Parrott Talk-The USSA’s Gestapo Is Here To Keep Us Safe From The Real Criminals

today09/26/2023 76

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The streets are safer now that the gestapo is arresting the rule breakers, and those who do not have their papers. 

There was a time when the show COPS was quality entertainment. Criminals were dumb and deserved the treatment they received from law enforcement, which led to the current back the blue movement. Since the lockdown, the gestapo officers have showed us their true colors. Recently a lady was tasered and arrested for not having the proper automobile registration papers. She was no threat to the officer, but yet he felt the need to yank her from her car, taser her and haul her off to jail.  Her crime, failure to comply with the officer.  There are other instances, violate a town’s vaping ban you get the taser.  Don’t wear a mask, have your Covid passport, and you are not social distancing, you get the taser. However, you are free to loot the CVS and Target and you are even free to burn down a building or two.  Mike Parrott breaks down this latest altercation with the gestapo and he exposes more abuse by the gestapo.  Mike also analyzes the latest comment from the Russian “tyrant” Vladimir Putin.  Listen to the latest episode of Parrott Talk today.



Written by: Justin Redman