Texas governor lifts state’s mask mandate, business restrictions Via Reuters: The governor of Texas lifted most of the state’s coronavirus pandemic restrictions, allowing businesses to reopen at full capacity as of next week and telling residents that masks were no longer required. The move by Governor Greg Abbott marks the furthest any U.S. state has […]

California Is Officially An “Aliens” Horror Film I could not make through this PSA from the L.A. Unified Mental Ward For The Juvenile Insane. This child who has almost 0.0% chance of “getting sick” and dying from the CoronaHoax™ is terrified to go back to school but don’t worry, L.A. has your PPE, scared child […]

U.S. Urban Office Market, Stung By Pandemic, Hopes Tech Firms Drive Comeback Via Reuters: The growing footprint in New York of major tech companies like Inc, Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google has given property owners and brokers hope that once the coronavirus has been conquered demand for office space will quickly return to […]

U.S. Senate Referee Says Democrats Can’t Include $15 Wage In COVID Bill Via Reuters: The Democratic-controlled Senate cannot include President Joe Biden’s proposed $15 per hour minimum wage in a $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill the party aims to pass without Republican votes, the body’s parliamentarian ruled, a Bloomberg reporter said on Twitter on Thursday. Bloomberg […]

White House Working With Facebook And Twitter To Tackle Anti-Vaxxers Via Reuters: The White House has been reaching out to social media companies including Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet Inc’s Google about clamping down on COVID misinformation and getting their help to stop it from going viral, a senior administration official said. President Joe Biden, who […]

NY Dems Reprimand Gov. Cuomo, Want To Strip Him Of Coronavirus Emergency Powers Via Just The News: Gov. Andrew Cuomo was reprimanded on Friday by a group of New York Democrats who are demanding that the governor be stripped of his emergency powers that he has exercised in response to the coronavirus pandemic in New […]

Majority Of Voters Believe It ‘likely’ That COVID-19 Was Created In A Lab Via Just The News: A strong majority of U.S. voters believe COVID-19 was likely manufactured in a lab, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen. Sixty-five percent of respondents believed it is “somewhat” or “very” likely” that the pandemic coronavirus emerged from […]

AP-NORC Poll: A Third Of US Adults Skeptical Of COVID Shots Via AP News: About 1 in 3 Americans say they definitely or probably won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine, according to a new poll that some experts say is discouraging news if the U.S. hopes to achieve herd immunity and vanquish the outbreak. The poll […]

Wisconsin Governor Issues New Mask Mandate After GOP Repeal Via AP News: Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers issued a new statewide mask order on Thursday, an hour after the Republican-controlled Legislature voted to repeal his previous mandate saying he didn’t have authority to make such a decree. Evers and the Legislature have been at odds throughout […]

Poll shocker: Almost 40% Favor Firing Or Suspending No-Show Teachers Via Just The News: Voters are closely split on how to respond to teachers who refuse to return to the classroom if schools are reopened for in-person learning. In a new Just the Poll with Scott Rasmussen, a combined 39% favored suspending (21%) or firing […]

Four In Ten Say COVID Restrictions Eased After Trump Exit For ‘Partisan Political Reasons’ Via Just The News: Voters are evenly split on whether recent rollbacks of COVID restrictions were ordered in response to emerging science or because of the politics surrounding President Trump’s departure from office last month.  Multiple Democratic governors in recent weeks […]

Fauci Says Double Masking for COVID19 Doesn’t ‘Make A Difference’ Via Just The News: First he said don’t wear a mask. Then he said wear a mask. Then he said wear two masks. Then he said just wear one mask. Keeping up with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s mask-wearing recommendations is getting tough. Back in March, just […]

Mexican President Tests Positive For COVID-19, Symptoms Mild Via Reuters:  Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he has tested positive for COVID-19, an announcement that comes as his country registers the highest levels of infections and deaths to date. López Obrador, who has been criticized for his handling of Mexico’s pandemic and for not […]

California To Lift Stay-At-Home Orders On Monday: Report Via Reuters: California is expected to lift its regional stay-at-home orders across the state on Monday, moving counties back into the tier-based reopening framework, local media reported. California Governor Gavin Newsom’s office has decided to lift the orders as ICU availability in the regions that remained under […]

World Health Organization Warns Of ‘False Positives’ In COVID Tests Via Just The News: The World Health Organization is warning that widely deployed technology used to test for COVID-19 may, if interpreted incorrectly, lead at least some patients to believe they have the virus when in fact they are not “truly infected.” In a “medical product alert” […]

150 National Guard In Washington For Inauguration Test Positive For Coronavirus Via Reuters: Between 150 and 200 National Guard deployed to Washington, D.C., to provide security for President Joe Biden’s inauguration have tested positive for the coronavirus, a U.S. official said on Friday. The U.S. government imposed unprecedented security measures in the city following the […]

Britain To Discuss Tighter Travel Restrictions: BBC Via Reuters: British ministers are to discuss on Monday further tightening travel restrictions, the BBC reported on Saturday, adding that people arriving in the country could be required to quarantine in hotels. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a news conference on Friday that the UK may need to […]

Hong Kong Locks Down Thousands For Compulsory COVID-19 Testing Via Reuters: Hong Kong’s government locked down an area of Kowloon peninsula on Saturday after an outbreak of the novel coronavirus, saying 10,000 residents must stay home until they have been tested and the results largely determined. The first such measure the city has taken since […]

Remote Employees Don’t Want To Return To The Workplace After The Pandemic Via YouGov: As the vaccine rollout continues in America, businesses that have gone mostly or entirely remote may be considering bringing their employees back to the workplace once it’s safe to do so. But a recent YouGov poll of employees who are working remotely finds that most are enjoying working from home, and very […]

Vaccine Manufacturing Is Lumpy, Supply Not As Good As Hoped, UK Says Via Reuters: Britain’s vaccine rollout is limited by a “lumpy” manufacturing process with production changes by Pfizer and a delay by AstraZeneca that could lead to brief supply disruption, Vaccine Deployment Minister Nadhim Zahawi said on Monday. The United Kingdom, which has the […]

Microsoft, Big Tech Coalition Developing Rockefeller Funded COVID Passports Via Summit News: A coalition of big tech companies, including Microsoft is developing a COVID passport, with the expectation that a digital document linked to vaccination status will be required to travel and get access to basic services. The group is calling itself the Vaccination Credential […]

UK Supreme Court Hands Businesses Victory In COVID-19 Insurance Ruling Via Reuters: Thousands of businesses should be covered by their insurance for losses caused by coronavirus lockdowns, the UK Supreme Court ruled on Friday, in a test case that pitched the industry regulator against major insurance companies. Small businesses, from restaurants to nightclubs and wedding […]

