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Written by on 08/27/2019

 Special Guest Father David Nix

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The Pilgrim Hermit Priest 

  • Love thy neighbor as thyself.
  • If we just commit to the First Commandment, it doesn’t matter because they rest will just fall in line.
  • This is the number one thing even good Catholics are missing.
  • I’m not physically a super strong guy, Christ is going to be my ONLY friend when things hit the fan.

HEADLINE: Does God Change His Mind Through Church History? by Father David Nix  

  • Most gentle of Saints – start by meditating on hell then move on.
  • We have the information of hell but we typically say things like “well we don’t really know if people actually go to hell because you know God is very merciful.”
  • I still believed this 4 years after I believe in the True Presence. 
  • Woe to those who die in mortal sin – St. Francis of Asissi 
  • Where are all of these ecumenical things?

HEADLINE: The Pathetic Rhetoric of the Progressivists by Brother Andre Marie

  • Death Penalty – 
  • These people in the past were NOT idiots. We have this pride that makes us think anything done in the “past” must be wrong b/c we are superior in knowledge to them.
  • THIS is 100% PRIDEFUL and WRONG!
  • Woman’s job to stay at home with the children unless the man cannot work.
  • The woman’s place is in the home.
  • It is the mans job to work and the woman job to raise the family.
  • “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” – Father David Nix
  • You don’t teach the exception, you always teach the rule.
  • There can be an exception to disciplinary topics but not morals or faith of the Catholic Church.
  • Example : is an abortion okay if it will save the life of the child. 
  • ANSWER: NO, not ever. Also a NO for rape and incest. 
  • EXAMPLE: There will NEVER be any change on Baptism. There is no exception to the existence of the Holy Trinity.
  • EXAMPLE: Working mothers – there are exceptions due to the father being ill or what have you, but women in the workplace isn’t a great idea. We have single moms that HAVE to be out there in the workforce. Those are exceptions.
  • We know a single mom that is a Trad – Stefanie Nicholas 
  • “Not hell but on the same heating system as hell.” – Father Nix on Purgatory

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