Barrett Brief Review- Who Is Speaking Truth Kanye West Or The Church?

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Who Is Speaking Truth Kanye West Or The Church?

Written By: Rick Barrett

I was not planing to review Kanye West’s newest album. I have no interest in hip-hop, and Kanye up to this point struck me as just another wheel in the Kardashian circus. Yeah he is buddies with Trump and he is an “independent” thinker, but it is more of the same. So as I have seen his newest album, “Jesus Is King” blow up on social media, with the typical overreactions on both sides, it didn’t really bother me, but then I had a four hour drive from Fort Worth-Austin on an early Sunday morning. 

So I finished doing my rosary in the car. I figured I’ll give it a once-through, certainly don’t have anything to lose. I put it on and it didn’t start out great. The first track “Every Hour” just didn’t strike me the right way, probably because it isn’t apart of my culture, it’s very gospel music-y. However, once “Selah” kicked in, it was 9 straight songs that left me both pumped/speechless. Here is the first verse of “Selah” and I think you will see what I mean:


God is King, we the soldiers
Ultrabeam out the solar
When I get to Heaven’s gates
I ain’t gotta peak over
Keepin’ perfect composure
When I scream at the chauffeur
I ain’t mean, I’m just focused
I ain’t mean, I’m just focused
Pour the lean out slower
Got us clean out of soda
Before the flood, people judge
They did the same thing to Noah
Everybody wanted Yandhi
Then Jesus Christ did the laundry
They say the week start on Monday
But the strong start on Sunday
Won’t be in bondage to any man
John 8:33
We the descendants of Abraham
Ye should be made free
John 8:36
To whom the son set free is free indeed
He saved a wretch like me

I highlight the lyrics that locked me in. As Catholic men we have been struggling to find a rallying cry to begin to push back against the politically correct, God hating, degeneracy pushing “popular culture”. Love him or hate him, Kanye West has provided that rallying cry. 

Of course, some of you are hitting the comments (or at least I hope you do) writing “He isn’t a Catholic!”, “He’s Married to a Kardashian!” and you are not wrong. He isn’t a Catholic, but after listening to the album 3x, I can confidently say that he is speaking more truth than what is coming out of Rome. This struck me around the third time through. I am stepping back and looking at this moment in the West. On one side, you have a hip-hop artist (a genre known for degeneracy) who is married to a woman who became famous for promiscuous activities. The other side, you have the Eternal City of Rome, home of the One, True, Faith. Both released on a Friday, I ask you reader which entity is speaking more truth RIGHT NOW? Which one is promoting things that are in direct violations of The Church’s teachings, and which is telling men to spend Sunday’s with their family? Read the the first verse of “Closed Sunday” and you tell me:

Closed on Sunday, you’re my Chick-fil-A
Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A
Hold the selfies, put the ’Gram away
Get your family, y’all hold hands and pray
When you got daughters, always keep ’em safe
Watch out for vipers, don’t let them indoctrinate
Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A
You’re my number one, with the lemonade
Raise our sons, train them in the faith
Through temptations, make sure they’re wide awake
Follow Jesus, listen and obey
No more livin’ for the culture, we nobody’s slave


Mike Church continues to say we need to break out of the Catholic “safe spaces” and engage in the culture (well I am summing it up). Instead of relying on Priests and Bishops, we the laity have to step up and proclaim the faith. I can confidently say that the Holy Spirt worked through Kanye, whether he knew it or not. Furthermore Kanye’s lyrics are sharp, the beats are engaging and it is an overall good hip-hop album. It just happens to be, most likely, the most influential album we may have seen in the last 10 years. This album has the chance to reach souls that no one else can. Much like Chris Pratt, although they are not Catholic, the are still soldiers in the battle for souls. I say it’s time we embrace them, because as Kanye states in his song “Hands On“:


Said I’m finna do a gospel album
What have you been hearin’ from the Christians?
They’ll be the first one to judge me
Make it feel like nobody love me
They’ll be the first one to judge me
Feelin’ like nobody love me

You can thumb your nose and keep him in the place where you were first introduced to him, or you can pray for the continued conversation of Kanye and the souls he can bring with him. If you like hip-hop or have at anytime, you should enjoy it. While it is not the knockout for God that everyone is claiming it is, it certainly a jab against the society that seek to destroy him. 


Check out the track list below and the lyrics here




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Written by: LoneRhody

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He just bought a ranch near Cody, Wyoming and it was all over our newspaper and local news/radio here in Cheyenne. He then held a church service up there not long after. I have to say that I was not interested in even reading about any of his goings on here in Wyoming because, well, he has a history that set his precedent in my mind and I thought it was just another way that Wyoming is being drug down (like Texas and Colorado) by invading Californians.

However, after reading this review, and you’re someone I can trust to give an honest opinion about his album and how his character is now, I might pay more attention as he’s making the local news up here in Wyoming.

Lyrics: “Through temptations, make sure they’re wide awake
Follow Jesus, listen and obey, No more livin’ for the culture, we nobody’s slave”
Love the lyrics…never have been a fan of his…or rap….but this is heart felt to watch him changed!

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