U.S. To Require Negative COVID-19 Tests For Arriving International Air Passengers Via Reuters: Nearly all air travelers will need to present a negative coronavirus test to enter the United States under expanded test testing requirements announced on Tuesday. Under the rules taking effect Jan. 26, nearly all travelers including U.S. citizens must show a negative […]

Bruce Willis Asked To Leave Store For ‘Refusing’ To Wear A Mask Via Page Six: He’d rather live free. Bruce Willis was asked to leave a Los Angeles Rite Aid on Monday after he refused to wear a mask, a spy tells Page Six. The spy says people inside the store became upset that Willis, […]

‘No law can order us’: Greek Christians Defy COVID Ban On Epiphany Services Via Reuters: Greek Christian churches held Epiphany services on Wednesday, openly defying government coronavirus restrictions that banned public gatherings including religious ceremonies on one of the most important days of the Orthodox calendar. Despite a plea by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for […]

Britons Ordered To Stay At Home As Third National Lockdown Begins Via Reuters:  Britain began its third COVID-19 lockdown on Tuesday with citizens under orders to stay at home and the government calling for one last major national effort to contain the virus before mass vaccinations turn the tide. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the […]

U.S. May Cut Some Moderna Vaccine Doses In Half To Speed Rollout, Official Says Via Reuters: The U.S. government is considering giving some people half the dose of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine in order to speed vaccinations, a federal official said on Sunday. Moncef Slaoui, head of Operation Warp Speed, the federal vaccine program, said on […]

Asymptomatic Spread Of COVID-19 May Be Rare, New Research Finds Via Just The News: A study published this month in the American Medical Association’s JAMA Network Open journal has offered further evidence that asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 may be significantly lower than previously thought.  Fears of COVID-19 spreading asymptomatically have persisted since shortly after the beginning of the […]

US Public School Enrollment Dips As Virus Disrupts Education Via AP News: Fearful of sending her two children back to school as the coronavirus pandemic raged in Mississippi, Angela Atkins decided to give virtual learning a chance this fall. Almost immediately, it was a struggle. Their district in Lafayette County didn’t offer live instruction to […]

Congress approves $900B COVID relief bill, Sending To Trump Via AP News: Congress passed a $900 billion pandemic relief package that would finally deliver long-sought cash to businesses and individuals and resources to vaccinate a nation confronting a frightening surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths. Lawmakers tacked on a $1.4 trillion catchall spending bill and […]

Birx Went To Delaware With Family On Thanksgiving Despite Her Warnings Via New York Post: Dr. Deborah Birx traveled with family out of state over Thanksgiving weekend — disregarding her own advice to stay home and not gather during the holidays, according to a report. The White House coronavirus response coordinator was joined by three different […]

United Kingdom Cut Off Over Fears About New COVID Strain Via Reuters: The United Kingdom stood shut off from the rest of Europe on Monday after allies cut transport ties over fears of a new coronavirus strain, sowing chaos for families, truckers and supermarkets just days before the Brexit cliff edge. France, Germany, Italy, the […]

Majority of Americans Worried Governments Will Keep Pandemic Powers Via Just The News: A majority of registered U.S. voters are worried that government officials in the U.S. will retain their newly claimed expansive powers following the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen. Sixty-two percent of the […]

Alaskan Has Allergic Reaction After Getting Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Via Reuters: An Alaskan health worker had a serious allergic reaction after getting Pfizer Inc and BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine, but is now stable, public health authorities said on Wednesday. The adverse reaction in the person, minutes after taking the Pfizer shot on Tuesday, was similar to […]

France’s Macron Tests Positive For COVID-19, Self Isolates Via Reuters: President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for coronavirus, the French presidency said on Thursday, although it was not immediately clear where he had contracted the virus. “The President of the Republic has been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 today,” his office said in a statement. “This […]

‘Easter Can Be The New Christmas,’ British Minister Suggests Via Reuters: Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government thinks people should make their own decision about meeting up for Christmas during the coronavirus pandemic, but given the risk some may want to wait for Easter to gather with their family, a British minister said on Wednesday. After […]

Treasury Yields Climb As U.S. Coronavirus Vaccine Rollout Set To Begin Via CNBC: U.S. Treasury yields climbed on Monday morning, after Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention signed off Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine over the weekend, allowing vaccinations to begin. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note rose to […]

Americans’ Mental Health Ratings Sink to New Low Via Gallup: Americans’ latest assessment of their mental health is worse than it has been at any point in the last two decades. Seventy-six percent of U.S. adults rate their mental health positively, representing a nine-point decline from 2019. Each year since 2001, Gallup has asked Americans […]

US Panel Endorses Widespread Use Of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Via AP News: A U.S. government advisory panel endorsed widespread use of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine Thursday, putting the country just one step away from launching an epic vaccination campaign against the outbreak that has killed close to 300,000 Americans. Shots could begin within days, depending on […]

Britain Probes Adverse Reactions To Pfizer Vaccine Via Reuters: Britain hailed “V-Day” when it became the first country to roll out the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Yet, as first mover, it has also become the first to report cases of adverse reactions, allowing other nations to watch and learn. Officials from around the world are keen […]

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Says He Tested Positive For COVID-19 Via Just The News: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19, though he noted that he does not have any symptoms. The Keystone State Democrat said he is staying at home and doing all of his work remotely. “During a routine test yesterday, I tested […]

AP-NORC Poll: Only Half In US Want Shots As Vaccine Nears AP News: As states frantically prepare to begin months of vaccinations that could end the pandemic, a new poll finds only about half of Americans are ready to roll up their sleeves when their turn comes. The survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for […]

Daily Life Has Gotten Worse for Nearly 2 in 5 Adults During Pandemic Via Morning Consult: Nearly 2 in 5 adults say their daily lives have gotten worse during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a Morning Consult survey that asked how people’s relationships, finances and health have fared since COVID-19 struck. Even so, 19 percent […]

Pfizer Vaccine Moves Closer To Getting The OK In The US Via AP News: U.S. regulators Tuesday released their first scientific evaluation of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine and confirmed it offers strong protection, setting the stage for the government to green light the biggest vaccination effort in the nation’s history. The analysis by Food and Drug […]

Trump Administration Makes New $916 Billion Offer For COVID-19 Aid Via Reuters: The Trump administration proposed a $916 billion coronavirus relief package on Tuesday, after congressional Democrats shot down a suggestion for a pared-down plan from the Senate’s leading Republican, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he presented the administration’s $916 billion […]

