Mike Church Presents: Permission To Die

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An Original, Mike Church Production

On 17 July, 1794, 16 Carmelite Nuns went to their deaths at the Guillotine scaffold in Paris for the crime of refusing to renounce their vows to God and Our Lady and instead vow allegience first and foremost to the French Congress. This riveting, heartbreaking yet courageous story is written, produced, directed and narrated by The KingDude and stars the voice talent of Jessica Mosher Drake and Celeste Youngblood. You’ve never heard a story of war-time courage involving women as captivating as this one!

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In Permission To Die, Mike Church – brings to life one of the least know tales of martyrdom in the Christian world. Permission to Die is a bone-chilling reminder of what happens when a civilization tries to exterminate the practice of the Catholic Faith and the heroic martyrs God raises up to counteract this evil.

Mike Church Presents: Permission To Die crew