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Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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Theme Song for Creeper Joe Biden

AUDIO/VIDEO:  Jeepers Creepers Movie Theme 


  • It is shocking to see the Democrats rally around Creepy Joe Biden.
  • They are coming to his defense on his inappropriate touching.

HEADLINE: Whoopi Goldberg defends Joe Biden against Lucy Flores allegations by Mariah Haas

  • Herbal Essence Shampoo – must be Creepy Joe’s favorite.
  • “We all know Joe Biden,” she continued. “He’s been here. I remember when I met him in Florida before he was Vice President, and he was so friendly. He’s a close talker. He comes up right to your face… so he talks close. He touches. That’s what he’s like and I feel it would be really unfortunate if we got rid of everybody who’s just an affectionate kind of person. Those are nice people too.” – WHOOPI 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden will be more mindful of respecting personal space in the future. 

  • “I always try to make a ‘human’ connection with men, women, young and old. I will in the future be more mindful of that.” – Joe Biden
  • So personal connections means you must TOUCH the person?
  • Maggie O’Connell has come out on the record, she thinks he is just a creepy old man.
  • I personally won’t go #BelieveHer just yet.
  • He may in-fact just be a touchy guy and means no harm.
  • #SerialBoobSqueezer #BelieveHer #SerialHairSniffer
  • Standard bearer of sodomite, 9 yr old puberty blockers, anti-death penalty for murders…you get a hall pass.
  • Let’s look at Bill Bubba Clinton for example.
  • Remember Juanita Broaddrick? She passed several polygraph tests and claims that Bubba Clinton raped her. NO ONE believed her and they STILL don’t believe her.











HEADLINE: Georgia Gov Will Sign Abortion Ban Despite Alyssa Milano Protest: “Not Worried What Hollywood Thinks of Me” by Micaiah Bilger

  • Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp campaigned on this promise. 
  • As soon as he signs this, the ACLU is going to pounce! 
  • HB 481 says a doctor cannot perform an abortion once the doctor detects a heartbeat.
  • It is only going to take ONE state to say: “We do not recognize YOUR authority Federal Government!”
  • QUESTION: What is going to happen when this stance is taken?
  • Our Lady of Fatima – living will envy the dead, good will be portrayed as evil and evil will be perceived as good.
  • She describes this HB 481 as ‘evil’ and ‘dangerous’. Let this sink in for a little bit.
  • She is saying that passing a bill to SAVE babies is evil and dangerous!
  • Safe Legal and Rare? What happened to that mantra? 
  • We need Alyssa Milano to boycott the VRN station! 
  • That would just really be mana from Heaven.
  • Movement 10-15 years ago, they would ask ‘What is your birthday?’ 
  • They would then tell you it was 9 months BEFORE your actual date of birth. Conception.

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  1. GC Dilsaver
  2. Joseph Pearce
  3. Mike Church
  4. Brother Andre Marie




 HEADLINE: Remembering Terri Schiavo by Madeleine Kearns 

  • The intellect is sending the information to the brain.
  • QUESTION: Do you believe in the 4 final things?
  • Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell
  • If your brain stays in the body after death, how do you STAND before The judge?
  • What they did wasn’t mercy it was murder.
  • They starved her for 14 days.





















 Special Guest Stefanie Nicholas

Follow Stefanie here: @StefMNicholas

Catholic Family News – 1st printed article ever!

HEADLINE: Challenging Feminism At Its Roots: A Call to Arms from a Radical Catholic by Stefanie Nicholas

HEADLINE: My Catholic Quest for Beauty by Stefanie Nicholas

  • Beauty is subjective, virtuous and important.
  • My generation what are we exposed to in art, literature and music?
  • Some people my age are worse off than myself but when you seek beauty and truth you find the beauty.
  • The use of our physical bodies in praise.
  • Church architecture and the smells, the candles that you can light for devotions, the statues and so much more.
  • Stefanie writes for Catholic Family News, One Peter Five and several other places.
  • Stefanie is a convert.
  • They snuck some Trad into your title with Quest!
  • The Catholic Quest For The Holy Grail by Charles Coulombe
  • Men have taken music and made it something evil and not beautiful.
  • Gable Roofs – 
  • “The raw emotion, the lifting of the soul, the intellect, the will — all of it came together. No longer was I seeking to check off a list of requirements. I knew what was good for me. So I watched, and listened, and waited to meet the one.” – Stefanie Nicholas
  • Everyone should give the Latin Mass a try. Try it one time! To see the candles, the incense the bells, the vestments and the scholia. There is NOTHING on Earth like it in beauty.
  • They get the whole BEAUTY of the religion. Not everyone gets it…you do.
  • None of this is by accident, this is all by design.
  • When the apostles went out, He changed it forever!
  • It isn’t just prayer or words. The whole thing fits naturally together.
  • You begin to see the underlying hand of God in things.
  • BIG NEWS BREAKING – podcast/video cast we have been working on airing it here on the Crusade Channel – and…..after 4 weeks Stefanie and John haven’t run away from the idea. 
  • Unapologetics – hopefully will be launched next week baring no delays! 
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1h59m Following President Trump on Twitter – 

Just published a hilarious video of Joe Biden

AUDIO/VIDEO: Welcome Back Joe




HEADLINE: Mormon church drops anti-LGBT policy from 2015, saying children of same-sex couples now can be baptized by Daniel Burke

  • Right now as it stands, Rome the eternal city alone, standing against the LGBTQ nonsense. 
  • The Catholic Church cannot and will not change its position on this.
  • Even Papa Francis cannot change this Church doctrine against same sex marriage.





















Special Guest Brother Andre Marie

Follow Brother Andre Marie here: @Brother_Andre 

  • Certain forces within the Mormon church to get moving and react.
  • Like any religious entity there will be cross currents within the church.
  • If I’m reading the Tea Leaves right, they have started moving toward the LGTBQ movement.
  • We all know this movement they play dirty. The Mormon church leaders have been threatened with having their deep dark dirty secrets if they didn’t cave into the LGBTQ stuff.

HEADLINE: Sen. Cotton to IRS: Investigate SPLC for defamation by Chris Woodward

  • How many 501c3 charities have millions/billions in overseas accounts?
  • The funny thing about the SPLC, in Alabama, the Montgomery Advisor did a series of investigative reports on them. They are a bunch of rich, white liberals that make millions scaring other liberals. 
  • The creation of the SPLC as told by Brother Andre Marie. They said they created this to get rich! Of course an organization like that will continue to get bigger and richer!

HEADLINE: Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities by Joe Schoffstall

BACK to Headline from earlier: Remembering Terri Schiavo by Madeleine Kearns 

  • Thinking with your brain and the 5 external senses. 
  • 4 internal senses : sense memory, imagination, common sense, the estimative sense 
  • Leprasy was deemed to be violently contagious.
  • When Our Lord went over there and touched the Leper, He was violating Jewish law.
  • The man born blind in John 9 – “who sinned he or his parents …that the works of God could cure him.”
  • TODAY’S SAINT: Saint Isidore of Seville (636)

HEADLINE: Patron Saint for the Internet, Isidore of Seville by Brian Kelly 

  • This isn’t modern Seville, this is Spain essentially on the eve of its conquest.
  • There were still faithful Catholics at this time.
  • Last night was a solo show fist of two shows on the Beatitudes. I couldn’t do all 8 in one show. I did 1-3 last night and next week will be 4-8.
  • The Miracle of the Fishes and Loaves – last Sundays Gospel – something about Our Lord saying have them go sit in the grass. (There was a large portion of tall grass.)
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