Uber, Hard-Hit By Pandemic, Sells Its Robot-Vehicle Division Via AP News: Uber is selling off its autonomous vehicles development arm as the ride-hailing company slims down after its revenues were pummeled by the coronavirus pandemic. Self-driving vehicle technology company Aurora will acquire the employees and technology behind Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group in an stock transaction, […]

Rudy Giuliani Tests Positive For COVID-19 Via Reuters: President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani has tested positive for COVID-19, Trump said on Sunday, prompting one state legislature to close for a week after Giuliani visited to try to persuade lawmakers to help reverse Trump’s election defeat. The 76-year-old former New York mayor is the latest […]

Using War Terminology When “Battling” COVID Submitted By A Listener  The battle with Covid is often compared to a War Fighting a War uses resources and solutions. And If this was a War, we would gather those resources and develop actual solutions into defeating the enemy. America, during World War 2 didn’t try to prevent […]

Data Shows Americans Couldn’t Resist Thanksgiving Travel Via AP News: Americans couldn’t resist the urge to gather for Thanksgiving, driving only slightly less than a year ago and largely ignoring the pleas of public health experts, who begged them to forgo holiday travel to help contain the coronavirus pandemic, data from roadways and airports shows. […]

NYC Bar Owner Who Defied Coronavirus Restrictions Arrested Via AP News: An owner of a New York City bar that was providing indoor service in defiance of coronavirus restrictions was arrested after a sting in which plainclothes officers went inside and ordered food and beverages, the city sheriff’s office said. Protesters shouted as deputies arrested […]

U.S. Plans For First COVID Vaccines As “Pandemic Deaths” Surge Again Via Reuters: Top U.S. health officials announced plans on Tuesday to begin vaccinating Americans against the coronavirus as early as mid-December, as nationwide deaths hit the highest number for a single day in six months. Some 20 million people could be inoculated against COVID-19 […]

10-year Treasury Yield Rises Despite Lingering Coronavirus Concerns Via CNBC: Shorter-dated Treasury yields rose even though the surge in coronavirus infections in the U.S. remained a concern, reaching 13,384,650 on Sunday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. November data from the Chicago purchasing managers’ index is due at 11:45 a.m. ET on Monday, […]

NYC public schools will begin to reopen with weekly COVID-19 testing Via Reuters: New York City’s public schools will begin to reopen for in-person learning on Dec. 7, starting with elementary schools for students whose parents agree to a weekly testing regimen for the novel coronavirus, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Sunday. The schools, […]

‘COVID Passport’ To Prove Vaccination In Final Stages Of Development Via Just The News: Very soon, you’ll be hearing this question: “Where are your papers?” Well, sort of. A top travel industry association is the final stages of developing a digital passport for international travelers so they can prove they’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19.  The International […]

Trump Says Coronavirus Vaccine Deliveries To Begin Next Week Via Reuters: U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday that delivery of the coronavirus vaccine would begin next week and the week after. Speaking to U.S. troops overseas via video link to mark the Thanksgiving holiday, Trump said the vaccine would initially be send to front-line […]

LA County To Impose New COVID-19 Restrictions On Social Gatherings Via Reuters: Nearly all social gatherings of individuals from more than a single household will be banned in Los Angeles County for at least three weeks starting Monday under new restrictions local health officials unveiled on Friday, citing a continued surge in COVID-19 infections. The […]

White House Considers Lifting European Travel Restrictions Via Reuters: The White House is considering rescinding entry bans for most non-U.S. citizens who recently were in Brazil, Britain, Ireland and 26 other European countries, five U.S. and airline officials told Reuters. The Trump administration imposed the bans in a bid to contain the novel coronavirus pandemic. […]

Restaurant Workers Out Of Work Again As Virus Surges Anew Via AP News: Waiters and bartenders are being thrown out of work — again — as governors and local officials shut down indoor dining and drinking establishments to combat the nationwide surge in coronavirus infections that is overwhelming hospitals and dashing hopes for a quick […]

Majority Of Voters Don’t Think Governors Have Ability To Limit Private Gatherings Via Just The News: Fifty-seven percent of registered U.S. voters say governors do not have the legal authority to limit gatherings, amid an increase in coronavirus cases across the country that has resulted is some governors either imposing orders or making requests on how […]

States Impose New Rules, Plead With Public To Stop Spread Via AP News: State and local officials nationwide are imposing new coronavirus restrictions and pleading with the public in an increasingly desperate attempt to stop the explosive spread of the disease as many Americans resist calls to limit gatherings and travel heading into the holidays. […]

COVID-19 Shots Could Reach First Americans By Mid-December Via Reuters: U.S. healthcare workers and others recommended for the nation’s first COVID-19 inoculations could start getting shots within a day or two of regulatory consent next month, a top official of the government’s vaccine development effort said on Sunday. Some 70% of the U.S. population of […]

Retailers Brace As Virus Bears Down On Consumers And Economy Via AP News: LaTonya Story is every retailer’s worst fear. With the viral pandemic re-surging through the country and the economy under threat, Story has decided to slash her holiday shopping budget. She’ll spend less than $2,000 this season, down from several thousand dollars in […]

Many Americans Flying For Holiday Despite CDC Pleas Via AP News: Millions of Americans bought tickets to fly somewhere for Thanksgiving before the nation’s top public health agency pleaded with them not to travel for the holiday. So what are they doing now? In many cases, they’re still crowding airports and boarding planes. That’s despite […]

Treasury Yields Slump Amid State Coronavirus Restrictions Via CNBC: U.S. Treasury yields fell on Thursday as the country’s death toll from the coronavirus topped 250,000 and states sought to impose restrictions in order to curb the spread of the virus. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note slipped to 0.849% at 5:22 a.m. ET, […]

New PA Mask Order Extends Mandate To Private Homes Via Just The News: An updated version of Pennsylvania’s mask mandate extends its face-covering order to private homes, greatly expanding the reach of the order amid rising positive test results in the state.  The revised version of the “Universal Face Coverings” order, issued this week, dictates […]

Four States Selected For Pfizer Pilot COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Program Via Just The News: Pfizer Inc. has launched a pilot delivery program for its experimental COVID-19 vaccine in four U.S. states, after announcing last week that early data shows the two-shot vaccine is 90% effective. “We are hopeful that results from this vaccine delivery pilot will serve as […]

Moderna Vaccine Found Highly Effective at Preventing Covid #NEW: Moderna makes strides in the race to a COVID-19 vaccine, announcing human trial results show it is 94.5% effective at preventing coronavirus. This is now the second company (after Pfizer) to announce promising early data for a vaccine. — Emily Finn (@EmilyRoseFinn) November 16, 2020 You […]

