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Delaware: Making Sure Babies Can Be Killed Even If Roe V. Wade Goes

Winchester, VA - Religion News Reports via Reuters reports that on Tuesday, the state house of representatives in Delaware voted 22-16 to pass a bill which would keep abortion legal in the state, should Roe vs. Wade be overturned in the future, and the legality of abortion return to the states to be decided. The measure had already been approved by the state senate and now will move to the […]

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500+ Dead: California One Year After Euthanasia Legalized

Winchester, VA - Euthanasia was legalized in California a year ago on June 9th. Although official statistics have yet to be released by the state, Fierce Healthcare has given a glimpse of how significant the death toll has been since the legalization of euthanasia. Lobby group Compassion & Choices announced proudly that they have proudly helped at least 504 people in the state end their lives. This is merely the number […]

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Moloch And Planned Parenthood: Success! 328,348 Babies Killed In 2015

Winchester VA - LifeNews is reporting that Planned Parenthood Federation of America released its annual report yesterday for the year 2015. The findings indicate an organization that is losing its customer base and is making up for lost revenue through increased abortions and taxpayer funding, which increased by 1.1 million. This is ironic since in the report they claim that “thanks to affordable access to effective contraception-—we're at the lowest […]

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The Mike Church Show

No, Pro-Lifers Cannot Be Pro-Hillary With Chris Ferrara

Mandeville, LA - It's Wisdom Wednesday and mMike Church is joined by guest host Chris Ferrara In for David Simpson). The main subject is the dangerous and diabolical movement led by alleged pro-life "catholics" who are now "pro-Hillary catholics". Chris and Mike will demolish that argument and then tackle the child abuse victims (students) of the "gender unicorn" of the Charlotte Mecklenburg County public school system. Enjoy More Related Truth From […]

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