Westerns On Wednesday

Westerns On Wednesday- Hopalong Cassidy-Dead Man’s Hand

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    Westerns On Wednesday- Hopalong Cassidy-Dead Man's Hand Westerns On Wednesday

“Dead Man’s Hand”. Kit Kirby has struck it rich, but his partner has been shot in the back. Hoppy has to help him get his gold off the mountain. The dates listed for this series are the dates on which the programs were recorded. There were not necessarily broadcast in that order. In this show broadcast on the day that marked the start of the first day of the 50th year of the 20th century Hopalong gets a letter from Kit Kirby, a gold digging friend, but he recognizes that the handwriting is not actually Kit’s. Something is not right and Hopalong decides to find out what. After a four-day ride Hopalong and California arrive in the rough and dirty town of Indian Springs. It isn’t long before it is obvious that something strange is going on in the town, the sheriff hasn’t been seen for two-days and high stakes gambling is going on in the hotel.

Westerns On Wednesday