To Help Economy, Bank Proposes Tax On Working From Home Via AP News: White collar staff reaping the financial benefits of working from home should be taxed to help other workers who aren’t getting the same advantages, experts at Deutsche Bank said in a new report. In its report on how to rebuild the economy […]

Judge rules California Gov. Newsom violated Constitution with election order Via Just The News: A ruling from a judge for California’s Sutter County Superior Court says that an executive order from the state’s Gov. Gavin Newsom is void.  “Executive Order N-67-20 issued by the Governor on June 3, 2020 is void as an unconstitutional exercise of legislative power and shall […]

Michigan, Washington State Impose New Round Of COVID-19 Restrictions Via Reuters: Michigan and Washington state on Sunday imposed sweeping new restrictions on gatherings, including halting indoor restaurant service, to slow the spread of the coronavirus as total U.S. infections crossed the 11 million mark, just over a week after hitting 10 million. Michigan Governor Gretchen […]

Oregon, New Mexico Order Lockdowns As Other States Resist Via AP News: The governors of Oregon and New Mexico ordered near-lockdowns Friday in the most aggressive response yet to the latest wave of coronavirus infections shattering records across the U.S., even as many of their counterparts in other states show little appetite for reimposing the […]

Treasury Yields Slump As Coronavirus Cases Surge Via CNBC: U.S. Treasury yields fell on Friday as confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the U.S. reached a record high on Thursday. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note sunk to 0.882% at 5:02 a.m. ET, while the yield on the 30-year Treasury bond fell to […]

U.S. Justice Alito Says Pandemic Has Led To ‘Unimaginable’ Curbs On Liberty Via Reuters: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said the COVID-19 pandemic had led to “previously unimaginable” curbs on individual liberty, singling our restrictions on religious events. The justice, who is seen as a conservative, told a meeting of the Federalist Society late […]

Ticketmaster Will Require Proof Of COVID Vaccine To Attend Concerts Via Just The News: Ticketmaster will soon require customers to provide either a negative COVID-19 test result or proof that they have obtained a COVID-19 vaccination prior to attending a concert or event through the platform, according to industry reports.  The company, founded in 1976 and […]

FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization For COVID-19 Antibody Therapy Via Just The News: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization on Monday that will permit treating some COVID-19 sufferers with the antibody therapy known as bamlanivimab. A press release described the drug as an “investigational monoclonal antibody therapy” and noted that it is not authorized […]

Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Prevents 90% of Infections in Study Via Bloomberg: The Covid-19 vaccine being developed by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE prevented more than 90% of infections in a study of tens of thousands of volunteers, the most encouraging scientific advance so far in the battle against the coronavirus. Eight months into the worst […]

Investors Bet Vaccine Sparks Revival In Beaten Down Stocks Via Reuters: Investors expecting an imminent COVID-19 vaccine are beginning to buy bank stocks and industrials in anticipation of a roaring return in consumer confidence, though many remain wary of risks in sectors ravaged by the pandemic. The development of some kind of preventative medicine is […]

Germany Agrees To Give COVID-Hit Airports Financial Aid Via Reuters: Germany agreed on Friday to offer more aid to its airports to try to save jobs and preserve infrastructure as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the aviation industry. Berlin will discuss with the states financial options for airports over the next two […]

Covid Vaccine Maker AstraZeneca Expects To Release Trial Data Soon Via CNBC: British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca said Thursday it expects vaccine data to be available this year as it reported a solid rise in third-quarter sales. “Results from late-stage trials are anticipated later this year, depending on the rate of infection within the communities where […]

Nintendo Raises Switch Forecast On Pandemic Gaming Boom Via Reuters: Japan’s Nintendo Co Ltd on Thursday said it expects to sell 24 million of its Switch games consoles in the year ending March 2021, up from a forecast of 19 million but still seen as cautious, as the COVID-19 pandemic drives a gaming boom. The […]

Greece Orders Nationwide Lockdown To Curb COVID Surge Via Reuters: Greece ordered a nationwide lockdown on Thursday for three weeks to help contain a resurgence of COVID-19 cases. “I’ve chosen to take drastic measures sooner rather than later,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said. Under the new countrywide restrictions to take effect from Saturday, retail businesses […]

Judge Rules To Limit California Governor Powers Amid Pandemic Via The Hill: A judge ruled on Monday to limit California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) executive powers during a pandemic. Sutter County Superior Court Judge Sarah Heckman issued a preliminary order for Newsom to stop making executive orders that could contradict state laws, after determining one […]

Trump Suggests He Might Try To Fire Fauci Post-Election Via Reuters: U.S. President Donald Trump suggested early on Monday that he might seek to fire a highly respected member of his coronavirus task force, Anthony Fauci, after Fauci further criticized Trump’s handling of the virus. Fauci, the country’s leading infectious-disease expert who is director of […]

On the Suppressed Danish Mask Study by Mike Church The fantastic and reliable Swiss Policy Research Doctor’s website has been a fountain of information for The CRUSADE Channel’s readers and their readers around the globe since February and the onset of the Wuhan Flu “pandemic”. This piece, published on 23 October, outlines the results of […]

El Paso To Impose Second Lockdown As Local Hospitals Reach Capacity Via New York Post: El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego said Thursday he is ordering a two-week shutdown of all non-essential services for two weeks to curb the spread of COVID-19. “Our hospitals are at capacity. Our medical professionals are overwhelmed. If we don’t […]

CDC Admits: Only 6% Of All 220,000 Reported “Coronavirus Deaths” Are From Covid 19! By Mike Church One America News Network’s Pearson Sharp reports on what we have been documenting here on The CRUSADE Channel since March: The CDC instructed hospitals to record nearly all deaths as Coronavirus deaths thus The CoronaHoax™. Listen to the […]

Oil In Reverse As Rise In U.S. Crude Stocks Fans Oversupply Fears Via Reuters: Oil prices went into reverse on Wednesday, giving up the previous day’s gains as a surge in U.S. crude stocks and rising coronavirus infections in the United States and Europe fanned fears of a supply glut and weaker fuel demand. Brent […]

No Trick Or Treating: Halloween Is Cancelled For England’s High Risk Areas Via Reuters: Trick or treating during Halloween is banned in the areas of England in the highest level of COVID-19 lockdown, a junior minister in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government said on Tuesday. Asked by LBC radio if trick or treating – a […]

