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Mike Church Show- Yes, There Are Now More Than 1.9 Trillion Reasons To Leave The Union #EXIT Has Begun!

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    Mike Church Show- Yes, There Are Now More Than 1.9 Trillion Reasons To Leave The Union #EXIT Has Begun! LoneRhody

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  • Ben Shapiro fired Denise Mcallister and she is with us today to explain what happened
  • COVID relief bill will cost your children MORE than that $1,400 check YOU are receiving
  • Jen Psaki refuses to admit there is a crisis at the border
Who Will Replace Rush Limbaugh?

  • There is NO ONE, no one can replace Rush.
  • Little Ben thinks he is the one to replace him.
  • The final slaughter of radio, especially AM, will be done.




COVID Anniversary….according to the Biden Regime

  • It was just old people getting the flu and unfortunately horrible treatment options lead to deadly outcomes.
  • It wasn’t the deadliest virus ever encountered by humans.
  • MOST of those people would have died of Influenza A or B regardless of the arrival of COVID.
  • Our Governor Edwards shows no signs of letting up either w/ the COVID hoax.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Clarke and Dawe – European Debt Crisis

  • Sadly there was a NEWS story which prompted this comic exchange.
  • What was the MAKE IT STOP? 
  • Millions of people in the street, remember…who wants to pay their neighbors mortgage.
  • The Tea Party!!!!
  • They are already talking about another relief bill!
  • The $1.9 TRILLION apparently wasn’t enough.
  • Wilkow, Webb and Church to New Hampshire for the Primary – RED ARROW DINER
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 HEADLINE: Biden says he will announce the ‘next phase’ of the U.S. Covid response Thursday by Berkeley Lovelace Jr.


 HEADLINE: The Progressive Democratic Steamroller by The Editorial Board

  • This is only the START of the Federal Money flow of FREE money.
  • Trump threw $3,800 at you. 
  • One lesson from the Covid non-fight is that there are no Democratic moderates in Congress. 
  • A second lesson is that President Biden is no moderating political force. Democrats in the House and Senate are setting the agenda, and Mr. Biden is along for the ride.
  • Mask Mandates in Austin TX – 
  • Who’s side are you on?
 Caller Cindy from Florida – 

  • No one is doing anything!
  • The movement isn’t even a movement!
  • Remember the Tea Party?
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 AUDIO/VIDEO: Father Gabriel Lavery – ‘WE, Ohioans are the experts when it comes to OUR lives, not you. You have treated Ohio like a hospital. Well in hospitals the patients have INFORMED CONSENT. They can refuse treatment at any time. You haven’t allowed citizens to do this.’


AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Chip Roy R-TX – “The government is never going to know what weapons I own. Let me clear about that. It’s not gonna happen.”

  • Why are these Congressmen and women STILL wearing a mask on the floor?
  • In our minds they are all cowards for continuing to wear their mask while speaking on the floor.
 HEADLINE: The Re-Barbarization Of California by Rod Dreher
2h38m HEADLINE: Poll: Letting Transgender Athletes Compete In Women’s Sports Is An Unpopular, Fringe Viewpoint by Tristan Justice

TWITTER: John Daniel Davidson – Ok so let’s dispense with the notion that transgenderism as pushed by corporate media, Big Tech, Hollywood, and corporate America is somehow “mainstream.” It’s not even close to mainstream. It’s a fringe view.






















Follow Denise on Twitter: 

  • I started writing right after college.
  • I graduated in 1988, I am 54 years young.
  • I started when they first introduced the Macintosh computers into the newsrooms.
  • It was so nice to work on a computer and not a typewriter. 
  • I did all that library work, it was slower, you had time to think about what you were producing.
  • Lexus-Nexus connected to libraries and card catalogs.
  • The Federalist – ownership is still Sean Davis mainly Ben Domenech 
  • 3 Categories 1) hard reporting 2) collated reporting (people who are sitting at the computer and compiling OTHER peoples reports 3) commentary
  • The Federalist is more collated reporting and commentary reporting.
  • This is confusing for people searching for facts. 

HEADLINE: Writer who became famous when Meghan McCain tweeted ‘You were at my wedding Denise’ in response to criticism is FIRED from the Federalist after making homophobic comments towards HuffPost writer Yashar Ali by Stephanie Haney

  • The gay Hollywood crowd got all into this spat.
  • This gay guy was mocking my heterosexual relationship. 
  • An item at the Federalist 4 days ago which looked like a NEWS item was an actual infomercial. 

HEADLINE: Ben Shapiro Tackles Minimum Wage In First Episode Of New Daily Wire Show ‘Debunked’ by Gabe Kaminsky

Libertarianism v Conservatism 

The major difference can be seen in Russell Kirk’s – Libertarians: Chirping Sectaries 

  • We are fighting a culture that doesn’t care about LIBERTY anymore.
  • They have chosen equality of outcomes over liberty.
  • You will lose your liberty if equality of outcomes is more important than liberty.
  • Libertarians don’t have the tools to fight this social battle.
  • We don’t use YouTube or anything else, we use our OWN data bank.
  • DC McAllister Unplugged!
  • It really does scare people when I speak the truth.
  • We have to stand for the truth, we must sacrifice for the truth.
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Written by: LoneRhody

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