PA Republicans Request For High Court To Review Election-Related Lawsuit

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PA Republicans Request For High Court To Review Election-Related Lawsuit

Via Just The News:

A group of Pennsylvania Republicans is calling for the nation’s highest court to consider their election-related lawsuit pertaining to the state of Pennsylvania.

The U.S. Supreme Court had already refused a request for injunctive relief related to the lawsuit, according to the Epoch Times. The outlet reported that Greg Teufel, a lawyer for the group involved in the suit, had indicated at that point that his clients were planning to submit a formal petition requesting for the Supreme Court to review the case. Teufel filed a petition on December 11 for a writ of certiorari, docketed by the high court on Tuesday, according to the outlet.

The case alleges that Pennsylvania law permitting people to vote via mail without an excuse breaches the state’s constitution. 

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