Italy Closes Gyms, Shuts Eateries Early To Fight COVID-19 Via AP News: Italy’s leader imposed at least a month of new restrictions across the country Sunday to fight rising coronavirus infections, shutting down gyms, pools and movie theaters, putting an early curfew on cafes and restaurants and mandating that people keep wearing masks outdoors. Worried […]

FDA Approves First COVID-19 Drug: Antiviral Remdesivir Via AP News: U.S. regulators on Thursday approved the first drug to treat COVID-19: remdesivir, an antiviral medicine given to hospitalized patients through an IV. The drug, which California-based Gilead Sciences Inc. is calling Veklury, cut the time to recovery by five days — from 15 days to […]

Pope Reverts To Mask-Less Old Ways Amid Growing Criticism Via AP News: A day after donning a face mask for the first time during a liturgical service, Pope Francis was back to his mask-less old ways Wednesday despite surging coronavirus infections across Europe and growing criticism of his behavior and the example he is setting. […]

Twitter Continues To Act As A Publisher, This Time Targeting Dr. Atlas Via Reuters: Twitter on Sunday removed a “misleading” tweet downplaying the efficacy of masks posted by a top coronavirus adviser to President Donald Trump, while U.S. cases surged before the Nov. 3 election. As the Trump administration fends off accusations that its mixed […]

Americans’ Readiness To Get COVID-19 Vaccine Falls To 50% Via Gallup: Americans’ willingness to be vaccinated against the coronavirus has dropped 11 percentage points, falling to 50% in late September. This sharp decline comes after the percentage dwindled from 66% in July to 61% in August.   Meanwhile, according to Gallup Panel data from Aug. […]

US Warned Nevada Not To Use Chinese COVID Tests From UAE Via AP News: U.S. diplomats and security officials privately warned the state of Nevada not to use Chinese-made coronavirus test kits donated by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over concerns about patient privacy, test accuracy and Chinese government involvement, documents obtained by The Associated […]

What Americans Think About Trump Catching COVID19 Via YouGov: President Donald Trump announced via Twitter late last night that he and the First Lady, Melania Trump, have both tested positive for COVID-19.   A YouGov snap poll conducted this morning finds that nearly all registered voters (92%) had heard at least a little about the news.    There are many questions about […]

James Bond film ‘No Time To Die’ pushed again, to 2021 Via AP News: The release of the James Bond film “No Time To Die” has been delayed again, this time to 2021, because of the effects of COVID-19 on the theatrical business. MGM, Universal and Bond producers, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, said […]

President Trump And Wife Melania Test Positive For COVID19 Via Reuters: President Donald Trump, who minimized the threat of the coronavirus pandemic for months, said on Friday that he and his wife Melania had tested positive for COVID-19 and were going into quarantine, upending the race for the White House. “We will begin our quarantine […]

Rolls-Royce To Raise $6.5 Billion To Cope With COVID Cash Crunch Via Reuters: Rolls-Royce RR.L plans to raise a total of 5 billion pounds ($6.5 billion), including 2 billion from shareholders, to cope with a “worst case scenario” as the coronavirus travel crisis crushes the British engine maker’s cashflow. Airlines pay Rolls based on how […]

American, United to furlough 32,000 As Time Runs Out On Aid Via APNews: American Airlines and United Airlines say they will begin to furlough 32,000 employees after lawmakers and the White House failed to agree on a broad pandemic relief package that includes more federal aid for airlines. American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said that […]

Airline Workers Brace For Mass Layoffs Amid COVID19 Hysteria Via AP News: The worries are growing for United Airlines flight attendant Jordy Comeaux. In a few days, he’ll be among roughly 40,000 airline workers whose jobs are likely to evaporate in an industry decimated by the coronavirus pandemic. Unless Congress acts to help for a […]

Military Suicides Up As Much As 20% In COVID Era Via AP News: Military suicides have increased by as much as 20% this year compared to the same period in 2019, and some incidents of violent behavior have spiked as service members struggle under COVID-19, war-zone deployments, national disasters and civil unrest. While the data […]

Woman Arrested & Tased For Not Wearing Mask At Middle School Football Game Via New York Post: A woman at a grade-school football game in Ohio on Wednesday was reportedly tasered and arrested by a police officer for not wearing a face mask in the stands. The woman was sitting in the bleachers with her […]

Johnson & Johnson Begins Final Trials Of Coronavirus Vaccine Via  Johnson & Johnson announced Wednesday that the company is launching the third, and final stage, of test trials for its coronavirus vaccine. And it’s a possible cure that would require one shot instead of two. Gov. Phil Murphy, speaking during his Wednesday news conference, […]

US Cruises Vow 100% Testing In plan For Resuming Sailing Via AP News: Major cruise lines say they will test all passengers and crew for COVID-19 prior to boarding as part of their plan for resuming sailing in the Americas. The Cruise Lines International Association, a trade group that represents 95% of global ocean-going cruise […]

CDC Under Fire For Inconsistency In Posting On How COVID19 Spreads Via AP News: The top U.S. public health agency stirred confusion by posting — and then taking down — an apparent change in its position on how easily the coronavirus can spread from person to person through the air. But officials at the Centers […]

Las Vegas Resort Report 548 Coronavirus Positives Via Honolulu Star-Advertiser: One Las Vegas Strip casino company said Thursday that it tallied 548 positive tests for COVID-19 among its 12,000 employees since May, and three workers have died. Wynn Resorts reported that testing found 51 positive cases of the new coronavirus among returning workers before reopening […]

Airline Workers Have Lower Rates Of COVID-19 Than General Population Via Business Insider: The coronavirus spreads when people are in close quarters for extended periods of time, breathing the same air with little space between them. So you might expect airplanes to be the perfect environment for the transmission. But some surprising data from airline […]

U.S. Public Now Divided Over Whether To Get COVID-19 Vaccine Via Pew Research Center: As efforts to develop and test a COVID-19 vaccine spur debate around the timing and release of a federally approved vaccine, the share of Americans who say they would get vaccinated for the coronavirus has declined sharply since earlier this year. […]

Dr. Li-Meng Yan Suspended By Twitter For COVID19 “Conspiracy” Via New York Post: Twitter has suspended the account of a Chinese virologist who has claimed that COVID-19 was manufactured in a laboratory. Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a former researcher at the Hong Kong School of Public Health, went dark on the platform after she accused China […]

Connecticut To Issue $100 Fines To Enforce Face Mask Mandate As other states see pushback against the draconian COVID19 measures, Connecticut doubles down on the muzzling of their citizens. Via Newsweek: As Connecticut sees a recent spike in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, with a positivity rate remaining above 1 percent for the past week, Gov. […]

