons are more historical in nature.  
  • Liberals don’t associate Liberalism with revolution and subversion, which they do with Wokeism. But this is a case of historical forgetting on their part. Anglophone liberals especially find it hard to recognize Wokeism as a mutation of their beliefs because Liberalism has been the elite ideology in these countries for so long that it is difficult to remember their origins as a revolutionary creed. 
  • But Liberalism is a revolutionary ideology, as its continental European history clearly demonstrates. Liberalism emerged as the revolutionary creed of the emancipated middle classes from the French Revolution, seeking to remake society and free themselves from medieval institutions of inherited privilege—monarchy, aristocracy, and the Church. The French Revolution birthed socialism as well, but the term “liberal” originated in Spain in the early 19th century, applied to the party in the Spanish Cortes that wanted to get the Church out of politics and sympathized with French Revolutionary ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity. 
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