The Saint

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Mandeville, LA – Vincent Price stars as Simon Templar, AKA “The Saint” was not a Saint…in fact, the name was the underworld’s sobriquet for this radio detective, who often did a little bad to get the “goods” on his criminal of choice. “The Saint” is a bon vivant who savors detection as an art form. He’s nothing like his American hard-boiled detectives-in-arms such as Sam Spade, Boston Blackie and Phillip Marlowe, although closer in spirit is The Fat Man, and closer still, Nero Wolfe. (h/t Old Time Radio site and archive)

Simon Templar was called “The Saint” because of his initials: “S.T.”

The Saint’s crime fighting is sophisticated. He’s usually sharp enough to stick to slinging witty words like arrows, since he’s the “Robin Hood of Modern Crime”, but sometimes thugs want their slugs. Lawrence Dobkin is “Louie,” the (Brooklyn) Cab Driver, who keeps The Saint streetwise while getting him across town. A congenial cast of characters is always on hand, or fist, thanks to the witty scripts. Orchestral music adds to the enjoyment, too, but it’s Mr. Vincent Pricethat gives The Saint a halo.