Louisiana House of Representatives About to End the 132 Day Long Kingship of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Mike Church reporting BREAKING from The CRUSADE Channel Newsdesk: Is The Louisiana House of Representatives about to end the 132 day long kingship of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and serve him THIS petition with the requisite 53+ signatures […]

Feds Step In To Override Pennsylvania’s COVID19 Restrictions Via The Hill: A federal judge ruled on Monday that Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D) coronavirus orders, which shut down the state, closed businesses and limited gatherings, were unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV, a Trump appointee, said in his opinion that COVID-19 orders from Wolf […]

Louisiana Mail-in Ballots Could Delay Results By Days Another state is warning of the potential chaos that mail-in ballots will bring to election 2020. Via The Hill: Louisiana’s election commissioner said Wednesday she is “extremely concerned” about getting election results on Election Day even if the state’s mail-in voting program isn’t expanded as the Democratic governor […]

The CDC, Not Satisfied With playing Landlord, Now Wants To Try Nanny  I’ve been warning for  months now that the “new normal” of The State’s medical agencies, setting the executing tehir own policies, will ultimately turn into tyrannical power trips for those on the wielding end and lo and behold, here’s the CDC now prepping […]

Happy Birthday! Dentist Creates A Cake Shield To Feed COVID19 Hysteria Yes, you read that right. Because nothing says “Happy Birthday” like putting your cake in a plastic box. Via Today: Even in the era of COVID-19, Florida-based dentist Billy Kaye wants people to be able to blow on their birthday cake and let guests […]

CDC Advises: November 1st Is Vaccine Launch Date Via AP News: The federal government has told states to prepare for a coronavirus vaccine to be ready to distribute by Nov. 1. The timeline raised concern among public health experts about an “October surprise” — a vaccine approval driven by political considerations ahead of a presidential […]

Don’t Want To Wear A Face-Mask? Uber Will Shame You For It Uber continues to show that big tech and corporations are to be blamed for COVID19 hysteria more than the government. Via AP News: Mask slackers will now have to provide photographic proof they’re wearing a face covering before boarding an Uber. The San […]

Apple, Google Integrate Virus-Tracing Tech Directly Into Phones Via AP News: Apple and Google are trying to get more U.S. states to adopt their phone-based approach for tracing and curbing the spread of the coronavirus by building more of the necessary technology directly into phone software. That could make it much easier for people to […]

HHS Ending Ventilator Contracts, Citing Full Stockpile Via AP News: The Trump administration announced Tuesday it is canceling some of its remaining orders for ventilators, after rushing to sign nearly $3 billion in emergency contracts as the COVID-19 pandemic surged in the spring. The Department of Health and Human Services issued a statement affirming that […]

CDC Revises Actual COVID19 Deaths To Only 6% Via 1st State Update: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) this week released a report that shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). In the latest update, the CDC pointed out that only 6% of […]

Lord & Taylor Goes Out of Business After 200 Years Via NBCNewYork: Lord & Taylor, one of the country’s oldest department store chains, is going out of business after filing for bankruptcy earlier this month. The retailer was sold just a year ago for $100 million to Le Tote, a San Francisco online clothing rental […]

New Round Of Layoffs In Store Due To Covid19 Hysteria Via Marketwatch: A flurry of fresh layoffs and furloughs in the U.S. is posing a new hurdle for a fragile economic recovery whose momentum appears to have flagged. A handful of large airline carriers and hotel chains such as American Airlines AAL, +2.33% and MGM […]

WHO Monitoring Online Chatter To Change COVID19 Narratives Via Reclaim The Net: The World Health Organization is collaborating with an analytics company to scan people’s social media conversations for “coronavirus misinformation;” something the WHO calls “social listening.” The global health organization says that it’s not only fighting the pandemic but also the conversations people are […]

FDA Grants Emergency-Use Status To Abbott’s $5 COVID19 Rapid Test Via MarketWatch: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency-use authorization to Abbott Laboratories for a $5 rapid-response COVID-19 antigen test that is roughly the size of a credit card. The low-cost, rapid-response test could be administered in a doctor’s or school nurse’s office […]

U.S.Rejects U.N. Rights Panel Championing Abortion Via Reuters: The United States on Wednesday hit back at a U.N. women’s rights panel that said some U.S. states limited access to abortions during the COVID-19 pandemic, rejecting its interference and the notion of “an assumed right to abortion”. “The United States is disappointed by and categorically rejects […]

One-Fifth Of Small Businesses Will Close If Conditions Don’t Improve The continued assault on the small business class continues in the age of COVID19 hysteria. While the big box conglomerates record sky high profits, the middle class continues to suffer.  Via The Hill: One in every five small businesses say they will not be able […]

KFC Cleansing Itself Of ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ Due To COVID19 Hysteria Another classic piece of Americana is being dropped in the age of COVID19 Hysteria Via Business Insider: KFC will temporarily suspend its “Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan citing hygienic concerns amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The slogan suspension is featured as part of an ad […]

Your Definitive Guide To Staying Safe In The Ronapocalypse Submitted from a listener, how to stay safe in the Ronaapocalypse  In these times of crisis and hysteria we all need more ways to stay safe from Covid-19. Everyone knows that it’s practically fatal to go to Church, school, or attend funerals, but how do we […]

Brooklyn Mom & Six Kids Kicked Off JetBlue Plane After Toddler Refused To Wear Mask Via The New York Post: A Brooklyn mother and her six children were kicked off a Newark-bound JetBlue plane in Orlando after her 2-year-old daughter would not wear a mask, according to reports. Chaya Bruck, of Midwood, told WNBC that […]

MTV Exemption Continues To Highlight Elitist COVID19 Philosophy “All Animals Are Equal, But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others,” In a not-so-shocking twist of the continuing Coronahoax Shamdemic of 2020, New York has suspended it’s 14-day quarantine ban for stars attending the MTV Video Music Awards on August 30. Fox News reports: Stars will […]

Nebraska Athletics Shows Rest Of BIG10 Results Of Not Playing Football From More cost-saving measures are on the way at Nebraska in the wake of a postponed fall football season, the athletic department announced in a statement Friday. With the door closed on Big Ten fall football — and the looming economic shortfall of between $80 million […]

Parents Give Into Fear, Support Masking Children Via YouGov: Families face a challenging decision on whether to send their kids back to school this fall while the coronavirus continues to spread. Fears of their children catching the virus weigh heavy on the minds of many parents, but so does the idea of their children falling […]

Ex-Navy SEAL Banned By Delta For Refusing To Wear Mask Via A former Navy SEAL who said he killed Osama bin Laden was banned by Delta Air Lines this week for not wearing a face mask on a flight, according to a person familiar with the matter. U.S. carriers all require travelers wear masks on board […]

