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Winchester, VA - Catholic daily journal La Croix is reporting that Munich's Cardinal Reinhard Marx, head of the German bishops' conference and a close advisor to Pope Francis, declared in an interview on July 14 that the Church should be less concerned about the legalization of homosexual marriage in Germany and more concerned about the Church having done nothing to repeal German laws which allowed the prosecution of homosexuals. Other insights […]

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Winchester, VA - LifeSite News reports that Archbishop Alexander Sample of the Diocese of Portland, Oregon has released his guidelines for the implementation of Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia in his diocese. In his guidelines, he states that Catholics who live in “serious sin,” especially those in active homosexual relationships and those who are divorced and remarried, but are not living as brother and sister, need to “sacramentally confess all serious sins […]

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Catholic News

Winchester, VA - It was revealed yesterday that the four Cardinals who submitted the unanswered Dubia last September 19th to Pope Francis over questions concerning his post-synodal exhortation Amoris Laetitia have now asked him to give them an audience. There is an excerpt of the unanswered letter requesting the audience, delivered on May 6.  Despite the fact that the Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith has repeatedly declared that the […]

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Pope Francis Demands an Apology and Submission From Nigerian Priests

Winchester, VA - Catholic World Report is reporting that Pope Francis met yesterday with the Nigerian priests from the Diocese of Ahiara, who for the last five years have refused to accept the bishop who was appointed to lead them, Bishop Peter Okpaleke. The Ahiara diocese is mainly comprised of people from the Mbaise tribe, which experiences no shortage of priestly vocations. The Mbaise had desired one of their own to […]

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Will the Vatican Mediate Peace Between North and South Korea?

Winchester, VA - The Catholic president of South Korea sent Bishop Hyginus Kim Hee-jong, Archbishop of Gwangju and President of the Korean Bishops Conference to speak with Vatican officials and recruit the assistance of Pope Francis in mediating negotiations for reconciliation between North and South Korea. Bishop Kim told Catholic News Agency that the mediation could resemble the mediation made during the restoration of relations between Cuba and the United States. […]

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CRUSADE Channel Preview Podcasts

Mike Church Show – C. Ferrara: The Unchangeable Law Can’t Be Changed By Pope Francis

Mandeville, LA - "The Pope cannot be wrong" is a foundational part of Christian teaching but this has conditions that must explained in order fully understand it and no lay person explains it better than today's Special Guest Chris Ferrara. In a long ranging 110 minute conversation, Church and Ferrara explain the scandal that Amoris Lætitia will visit upon the pastoral community who will then make the "Exhortation" de facto by […]

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Mike Church Show – Pope Frances Welcomes Serial Adulterers While Hillary Schemes to Kill Their Kids

Mandeville, LA - Mike reacts to Pope Francis' GATES OF bombsHELL conspiring, Amoris Latitia Pastoral Exhortation. That this document is problematic is the understatement of Christian history. "Is it any coincidence Mrs Clinton feels free, nay, confident she can go on international television and pronounce that 'our law' permits a woman to murder her baby, hours before it is to be born?... there will be population control...eugenecists are always Elites, […]

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