Westerns On Wednesday

Westerns on Wednesday- The Six Shooter- Jenny

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    Westerns on Wednesday- The Six Shooter- Jenny Westerns On Wednesday

Britt Ponset finds a wounded man in the desert and brings him to Jenny Garber to nurse him back to health. No man seems to think much of Jenny. A moving, well-written story. Jimmy Stewart, Frank Burt (creator, writer), D. J. Thompson, Harry Bartell, Jack Johnstone (director), Hal Gibney (announcer), Basil Adlam (music), Jess Kirkpatrick, George Neise. + Program #1. , AFRTS rebroadcast. “Jenny”. An excellent western about an ugly woman and a dying killer. Brit Ponsett on his way to Lead Creek came across a man lying down with a bullet wound in his stomach. The man told Brit that he’d been thrown by his horse and that his gun had accidentally gone off but it turns out to be a totally different story…

Westerns On Wednesday