From Mike “The KingDude” Church: There Is Now NO EVIDENCE That “Lockdowns” Do Anything Other Than Infect The Quarantined A new study has just been published by the Annals of Internal Medicine that analyzes data from Hubei province’s Guangzhou from January to March of this year and surveyed 3,400 people. Here is their Conclusion. [emphasis […]

100 NYC Eateries Plan Lawsuit To Allow Indoor Dining Via New York Post: A coalition of 100 Staten Island and Brooklyn restaurants are planning a class-action lawsuit to force the city and state to reopen indoor dining in New York. “It feels like the government is moving the goal posts,” said Thomas Casatelli, who owns […]

Top FDA Official Would Resign If Unproven COVID-19 Vaccine Rubber-Stamped One FDA official is making it known that any vaccine Trump approves will be held to a higher standard. Which begs the question, what is the standard?  Via Reuters: A top U.S. health regulator who will help decide the fate of a coronavirus vaccine has […]

My Encounter With A CoronaKyle & How I Lived To Tell It From a listener who wanted to tell the tale of his encounter with CoronaKyle  I have a story to tell and I’m going to tell it.  I woke up today knowing that I now live in a post apocalyptic dystopian world. As always […]

German Study Shows Odds Of Catching COVID19 On Airplane Are Slim A new German study is shedding light on the chances of catching COVID19 on a plane, and it isn’t what you would think.  Via Fox News: The odds of catching novel coronavirus on an airplane with infected passengers appear to be relatively small, though still possible, according […]

After Economic Shortfall North Korea Sets Rare Party Meeting Via AP News: With unusual candor, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un admitted that U.S.-led sanctions, the pandemic and devastating floods have hurt his country’s dismal economy as his ruling party scheduled a rare congress in January to set development goals for the next five years. […]

First-Time Buyers Lead Mortgage Loan Delinquencies Surge Via Fox Business: Mortgage loan delinquencies jumped in the second quarter, but that’s partially because the figure includes homeowners who have entered into forbearance agreements. The delinquency rate for mortgage loans on one-to-four unit residential properties increased to 8.22 percent of all loans outstanding at the end of […]

Australia PM Morrison Wants Vaccine To Be ‘Mandatory” The country of Australia is taking further steps into medical tyranny.  Via Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he’s expecting to make a coronavirus vaccine “as mandatory as you can possibly make it,” as the government announced a deal with drug maker AstraZeneca.  Morrison, who was […]

COVID19 Claims Pepperoni As The Latest Shortage Due To Hysteria Via Pepperoni lovers, it might be time to start experimenting with different pizza toppings, unfortunately. The latest food shortage to strike during the coronavirus pandemic is affecting small pizza shops around the United States. According to Bloomberg, restaurants have been experiencing higher prices from […]

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Delays New Zeland Election until October 17 Via Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has decided to delay the election until October 17. Announcing the decision this morning, Ardern said the re-emergence of Covid-19 in the community was a cause for concern during the election period. And while the Electoral Commission said […]

Airline Industry On Verge Of Crash As COVID19 Money Runs Dry Via Just as the U.S. labor market shows signs of recovery, tens of thousands of airline workers are preparing themselves for economic pain from the coronavirus pandemic to come in the months ahead. U.S. airlines have warned more than 75,000 employees that their jobs are […]

Dr. Fauci Claims Herd Immunity Would Lead To ‘Enormous’ Death Toll Via New York Post: Dr. Anthony Fauci warned about a staggering death toll from the coronavirus, particularly among vulnerable people, if the US allows the infections to sweep across the country in a bid to achieve possible herd immunity. “If everyone contracted it, even […]

Dr Pepper shortage caused by COVID-19 Hysteria Via 8newsnow: Dr Pepper has been added to the list of things people may struggle to find at grocery stores, and it’s all because of COVID-19. On Monday, the brand tweeted that it was seeing a pandemic-induced shortage in stores. According to Dr Pepper, the shortage affects every […]

Brooks Brothers To Be Sold Out Of Bankruptcy For $325 million Via New York Post: Brooks Brothers will likely be sold out of bankruptcyfor $325 million this week after the storied retailer’s leading suitor hiked its offer by $20 million. The New York-based clothier picked Sparc Group LLC — a partnership between mall owner Simon […]

Florida Sheriff Orders Deputies And Staff Not To Wear Face Masks Via NPR: The sheriff in a central Florida COVID-19 hot spot has issued a directive prohibiting deputies, staff and visitors to department offices from wearing protective face masks, an order that came as a local mayor and city council squared off over a mask […]

Cuomo Kills Investigation Into New York Nursing Home Disaster Via New York Post: Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday shot down the idea of an independent probe into the coronavirus’ tear through New York nursing homes — while again asserting that criticism of his administration’s response is purely partisan. State pols from both sides of the […]

The CW Pushes Face Mask Propaganda Via Superheroes Via Summit News: TV Network The CW has released a series of images of ‘superheroes’ from its TV shows all wearing surgical face masks, with the tag line “real heroes wear masks.” The characters wearing the masks and pushing the coronavirus ‘prevention’ measure include the protagonists from […]

Russia Announces Virus Vaccine, Administers It To Putin’s daughter Via AP News: Russia on Tuesday became the first country to officially register a coronavirus vaccine and declare it ready for use, despite international skepticism. President Vladimir Putin said that one of his daughters has already been inoculated. Putin emphasized that the vaccine underwent the necessary […]

Attorney Says States Have Authority to Fine or Jail People who Refuse COVID Vaccine We’re getting into the land of craziness here in the United States.  As Aaron Barker predicted on The Breakdown as recently as Friday, August 7, 2020 – severe punishment is in the future of those refusing the COVID-19 vaccination. KGTV reports: […]

Power 5 Conferences Leaning Towards Submitting To COVID19 Hysteria Via NBC Sports: The road to the 2020 college football season has been murky ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March and it appears that road may not lead anywhere, at least this year. Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger reported that sources tell him […]

Study Suggests There Is Little Evidence COVID19 Is Transmitted At School Via Time (paywall warning): One of the largest studies in the world on coronavirus in schools, carried out in 100 institutions in the UK, will confirm that “there is very little evidence that the virus is transmitted” there, according to a leading scientist. Professor […]

Rep. Nino Vitale Roasts Governor Mike DeWine Over COVID19 Test From the Honorable Representative Nino Vitale Facebook Page: If DeWine can test positive and then negative inside of a few hours, how many thousands of tests are false?   I say, ALL OF THEM. And let us be honest, this is supposed to be a virus […]

