Our Ash Wednesday Prayer: To Be Condemned By Jesuit Heretics In Rome!

Written by on 02/14/2018

Mandeville, LA – Mike kicks off Lent, 2018, as only the CRUSADE Channel can with guests Peter Kwasniewski and Brother André Marie. You won’t hear a more entertaining yet liturgically correct discussion on a solemn day, anywhere…EVER!

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8:02  Welcome to the Mike Church Show on www.veritasradionetwork.com February 14, 2018

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8:04 Veritas et Sapientia-William Shatner Reminds Us Of The Cause of Ash Wednesday
8:09 Vertias Radio Network Appeal– task is simple
8:11 Today is the 1st day of Lent – it begins with the blessing of the ashes.

  • Memento Mori = remember death
  • 5 prayers done that recount what Lent is all about prayed over the ashes
8:16  HEADLINE: Meditation on Death

  • Ash Wednesday is the day for being reminded of and contemplating our morality





Ashes On The Go! Churches offer ‘Drive Through Ashes’ for Ash Wednesday

  • If you are saying “church services” you aren’t Catholic and you shouldn’t be doing Ash Wednesday anyway
  • You should just be glad they are trying to participate….no…no we shouldn’t. They are making a mockery of something precious to Catholics.

AUDIO: Veritas et Sapientia

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8:46 back to the headline: Drive-Thru Ashes

































Special Guest: Peter Kwasniewski author of Noble Beauty Transcendent Holiness

  • “Ash and ye shall receive” Peter Kwasniewski new motto
  • This ashes to go is tragic.
  • (Modern Man) wants convenience they want it when they want it. We are immediate gratification.
  • Fortunately the Lenten season has a lot of nourishing things still left in it.
  • Many things were cut away like the 3 weeks leading up to Lent.
  • Septuagesima/Sexagesima/Quinquagesima is even more ancient than Ash Wednesday 6th Century
  • If you start your season on the 1st Sunday of Lent then count every day but NOT Sunday, you end up short with 37 days. That is why the Church pushed Lent back to Ash Wednesday so you will get 40 total days.
  • You never fast on Sunday!
  • Almost like Advent is prep for Christmas
  • There is always a beautiful transition from one season to another
  • Station at St. Anastasia (meaning behind the station)
  • Lent there will be a reading every single day because of the spiritual importance.
  • Holy Mother Church has provided the only spiritual readings you need for Lent. The daily Masses.

New Rite vs. Old Rite

  1. Blessing of the Ashes (come from the leftover palms)
  2. There are 5 blessings done over the ashes you would have heard these prayers on Ash Wednesday in 800! They have been removed because they were deemed too hard for modern man.
  3. Station at ______
  4. Back in the day you were thrown out of the Church when you committed a major sin. You had to do one years worth of penance before you could even step into the Church again and then you would be given ashes. Now everyone gets ashes.

Blessing of the Ashes: the strange insistence everything is done in the middle of Mass. In the old rite we do all the blessings and things in the BEGINNING of the Mass. The special things are ALWAYS done first. Then you celebrate the whole Mass with your ashes. Marriage 1st then you celebrate your 1st Mass together and so on.

  • The Church is on life support and it is a tragedy. It makes my heart bleed when I see how many Catholics that attend NO are missing.

The biggest change in the season of Lent is the change of attitude and FASTING

  • Only 2 fasting days in the Church for the entire year now
  • 90% of the prayers that mention fasting were edited to take out the word fasting or the prayers have been omitted completely.

Wyoming Catholic College

I fell in LOVE with the old liturgy and I just love to write about it.

Mike’s endorsement of Noble Beauty

Things became routine and the Masses were rushed through. The solution/cure was worse than the disease. We are getting a BETTER old liturgy than our grandparents did. (glass half full)

  • Cloaking of the statues
  • The Gloria – reappears on Holy Thursday
  • Holy Week – it has been a gradual decline for modern man attending holy days during holy week
9:33 back to Meditation on Death


















 Brother Andre Marie on Skype:

  • Ashes to go? How do they know it is Ash Wednesday if they aren’t Catholic?
  • This is on the Catholic calendar
  • These feasts are set and determined by the Catholic Church
  • There is a trace of Catholicism on all of these sects still to this day and this shows that.
  • Keeping with the seasons you will find it is a bit easier to withdraw from some of the things of modern man.
  • Guest for Louis Defary on ReConquest
  • Fasting rules and regulations
  • The best beer in the world is made by Monks because they made this to fortify you during the fast. That is why still to this day they make the best beer.
  • AUDIO from FOX News with Drive Thru Ashes

Lecture #4 of apologetics class will be tonight

  • How the Christmas Vigil used to get started with the counting of the years
  • Dating the birth of our Lord to all these events
  • It is placing Our Lord in our time, our air. He pitched his tent here with us.
  • It actually makes it easier to bring them back to the Catholic church by saying hey, you are celebrating a Catholic thing anyway, why not become Catholic?
  • There are only 9 lectures on apologetics so jump in tonight and catch up.
  • Tonight’s ReConquest: “The Beauty of Thy House The Catholic Sanctuary”


  • They are basically telling everyone what they should be reading.
  • Hillary White w/ the Remnant not enough Monk power to rebuild it
  • Brother Andre – reference to the Matrix with his attire
  • You are MORE accessible to the people when wearing the cassock
  • The Walking Priest Father Carney
10:39 HEADLINE: America Needs More Gentlemen by Peggy Noonan

10:42  What was the top grossing movie in this #MeToo movement? That’s right…Fifty Shades of Grey

  • What a great example this is for your daughters and sons.
  • back to headline: America Needs More Gentlemen
  • This is what a post-Christian society looks like.
  • People are sexually active with no thought of it.
  • Dressing With Dignity by Colleen Hammond
  • Definition of a true gentleman
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