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Monday-How The #NeverTrump Media & Elite Dems CoronaCrashed ‘Muricah

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    Monday-How The #NeverTrump Media & Elite Dems CoronaCrashed ‘Muricah LoneRhody

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  • Coronavirus Updates
  • Why is there a concentration in Italy?


HEADLINE: Compared to what? by Heather Mac Donald

  • Just because you test positive for COVID19 and die, doesn’t mean you died b/c of the virus.
  • You cannot say those 69 that have died in the USA directly from the COVID19.
  • TRIVIA QUESTION: How many people died in auto crashes last year?
  • TRIVIA ANSWER: 39,000
  • Over 10% of the NYC population work in the service industry.
  • This is a trial run folks.
  • We have allowed our government to create the narrative of why we need these closures and quarantines. 
  • You watch this is an awful precedent to set here.

HEADLINE: Coronavirus: ‘Don’t Panic’ Says US Woman Who Recovered From COVID-19 by Mid-Day

48m  HEADLINE: US flu death toll hits 22K, hospitalization rates high for children, young adults by Ed Payne
  Mitter Chur tells story of Maggie O’Connells trip to the Piggly Wiggly – 
57m HEADLINE: Why Are Fancy Groceries Madhouses, But Regular Chains Humming Along As Usual? by David Marcus
  HEADLINE: How The Wuhan Virus Is Accomplishing The Green New Deal’s Goals by Daniel Turner
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 Special Guest Gregory Carpenter aka Junkbond 

Host of Reverse Deception 

Follow Junkbond here: @gscarp12

  • Here in Washington DC – all that is on the streets are Porches, Jaguars and other expensive cars so this tells me the poor are staying home in fear and the rich are business as usual.
  • Look at the demographics of who is actually infected with this virus.
  • Morbidity and Mortality Rate 
  • ODDS ration – the odds of getting it 
  • The odds of you dying from COVID19 if you are a healthy middle age is 0.0000015693303
  • 1 – 1 millionth of a percentage!
  • I-95 lived up to its name today, you could go 95mph if you wanted to. This interstate has NEVER been this empty.
  • 8-37 days this puts you over the 1 month limit so closing the schools for a month isn’t really going to help.
  • I can understand the reasoning behind why a hospital might do this b/c of the frequency of the elderly that are cared for.
  • We know elderly are more susceptible. 
  • ROCHE – 
  • You’re going to see the Federal government pick one certain shipping company that will send this vaccine to you.
  • Doctor Shi – 
  • International Cooperation Agreements – 
  • Biggest partners in space are the Russians. 
  • We share everything about viruses with the Chinese.
  • Thousand Talent Program – Trump is trying to stop this program.
  • This is the program that we share our virus information with the Chinese and they are supposed to reciprocate. 
  • HIV – SARS
  • This could make HIV airborne!
  • It is only going to take ONE major trucking company to close down due to this and that is it!
  • Americans will be in a world of pain like we have never seen before!

HEADLINE: Chik-fil-A closes dining room service because of coronavirus by Deb Kiner

   How does the CDC have the power to introduce regulations on cities and states on how many people are allowed to be in one place?
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Caller Nino Vitale State Rep in Ohio – 

  • We will lose 50% of our oil industry.
  • This is a national security issue.
  • The gun stores are all out of ammo.
  • I contracted the H1N1 virus back in 2009 and it was the worst 7 days of my life.
  • One thing I want to talk about is Italy – 7% death rate.
  • The only reason you test is to figure out where it is and to isolate the people that have it. 
  • If we test and find THOUSANDS have it, we are in the middle of it and tell them to go home, plenty of rest and fluids.


 Caller Ashley in Florida – 

  • March is a big month in Florida for golf. 
  • We went on Thursday and had a great day. 
  • Fans couldn’t return on Friday but the event would continue.









Special Guest GC Dilsaver 

Psychomoralitics: The Soul Deep Science of Human Flourishing!

  • How in the world, last case scenario how where they going to crash the economy…then boom, here it is.
  • Put the woman in the heart of the home and men take authority for your families.
  • It is your job to take care of your family.
  • Men have abdicated their role to provide for their families.
  • Informed Catholic conscious. 
  • If you are sick just stay away from people.
  • This is all logical behavior.
  • 39 House Republicans voted no on this bill. It is 100 pages long and gave them 30 minutes to read. 
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act has been expanded – to all companies you must pay them if they get quarantined for 30 days.
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Pope Francis

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ALL PRIESTS – for more vocations & for any experiencing depression or loneliness.

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Written by: LoneRhody

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