Si Qua Virtus – Episode 15: Kolt Kodesh

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Si Qua Virtus – Episode 15: Kolt Kodesh

On episode 15 of Si Qua Virtus – Creativity and the New Christendomhost Christopher Laurence is very excited to welcome Catholic Hip-Hop artist Kolt Kodesh. Kolt discusses his trajectory from promising secular rap career, to Protestant rap artist, to finally finding the fullness of Truth in the Catholic Faith and utilizing his talents to bring that Truth to others.


[Opening and closing music for each episode of Si Qua Virtus provided by Josef Saunders/Mödest. His albums can be heard HERE.]

Kolt Kodesh, real name David Hyman, is a 23-year old Catholic-Christian Hip Hop artist from New Jersey, a new face in the relatively scarce genre. He desires to see the landscape of Catholic culture expounded on with the rise of more Catholic-rap music and artists. Born and raised Protestant, he aspired to attend seminary to one day teach theology or become a minister. In November 2020, however, after studying scripture and church history, Kolt’s spiritual journey found him accepting the teachings and doctrines of the Catholic Church. Welcomed into the Church at this year’s Easter Vigil, and newly no-longer engaged, Kolt was in a brand new headspace questioning where to go next. He decided to pursue rapping once again, which he had done as a secular artist as a teenager, to being a Protestant Christian-rapper in college, to this time representing the Holy Catholic Church in his raps, a rare subgenre in “CHH” or Christian Hip Hop.

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Written by: Christopher L

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