The Fellowship Of The Clans

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The Fellowship Of The Clans-How To REALLY Unite The Clans

by Mike The KingDude Church – My best friend, David Simpson, host of the True Money Show on The CRUSADE Channel, insists that I am the creator of the Catholic, “Unite The Clans!” meme currently making headlines at The Remnant via Michael Matt and other publications; I’ll take David’s word on this. Now comes Doctor Brian McCall with what I think is a proposal to “unite the clans” that actually trump’s Matt’s.

To be truly effective against this dictator, the clans must unite una voce to do what the Conciliar Bishops and Cardinals, notwithstanding the good they may have done with their letters and dubia, have refused to do in their criticism of Pope Francis. The clans must unite behind a simple and clear condemnation of the errors of Vatican II and all the doctrinal, liturgical, and disciplinary errors that flows from it. The only way to reverse the damage being done by Francis is to openly acknowledge its true cause, the Second Vatican Council.

Doctor, McCall, you can count the Mike Church Show as your first field lieutenant!

P.S. On Thursday’s Mike Church Show, Matt Gaspers was my guest and we talked about McCall’s “call”, listen here. During the interview I coined the term from “Unite The Clans” to “The Fellowship of The Clans”. This little blurb is to mark the date so that when Matt Walsh writes a Fellowship of the Clans essay and 400k people faint at its brilliance through rose petals at his feet, YOU will know from whence it came!

Written by: TheKingDude

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Amen, as Our Lord warned us, a House divide cannot Stand, While I know who wins in the end no matter what, we are warned against division in this Line. Yes the line was meant for the Devil or better put in that Our Lord could not be of the Devil for if he was how could he work against himself. But the Devil knows this Truth and is using it against Our Lords Church and so far many are playing right into that plan. But will we recognize this evil for what its worth and change our ways??? I say Yes we will. God Bless, Viva Cristo Rey!

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