Mulan Moving To Disney+ Shows How COVID19 Changed Film Forever The Verge’s Julia Alexander has a great breakdown: Five months ago, I and many other people declared that despite Universal’s Trolls World Tour skipping theaters to premiere digitally, the idea of Disney exploring the same route with big blockbusters like Mulan was preposterous. I was wrong. Mulan, […]

Georgia Student Suspended After Posting Picture Of Crowed Hallway Via A viral photo showing students in a Georgia high school crowded in hallways and with few visible masks resulted in the sophomore who posted it being suspended, she said. Hannah Watters, a student at North Paulding High School in Dallas, Georgia, saw a photo […]

In an odd turn of events, Gov. Mike DeWine tests negative for COVID-19 hours after testing positive on Thursday ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to the state. WLWT5 reports: DeWine, 73, took an initial test for COVID-19 as part of the standard protocol to greet President Donald Trump on the tarmac at Burke Lakefront Airport […]

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WLWT5) — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has tested positive for coronavirus ahead of a planned meeting with President Donald Trump. DeWine, 73, took a test for COVID-19 as part of the standard protocol to greet Trump on the tarmac at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland. “A big surprise to me and certainly a […]

The U.S. State Department Lifts Global “Do Not Travel” Advisory Via Reuters: The U.S. State Department on Thursday lifted a global “Do Not Travel” advisory from March recommending U.S. citizens avoid all international travel because of the coronavirus pandemic, and instead issued individual high-level warnings for about 30 countries. “With health and safety conditions improving […]

Five Texas GOP Legislators Challenge Contact Tracing Program Via The Texan: Governor Abbott finds himself before a Texas District Court once again, this time over the $295 million contact tracing program with MTX Group, Inc (MTX). Back in April, Abbott announced the state would take bids from private companies to design and implement a contact […]

L.A. Mayor Authorized Power & Water Shutoffs At Houses & Businesses Via KTLA: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday announced that he’s authorizing the city to shut off L.A. Department of Water and Power services at houses, businesses and other venues hosting large gatherings during the pandemic. “Starting on Friday night, if LAPD responds […]

New York City To Erect Coronavirus “Checkpoints” Via Reuters: De Blasio told a news briefing on Wednesday the city will erect checkpoints at key entry points to ensure that travelers from 35 other U.S. states comply with New York’s 14-day quarantine mandate. “Travelers coming in from those states will be given information about the quarantine […]

Americans Buy Into COVD19 Hysteria, Would Wear A Mask In Multigenerational Home Via YouGov: Multigenerational households, where children, parents and grandparents all live together, present a unique challenge during the coronavirus pandemic.   It can be difficult for young children to physically distance from their older family members and vice versa. Earlier this week, the White House coronavirus task force coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx, urged Americans […]

Southwest Airlines Cuts Back On Covid-19 Cleanings Via Southwest Airlines is throttling back on its passenger cabin cleaning procedures instituted because of the Covid-19 pandemic.   The changes — such as no longer sanitizing seat belts between flights — will reduce the time aircraft spend on the ground between flights, the airline told flight […]

Square Reports 64% Jump In Revenue In Post COVID19 World Via Shares of Square soared on Tuesday evening after posting better-than-expected quarterly results and strong growth in its consumer payments app. The San Francisco-based company reported $1.92 billion in net revenue for the second quarter — a 64% year-over-year jump. Adjusted earnings per share […]

Australia To Deploy Troops In Victoria To Enforce Isolation Orders Via CNBC:  Australia’s Victoria state said it will deploy around 500 military personnel this week to help ensure that people who have contracted the coronavirus comply with their isolation orders, reported Reuters. Those caught breaching the rules can be fined nearly 5,000 Australian dollars ($3,564), the […]

Dr. Deborah Birx Advises People Start Wearing Face Masks at Home Via People: As new coronavirus cases continue to surge in the United States, White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx has advised that it may be time to consider wearing face masks while at home. While the CDC is projecting that new COVID-19 […]

Man Fires AK-47 At Police Officers After Refusing To Wear Face Mask Via Independent: When a cigar shop clerk told Adam Zaborowski on Friday that he had to wear a mask in the shop, the 35-year-old angrily refused. Instead, he grabbed two stogies, stormed outside – and then pulled a handgun and shot at the […]

Lord & Taylor Becomes Latest Casualty Of The Coronavirus Hysteria The Coronavirus Hysteria, which has crippled the U.S. economy and caused the population to vacuum seal their homes in an attempt to “stay safe” has claimed another victim: Via CNBC Lord & Taylor, one of America’s oldest department stores, has filed for bankruptcy, joining a […]

Sweden Sees COVID-19 Cases Plummet as Rest of Europe Suffers Spike Via Newsweek: Amid fears over a potential second wave of the novel coronavirus across Europe, new infections in Sweden, where full lockdown measures were not implemented, have mostly declined since late June. The number of new cases per 100,000 people in Sweden reported over […]

COVID19 Hysteria Tanks US Economy In Second Quarter UPDATE: The initial numbers reported from Reuters in the story below are only partially correct.  This is a lie. GDP fell 9.5% in the 2nd quarter. 32.9% is the annualized number. How does @CNN allow it’s reporters to blatantly lie like this? Sadly, numerous other reporters are […]

Study Finds Some India Slums Might Have Reached COVID19 Herd Immunity Via South China Morning Post:  About six in 10 people living in some of India’s biggest slums have antibodies for the novel coronavirus indicating they had recovered from infection, in what appears to be one of the highest population immunity levels known worldwide. The […]

Doctors Assemble on SCOTUS Steps to Drop Bombs on COVID19 Vaccines A group of brave doctors assemble at the steps of the Supreme Court to revel the TRUTH about the coronavirus vaccines! You will NOT see this on any mainstream media website.   This is the statement made by Dr. Stella Immanuel  What about that […]

SCOTUS Agains Sides COVID19 With Tyranny Over American Religious Freedom Religious Freedom once again took a punch in the gut via our great Supreme Court. Via New York Post: A sharply divided U.S. Supreme Court denied a rural Nevada church’s request late Friday to strike down as unconstitutional a 50-person cap on worship services as […]

COVID Herd Immunity Threshold May Be ‘Much Lower’ Than Earlier Estimates, Accordin To Oxford Via A University of Oxford epidemiologist is arguing that the COVID-19 herd immunity threshold may be “much lower” than earlier estimates, which if correct could mean the pandemic may be closer to ending than many experts now assert.  The herd immunity threshold is a number […]

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